If you're a member of practicalcats you know what this entry is going to be about. ;) If not, or you just really enjoy reading about cats - read on!

I've been having a problem for about a month now (*maybe even longer, but I can't be sure) with the cat refusing to poop in her litter box. She still pees in it, so I know she hasn't forgotten where it is, or how to use it. But lately I've noticed that she never poops in either of the litter boxes; generally she goes in one of the two bedrooms.

For awhile I actually thought she might be doing it for shits and giggles, pardon the pun, because the other member of my house would blame the dog every time there was a spot of shit on the floor. Heck, for a while even I thought it was the dog, until I realized that the dog doesn't usually poop as much at one time as the cat, and even dry cat poop tends to smell worse than dog poo.

Now I did try checking things out online, but all the sites I found talked about what to do if you're cat stopped peeing in the litter box. Since my cat hasn't stopped peeing in the box, this was less than helpful.

Then earlier this week, I finally almost caught the cat in the act. For whatever reason I've never been able to catch her in the act. Anyway, with seeing a steaming fresh batch, I saw something that I hadn't seen before - blood, not a lot, but enough to worry.

For the record, the cat has not acted sick, even after I spotted the blood, the cat isn't acting as though she's in pain or anything. I may be clueless, but I would notice either of them acting sick or strangely.

So, today I took her into the shop vet, and the vet found nothing wrong. He didn't even find blood in the stool. He did mention he found it curious that the blood would go away on its own. At least he still took things seriously and didn't imply that I was making things up. Some Doctors; vets or otherwise can be annoying sometimes, but both my vet and medical doctor are pretty cool guys. Anyway...

He didn't find anything (blood or otherwise) in her stool today. He did deworm her to be, in his words, on the safe side, but even then he said he didn't believe she has worms.

Oh, and I got bit in the line of his duty. First time that's happened, but I can't say I was altogether shocked - I did expect kitty to react badly to some of the tests today. However, she handled most of it really well, better in fact than I expected. It wasn't until Doctor went after a stool sample that she got angry. Thankfully, my kitty loves me, so when she realized her teeth weren't on the man with the painful stick up her ass, she let go of me. And if anyone wonders, she knew she had me quick enough that she let go without breaking the skin.

He seemed almost baffled that she would still be peeing in the litter box, but not pooping. Anyway, he gave me a sample pack of Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract Litter Additive, which I'm hoping will work. However, if the secret (or special) ingredient is catnip - then with my cat it will be a very useless thing.

I've got that one cat in a million (two million?) that doesn't go ga-ga for catnip - she's not interested in catnip at all.

Anyway, I have now moved a litter box into the room where she seems to poop on the floor most often, which was suggested by the vet in addition to using the litter additive. Hopefully, between the two things she will get back to going in the box. If not, I believe I will threaten kitty with another trip to the vet. hehe, yes, I'm evil.

* For the record there was a problem with the cat litter boxing it before, but that time it was (or at least I thought it was) because the litter box was in the living room, where the dog stays most of the time. So, during the day the cat couldn't get in there to use the box. Finally, I wised up and moved the box to another room, and she started pooping in the box as soon as I made the change. So all seemed well again, until about a month ago.