Yes, I know I haven't been watching the show long, but then today I was visiting one of the rant communities I look in on occasion, and...

Okay, I know Jennifer Jareau maybe isn't the most fleshed out character on Criminal Minds, but despite that she is my favorite. That's right, I LOVE her, so I am devastated to learn that those pricks at CBS have FIRED her!
(Okay, FINE, Garcia is my fav female, but I do really love JJ. And, for the record, Morgan is my fav male, but I'd really like to BANG Hotch for some reason.)

Also, Paget Brewster may or may not be getting an episode reduction, which as a fellow female bothers me, but I have to admit that because I don't love Emily Prentiss near as much as I love JJ I'm not as insanely sad about an episode reduction for Emily as I am about JJ just being GONE! BAD CBS, no biscuit!

(The quote as currently posted on wikipedia:
It was announced in June 2010 that her role would be reduced on Criminal Minds' sixth season and that the sixth season will be her last season.[2].)

And, to be fair, I'm still haven't finished season two yet, so I haven't seen a lot of Emily P, so it's possible that I'll grow to like her more as I see more of her.


TO See


I just inserted this space so that those clicking to read the Criminal Minds part of this entry won't be unintentionally SPOILED for Supernatural season six.

And if the above wasn't bad enough, now I'm hearing that while Jensen takes a bit of time off from acting we'll be getting yet another f*ckin' Bobby episode (I've yet to actually like a Bobby episode, even if I don't totally hate the character himself)... However, this has me going WTF? for more then one reason. I mean if they're bringing him right back for episode three (or four) what the hell was that whole bit at the end of season five where the implication was that we (or Sam and Dean) wouldn't see Bobby again for some time? Seriously, not only are we clearly going to be seeing him, but he's getting another damn episode devoted to him! *sigh*