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So, a popular CBS show has decided to ditch (or reduce) the wommin folk roles, and that got me thinking about sexism, and how sexism is still basically an accepted thing to do in polite society.

I mean, seriously, it's more of a stigma these days to be labeled a racist then it is a sexist. Not saying racism doesn't happen cause it does. But racist are generally looked down upon by the population at large, while sexism seems to just slip on past under the radar as though only one or two people actually care.

Plus even though CBS claims the move is creative over financial, the only reason I'm inclinced to believe that is knowing Hollywood all those big stappin' white mens on the show earn way more then those dirty wimmons. So, if it was financial it would make more sense to lose one of the mens. Of course, that wouldn't happen even if it would save a few bucks, cause we all know that ditching the vagina's (cause they're dirty, doncha know?) is better then ditching a penis any day.

*sigh* And I was just getting into this show, and now I'm thinking that was a mistake, and yet I can't bring myself to stop watching. Perhaps I'll go right up to the first episode of season six and just stop there. I just gotta know how the season five finale is resolved, after that I'm cool with ditching.
(And I was so hopefull about this show after seeing that one episode where the woman was actually the main villain with a sub male. Okay, fine, just having JJ also made me hopeful, because here was a woman capable enough to be an FBI Agent, but she wasn't a hardass and she still cared about people, and SHE'S the one they're ditching. You suck CBS/Criminal Minds writers!)

Okay, fine, maybe I'm just feeling extra bitter today (it's possible that the leaving would at least be written well), but to be fair I've been feeling more and more bitter about sexism for years. You see, when I was younger it didn't bother me much (though I hated how female victims were always treated - now seeing that makes me literally foam at the mouth), but when I was younger I had all these bright shinny changing the world dreams. But now I'm older and things are just as bad (if not worse) as they was when I was younger, and that doesn't seem sit to change any time soon, and so I RAGE. Seriously, it's enough to make me want to be a character on Criminal Minds who goes around removing mens you-know-whats.

(Mostly, though, even though I like the character of Reid I want CBS to fire his ass, at least then more then a few people might actually care!)
Yes, this. This is everything I've wanted to say but couldn't find the words. As much as I appreciate the rants against racism in the fandom, it makes me sad that everyone gets angry over racism and homophobia but not sexism. Sexism makes me very, very angry. All prejudice does, but sexism in particular because of the lack of response to it.

Prentiss is my favorite character, and while I'm glad she won't be gone altogether, I'm angry at her reduced screen time. I'm not the hugest JJ fan, but I'm still angry at her removal. What makes me really angry is that they are bringing in another female character. Yes, because all women are interchangeable.

I do think it is financial- a new actor makes less than the regular actors who have gotten a raise each season. However, why not reduce the screentime of one of the men to offset JJ's removal? Personally, I'd like it to be Reid because he's so way overexposed. I liked him in the beginning, though he wasn't my favorite, but now I'm just sick of him.
Yeah, and I'm glad for every person I see upset over the sexism CBS/Criminal Minds is pulling, but what makes me said is that there's not near the amount of people upset over the sexism as they were about the white-washing that MKS pulled with The Last Airbender. And that (combined with something in RL) is what finally managed to make this rant come together - MKS is racist, but he doesn't want to be seen that way, he's gone out of his way to try and explain why white-washing his movie isn't actually racist even though it is totally racist even if he can't see it.

But that's what got to me - no one (even racists) want to be seen/known as a racist, but way too many people seem perfectly okay with being sexist, and way too many people allow them to be okay with being sexist.
The thing is, Last Airbender is just as sexist as it is racist. Katara's role has been reduced to the damsel who is there to cheer Aang on. Several of her most powerful scenes were given to other characters. The other really strong women in the first season, the Kyoshi Warriors, were removed, though M. Night did try to explain that.

I agree. No one seems to care if they are sexist or not. There is sometimes quiet complaining when something sexist happens, but there is no where near the explosion there is when there is racism. I'd even argue that there is actually more sexism in fandom and in media. Racism is certainly still there, but it has gotten somewhat better, and it at least gets called out when it happens, whereas sexism continues to be bad.
Well, I must admit that the only things I know about The Last Airbender are from online - I've never watched the show, and have zero interest in watching the movie.

So, perhaps I should have used another example, since all I know about it I learned from Fandom_Wank or in this case UnfunnyBusiness, but this was the most recent instance of racism outrage I could think of.

So, yeah, I'm not saying racism doesn't happen (or worse that racism is actually over, which I've heard people actually say), cause look around check it out, it does happen, but when racism does happen (as the case with TLA) it tends to get called out on an epic scale, sexism (which from what you've said also happens in the same movie) not so much, if at all.
(Seriously you're the first person I've actually seen comment on the sexism in TLA, so if not for you I wouldn't have known the movie was just as sexist as it is racist.)
That's at least partly because many of the people complaining about racism are complaining only about the casting. They did not actually go to see the movie. The sexism isn't apparent in the trailers. My dad wanted to see it because he's a big M. Night fan, and I was slightly interested in the movie as a huge fan of the cartoon.
That makes sense, and makes me feel a little better about the lack of sexism rants in regards to TLA.

One day, mostly because of the big blow-up I may end up watching the cartoon, cause while it doesn't exactly sound like my thing, it does sound like it might be interesting enough to watch.