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So, a couple days ago I found myself with 20 friends... Now I know some probably think "pft 20 friends, big deal," because there are lots of people on LJ with three hundred or more friends. However, I personally find 20 to be a nice round number. And since I haven't hand this journal long, or posted much - I'm glad to have my 20.

Of course, I have friended 24 people, one I didn't (and don't expect) to friend me back ever. However, I thought the other three might do so - but I think I might know the reason. You see, the one that I never expect to friend me back has a posting rate that matches (or is maybe slightly less) than mine. One seems to have abandoned LJ before I joined, but I knew this person from another place, so I friended. Same with the other two I knew the from other places, and while they are slightly more active - one makes two posts about every blue moon, and the other makes only a post every blue moon, I find myself understanding why they haven't friended me back - I very much doubt they even know I have a LJ.

Sadly, if my friends lists does do much growing I will probably have to cull back those that I've friended but haven't friended me. Alas, I very much doubt my friends list will do much more growing. Um, getting off track!

You see, I'm already thinking about who I'd have to cull if my LJ list expanded, but then I look around and see some folks with a hundred to two hundred friends, and I have to wonder - how do they keep up with so many? There are some days that even my meager 24 is almost too much. I can't image how I'd keep up with everything if I got over a hundred friends. So, I am wondering how those with large friends lists keep up with everything. I mean, do you have a system, or do you just scroll through your friends page? The reason I ask is because sometimes my friends page can be annoyingly slow, and if it is that way for others - it would seem next to impossible to keep up with larger friends lists.

Now I'm off to either pay bills or read fanfic... *sigh* I know what I'd like to do, but I also know what I need to do. Not to mention that I need to finish up chapter three of Unexpected American Vacation.
I friend everyone back, since my lj is flocked. And I scan my flist all the time, but then, I'm a stay at home mom, so I can do that. For others, I know they have filters on their friend's list. And a lot of people on my flist really don't update that often, so it keeps it reasonable.

Hope that answered your question! *hugs*
Well, even though my LJ isn't friend locked, I plan to friend anyone who friends me. That might change in the future, but at the moment it works. However, that is what got me thinking about how I'd handle things if I even got up to 50 mutual friends.

You'd think I'd have more time myself, since I only work two/three (sometimes four) days a week. But somehow I just never seem to have enough time online to do everything I'd like too.

Thanks for replying. Because I really am interested in how everyone keeps up with things.

I guess I spend more time on LJ. I do have no life. I also have my f-list organised into reading filters - individuals, animal communities, other communities and webcomic feeds - and I'm not all that diligent keeping up with the non-pet-community filter.

I'm also about to subdivide again and make a fandom filter. Because I'm obsessive that way.
That sounds like something I might need to think about. At least doing communities and regular journals apart.

Of course, that also means I need to figure out how to make subfolders.
Profile page > Manage Friends > Edit Custom Friends Groups to set up the filters, and Manage Friends > View Friends to view the filters separately - then what I did was bookmark each filter from there so they're all handy.
Thank you.

Once I knew where it was at, it was easy enough to do. Wish I'd found that sooner.
Yeah, I filter, too. And there are some comm's I check fairly compulsively, but overall, I just scroll through my f-list a couple times a day.
*sigh* If LJ worked faster for me it probably wouldn't be such a big issue, especially considering that even with communities included there's only about 20/30 new entries a day. So, I shouldn't really need to be thinking about this kind of thing yet.

But LJ can be (and usual is) as slow as Christmas for me. When I first started it was just the frinds list that was sometimes sluggish. I would click and it would take forever to load, and then when it finally did I'd see a thread I'd want to read... At that point, I'd end up getting a 'page not found' message - which still happens.

These days even my own LJ tends to be sluggish. For example; trying to read the replies to this thread and reply - loading the thread took over five minutes, and even then I had to 'refresh' before it finally loaded.

That is the big reason that I've stopped joining groups, and why I find myself worrying a bit about what would happen if my friends list grew.

Sometimes I don't think LJ likes me very much. Strange since so far I actually do like LJ.

You're not going to cull me, are you? :(
Absolutely NOT!

At the moment I have no plans to defriend anyone who is a mutual friend, and to be perfectly honest I probably never will. If you want me off your friends list you will have to kick my ass off. ;) And even then, unless my friends list was awful busy, I'd probably still keep you on it.

The only people I was considering defriending (at the moment) were people who I'd friended, but that hadn't friended me back. And even then it wasn't one of those things I was planning to do right here right now, just something I was thinking about when/if my mutual friends grew larger. Because at the moment none of them really post enough to throw me behind. But if I started being friended by more people then I would rather focus on those who friend me rather than those who haven't.

Just being melodramatic anyway. ;-)