So, I finally finished watching the first three seasons of Dante's Cove, and just last night I finally started The Lair which, from what I can tell, is in the same universe as Dante's Cove but not in the town of Dante's Cove, because the scenery is totally different, and, no, I don't just mean the characters or houses and such, I mean the all around scenery is noticeably different from Dante's Cove.
(Of course, I believe for each season so far Dante's Cove has had a location change anyway. So, I guess if you wanted The Lair to be in Dante's Cove you could just say it was, cause both are "set" on an island, but for me the two shows simply feel too different to say they're both in the same location.)

Anyway, I must say that (despite the vampires) The Lair is not as engaging (so far) to me personally as Dante's Cove - obviously that could change, because one I'm only three episodes in, and two the main story is showing some good potential. But what really stood out for me - well, you remember how I said some of the actors on the show needed some acting lessons? Well, the opposite is true with The Lair because (so far) the acting from the first season of The Lair is actually ten times better than the acting from the first season of Dante's Cove.

Now that's NOT to say that ALL the actors on Dante's Cove need (or needed) help, cause that is so not the case, some of those actors are fantastic. It also doesn't mean that all the actors on The Lair are fantastic, cause that's not the case either. It's just that overall the acting on the first season of The Lair vs the acting on the first season of Dante's Cove is overall much much better.

But, and to be fair, by season three of Dante's Cove most of those actors had/have greatly improved, some still not perfect by any stretch, but most are a million times better than when the show first started.


Once again I should note that the shows I'm talking about are (like True Blood) adult in nature and (very) adult in content, so these shows are not for the kids. And even more I've heard (whispers) that The Lair later turns into a giant porn fest more than an actual story, but to be fair, I heard the same thing about Dante's Cove and the third season may have actually had more story than sex, so I don't feel that it turned into some kind of rampant porn fest, and honestly The Lair (at least right at first) doesn't even come close to having as many sex scene's as Dante's Cove did in it's first episodes, which for some reason shocked me, I don't know why, but it did.