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Okay, so I'm wanting something to tide me over the long summer break - I had thought rewatching seasons one thru four might do that, but because Swan Song made me so nostalgic I've all ready burned through the best of seasons one thru three, and I don't expect season four will take very long either.

So, (obviously) I'm looking for Supernatural fanfic, and while I have found some on my own, I'm not having lots of luck finding the type of Supernatural fanfic that I'm actually in the mood for. *sigh*

(From what I've seen) most Supernatural fanfic seems to be about pairing a writers favorite couple together and not really having much of a story outside of that. Now that's not to say I refuse to read a Supernatural fanfic that has a pairing, I'd just rather read one where the pairing is a side thing. For example, I don't want a fanfic that is simply about when/where/how Sam and Dean start doing it, but if there's a fanfic with an actual story outside of when/where/how a pairing gets together then I'm okay with that.

So, come on, folks (and I know there are more than a few Supernatural fans in my Flist) rec me some Supernatural fanfic, PLEASE! And despite what I said above, I'm not against reading fanfic with a pairing (slash or het) I just don't want a fanfic that is ALL ABOUT a pairing - give me a fanfic with plot above/beyond a pairing. That's right, I just want a little (or massive) plotted Supernatural fanfic even if said fanfic has all ready been Jossed (or in this case Kripked). There has to be some fanfic of this type out there, right. RIGHT?
kroki_refur, dodger_winslow and minkmix are my three favourites. They're mostly gen, all of them.
*rubs hands together* Thanks, I will be checking them out.