For some time now (at least before/until 2009) there was very little on television that I HAD to watch, and the few things offered before this that interested me was mostly on cable and not really proper scripted fair, and only cable stuff in the summer.
Okay, sure, I also watched some of the bigger shows like CSI and Bones, but this season I easily gave up CSI for Supernatural (and also chose The Vampire Diaries over Bones) and I have no regrets, nor plans to return to CSI now that Supernatural has (or will be) moved to a new time slot.

Now this summer is turning out to have a few offerings that interest me. ABCFamily has Pretty Little Liars - granted I'm not sure if this one will appeal after actually watching, but the promo interested me enough to program it into the DVR.

ABC is offering up The Gates, which cause of vampires does have a leg up on the others, but I freely admit that just having vampires won't be enough to keep me around if the show simply isn't good/interesting, but because of my vampire fetish I will always sample a vampire show - well, you know, if I KNOW about it.

But SYFY is the big winner offering up two potentials Fact or Faked and Haven.
Of course, Haven sounds a little bit like Eureka, which I gave up after the first season, but in fairness Eureka wasn't a bad show there was just something about it that didn't appeal/keep me interested, but Haven at least has as much upfront interest potential as Eureka did. And, to be honest, Fact or Faked sounds a bit like UFO Hunters (which bored me) and Ghost Hunters (which is starting to bore me), so I'm not sure I have much hope for Fact or Faked, but I'm willing to give it a try cause it could also by like that little known show I used to like called Fact or Fiction.

There's also Neighbors From Hell, and while I'll tune in, I'm almost expecting that to be a copy of Ugly Americans which just doesn't appeal to me, but I'm going to sample NFH anyway.

Still it'll be nice to have a few things to watch over (or in addition) to stuff I've all ready seen from my own DVD/DVR collection this summer. Well, you know that's if at least one or two don't suck badly, otherwise it'll be back to my DVD/DVR collection. Okay, fine, so I'm thinking about catching past seasons of Criminal Minds too. I've watched a few episodes here and there and aside from one or two characters it seemed like every other procedural on the air, but then thanks to recent wank I'm starting to think this might be another CSI/Bones for me - a procedural with a twist, at least if half of what I've heard about this show is true, it might end up being better for me than CSI.