So, last night was the season premiere of The Gates, and I got to say I was much less than impressed. What did impress me was completely unexpected, nothing else (I cared about) was on, so I decided to watch Scoundrels (the preceeding show), and I got to say out of the two Scoundrels was actually the better show. No, even that one wasn't perfect, but at least I wasn't mostly bored while watching it. Though I hope the family doesn't go straight, cause that'll make it end up as boring as The Gates.
(PS - The stupid brother on this show (Cal West) so despartely wants to be Jason Stackhouse, but I got to say he's not even as smart as Jason and certainly not near as entertaining to watch as Jason.)

*sigh* I was so hoping that The Gates would at least be a passable vampire show to tide me over during my wait for season two of The Vampire Diaries, but after that pilot I'm not sure I'll be watching any more of it. It wasn't bad, it was actually worse, it was just deadly dull. I suppose I'll probably at least try watching next weeks episode, since I plan to be in front of the TV again next week watching Scoundrels anyway, but if next weeks The Gates isn't any better I won't go back for more even if I do keep watching Scoundrels.

(Oh, well, at least I still have Pretty Little Liars, which so far is still so very good.)