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Okay, so I have more than a few RL issues right now, but I'm turning to fiction. Basically sticking my fingers in my ears and going "LaLaLa I can't hear you!"

So, now I've watched one and a half episodes of The Gates - that's right, I ended up paying some bills and stuff during the second half of the episode. This show is BORING of the very, and the ratings are reflecting that, which means the current season (however many episodes that is) is likely to be its last.

At some point during the pilot it bothered me that this show wasn't great, but I only recently figured out why it bugged me. Cause usually a show sucks, no big, I just stop watching, unless it happens to be one of those that's bad but still good enough to complain about online - The Gates is not.

What bothers me about The Gates not doing well is that it is a vampire show with adults. Sure, there are teens in the show, but for the most part (from what I could see) the main characters are adult people,not teens lusting over dudes WAY past old enough to be their great great Grandfathers. So, now I'm afraid when it fails (and since it's failing now, it will fail) that all the TV people will look around and say it failed because there was no teens lusting over dudes WAY past old enough to be their great great grandfathers.
(It might not bother me if this was the first show of this type not to do well, but in recent memory it's actually number four. First was Blade the Series, second Blood Ties, and third Moonlight. Now two of those were great shows (Blood Ties - which was AWESOME! - and Moonlight - which certainly didn't suck, and was only doomed to fail cause CBS picked it up), and I didn't hate the other one (Blade the Series), though I can certainly understand why people didn't like it.)

So, we're now at four vampire adult shows that failed, and I'm starting to think (given the current climate) we may never get another one, because instead of looking seriously at why those shows failed, I know network people, they'll decide they failed because they didn't have teens lusting after the dudes old enough to be their great great grandfathers, and from here on out all we'll get are teen vampire shows.
(Which to be fair, doesn't bother me all that much, but here's the thing Blade the Series and The Gates would still be shit shows even if they'd been about teenagers.)

Okay, fine, I figure at least one or two people will be interested in my RL issues. So, here goes - if you aren't interested TURN BACK NOW!

Remember a few weeks(ish) ago when I talked about my car locking up, well, that was a break issue, this time the issue (if my go to car person is correct) is far more serious.

Last night my dad was going to borrow my car cause he was going out of town, not far, but my car is better on gas than his SUV. So, he comes over, visits awhile, then heads out. He didn't go far until I looked up and saw my car back out in front of the house. Turns out a strange dashboard light had come on. And according to the manual it is the check transaxel light, and my dad says that means transmission, which means I am f*cked with a capital F my friends, cause that's not a cheap fix.

The good news is that I got my older cat to the vet for her yearly check-up literally one day before this happened. Better news is that some of my cherry toms and cucumbers have started to ripen for eating. The AWESOME news is that a couple weeks ago my dad noticed (when he mowed the lawn - it makes me sick as a dog to mow, allergic to grass) that I had some kind of stray plant growing, it's in a really weird spot. (At the edge of the driveway, not too far from the road, in a drainage ditch. So either someone threw leftovers out of their car, or a bird ate some seeds from someone's garden and brought them to me. Honestly, it could be either.) He said he thought it was a watermelon plant, well, turns out he was right, only it's not just one plant, there's actually TWO watermellon plants side-by-side growing. So, yay! This year I gets me some FREE watermellons, which is good cause I stopped buying them years ago. I love watermellon, but the ones in the store are so big that I can't possibly eat it all before it goes bad, but this year I will (hopefully) has me some completely free watermellons!
Transaxle indeed can be expensive but also mean that you need to check the oil level or something as simple as that, I hope so in any case. *hugs*

And yes, I am interested in your real live. :)
Well, I haven't checked the oil, but considering it's been low before and that specific light has not come on... I did check the transmission fluid, and sadly it says it has enough of that, so we're back to me being really F'ed in A hard and without lube.

I'm also interested in your real life, and once again I have to say that I am sorry I don't reply more on your entries. In my defense this time I've actually been working on fanfics - I've got one WIP thats been WIP for over a year, and I'm really wanting to finally get that one finished. I'm tired of it hanging over my head, so I've been spending most of my free time working on that.
I know you're busy, don't worry. *hugs* :)

Bummer about the car, I still hope it won't be something costly.

I've just started working on something old again too, a confused story, SF but not Star Trek or any other known SF related.
I've decided that I should finish it this year...
*grabs Santa tightly*

It's really bad, and I know that even though I still haven't taken it to a shop - it's a holiday for those of us in the US.

*sigh* Last night before fireworks I called dad just to ask if it was the light coming on that brought him back Friday or if it was something else. I should've known it was something else, dad generally isn't scared of dash lights. Turns out just before the light came on dad said the car acted (and sounded) as though he'd run over something, but clearly he'd hit nothing.

*grins* I hope you manage to get your story finished this year, I'll keep my fingers crossed, you know, except when I'm actually writing myself. ;)