So, today I decided to reward myself (not exactly the correct phrase, I just didn't feel like typing up the handwritten stuff as I'd originally planned) for finding a missing notebook last night. Said missing notebook had notes for one part of a current WIP and the complete second half of another - I had lost it, and as usual it was in the last place I thought of looking. Though I did keep looking a bit after finding it - hoping against hope that I might find another notebook that had ALL my WIPs finished (you know in case we were merged with a parallel universe, where another me has actually finished those blasted fanfics, or something). Alas, since I have only finished that one WIP in handwritten form I did NOT find another notebook, on the other hand certain parts of my house look ever-so-slightly cleaner (or less cluttered) today. So, yay!
(Well, okay, I found more then one notebook during my two day search, but the other notebooks only contained handwritten stuff from fanfics all ready finished. Okay, and two of them were empty - I bought them when I was afraid I might end up in the hospital so I could have some writing material with me if nothing else.)

Anyway, on the front page of Twisting the Hellmouth there's a news section, and the top item is The 'Hug a Donor' Challenge. Now as a general rule I cannot respond to challenges - mostly because most of my writing is (for lack of a better word) free-range. Meaning I start with an idea and then just start writing to see where I end up. Now I can plan a story/fanfic, but not right from the beginning, if I overly plot too much at the beginning the idea usually always dries up and goes away, but I can (sometimes) write a final chapter for a fanfic early, but I've never been able to leave any final chapter I write early just as I originally wrote it, because by the time I get there at least some things changed from the original plan.

So, most challenges are by their very nature not something I can respond to, but I especially find myself turned off by challenges that say "no slash" or "no het." That's weird because I'm not turned off by challenges that actually specify a pairing just the ones that specify "no fill in the blank."

But wouldn't you know it? I'm only on page two and have all ready found two challenges (One That's Human (BtVS/Anita Blake) and Triumverate) that even though I don't believe I could personally pull off (I just can't seem to make the AnitaVerse and the BuffyVerse be the same reality, without a big magic accident) I would actually LOVE to see fanfics based on those two.

However, on the second one, I find myself thinking I could maybe fake it, because I'd love to see fanfics for all the suggested scenarios - Xander/Oz/Dru, Xander/Oz/Spike, Xander/Oz/Angel, and Xander/Oz/Angelus.

Weirdly enough I do have two older WIPs that are sort of Buffy/Xander/Oz (not the same as the challenge, obviously, and one is more likely to end up seeing the light of day then the other - Oz is a shockingly hard character to write for), but even the one closest to posting still needs major work, and I'd like to finish off at least two of my currently posted WIPs before I start working on yet another fanfic.

What I'm saying here is that if someone on my FList wanted to make me happy by giving me an early B-Day present (hey, my birthday IS in a couple months, after all) writing a fanfic based on one of the two (or more) challenges above would make me very very happy. For you non-writers who'd like to please me (as if *grin*) you could send me Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs on DVD - I'd really like to add that movie to my collection.

Anyway, I'm off to finish reading all the challenges now.

And wouldn't you know it? Literally, after pressing post on this entry, I clicked on the next page of challenges and found another one (Buffy's Swann dive)! Though there's literally some in that one I know I'd never personally be able to pull off.

More to come... I'm sure!

Sure enough there is another - Unspeakable Harry Potter AKA Xander Harris


Giles is Gandolf - this one has two options, and it's the second one that really seems like an interesting idea to me.

And the final one The Fanon Distortion Challenge, which I think only appeals to me because once before I wrote a fanfic almost this way (though I did wait until seeing the show before posting it, which meant I was able to edit to canon). And in that case I didn't do it off of reading other fanfic, I did it from reading message board conversations about the show.
Surprisingly, only one character ended up needing a bit of fixing, almost everything else was fine as done. But the way one of the characters was talked about on the message board I read, I was expecting a character almost out of control with jealously, but when I actually watched the show he ended up being a much less jealous character then expected. Still that's probably why this one appeals to me.
For the record, the fanfic in question was neither a crossover or a Buffyfic - in other words, it was YEARS ago.