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Well, I didn't plan on making two entries in one day. Honestly, I thought making the other would help me with the worry that was starting to set in, and then about a half hour after I made that entry I saw a bald dude on a motorcycle pass the house - that happens all the time, so I didn't think much about it until the sound didn't go away. So, I looked out the window (this is not the part that is rude, though they didn't ask to use my driveway) they had a truck backed up (my driveway is a hill) and were trying to load the bike onto it. Fine, I got my coffee and went back to reading my flist.

After that the dog started barking, and so I looked again. Okay, here's the thing - there are two sides to the upper driveway and there's a patch of green (a garden in the center) and those b@stards had now backed up in my f*&king flower bed - now granted it's got a few weeds, cause of the rain, but I've also CLEARLY got stuff planted there. For one, it's all surrounded by wooden rails that lay on the ground. For another, I decided to see if I could get some phlox growing at the very end of each side where it's hard for stuff to grow - so I bought some little black fencing that is only a few inches high but clearly visible. And on the side they had so rudely backed their truck upon the phlox still had flowers on it, unlike the clump of phlox on the other side (guarded from shit like this by a light poll, a mailbox, and a newspaper box) where the flowers had all ready faded.

I also have a small hibiscus bush on that side, that's all ready taken a beaten. *sigh* Last year I was a bit slow on my weeding and the county decided to helpfully help me out by mowing that side with their big county mower and mowed the top right off of it. In that instance I wasn't angry, cause that was my own fault for not keeping that bed weed free, or at least keeping the weeds short. Thankfully it still lived, but was now several inches shorter. Well, it had all ready started coming back this year, and it was honestly looking good.

PS - I also have many Sweet William plants on that side, but most (even though they were two years old) were really small and weak when I put them out, so at least three (four) have passed, but there's also three (four) that are looking really good. The last thing they need is for some trespassing jackass to run them over with a big truck.

UGHHHH! Apparently they saw me pick up my cell phone - cause I did it in front of the window, after calling my dog over there so she'd start barking and call attention to said window. I wasn't actually going to call the police - if it come to that I'd just get my gun out and start firing off shots (not necessarily at them) to get them to leave. But I turned away to calm the dog a bit, then I heard the motorcycle fire up, and when I looked they were all hauling ass away. Good riddance to bad rubbish and all.

So, I headed out to look and see what damage was done by these rude people. Bad news, those asses ran over half my phlox, so more flowers are off now and it was flat in some places. Weirdly enough this was the phlox that at first looked a little less vigorous than the other one, so I thought it would lose its flowers first.

*coughs* Anyway, I ran my hands through it to poof it back up/out, and I think it'll recover, and I also noticed that it has all ready started to spread. They apparently missed all my Sweet William, sheer luck, but they knocked my poor beaten hibiscus sideways. Thankfully, it hadn't been broken or pulled (pushed) completely from the ground, and was (thankfully) only leaning ever so slightly, so I moved it back straight, put some more dirt around it, and now can only hope those rude m^^^er f^^^ers didn't damage the roots bad enough to kill it - if they did I believe I might hunt them down and get myself some reparations.

And everyone wonders why I generally tend to think people suck! Honestly, I didn't mind them using my driveway and might not have minded them using the garden itself if 1, they'd asked, and 2, promised to be careful. But they didn't even bother to ask even though it's pretty clear that there are things planted and growing in that section, nor did they even bother to be careful - cause they hit two different plants with their stupid truck.

Spike strips! My next step is going to be surrounding that section of my flower bed with spike stripes, maybe that'll keep the rude mother f***ers out of it!
*double hugs*

I think that this and the previous post warrants a double hug at least.

I hope things will get better, especially the car thing. :)
Well, I haven't checked on the garden yet, because I did get to work today (YAY!). Dad brought his vehicle over so I could use it to get to work and do other things (such as finally getting the trash took off), and he kindly checked on the car while he was here. It seems that my fears of the whole front end falling apart were groundless, apparently the brakes are just getting stuck from time to time, so I should be okay to drive to work this week, or at least not worry about the thing sticking while I'm (you know) driving down the road, and he said he'd see if he could talk to someone (who knows about cars) and then see if he could get it fixed later in the week, so I'm not feeling near as "touchy" today as I was yesterday.

PS - The double hug helped. ;)
Thats good news then. :)

Sticking brakes are relatively harmless, I guess that repairs won't be too expensive.

I'm not sure how much miles it is from your house to the job but since you didn't mention public transport etc it somehow tells me that you Americans are way to dependent on your cars. ;)
Naw, maybe even dirt cheap if dad can get the low-down on how to fix them himself from a friend. ;)

As for miles to work and public transport - LOL! Sorry, not laughing at you or anything just the idea that I'd be able to find public transport.

Yes, there are places in America where public transport is available, but my area isn't even large enough to support a taxi service let alone trains and stuff. About the only thing here in my area is the fact that some Churches have buses, but that's only to get you to Church and back. There's also a PACs bus that I see from time to time, but that's a transport for older/eldery people to do grocery shopping and stuff, and I'm not old enough to qualify.

However, to be honest, I only live about three (maybe four) miles (I don't know how many Kilometers or whatever you guys use is) away from where I work so it's not that far, but years ago (even before my feet started hurting so damn bad) I tried walking the distance and it was NOT easy or fun, cause PS most of our roads don't really have a big enough (read safe) shoulder (or edge) to walk on so you're basically walking in the middle of the road or you're actually climbing through a ditch and then tramping through a forrest before finally getting to a state highway (rather than a county road) where walking is ever-so-slightly safer, but mostly only because of the businesses and their parking lots because even those roads don't really have a shoulder to speak of.

So, yeah, most American's really are totally dependant on their cars.

Edited at 2010-05-18 01:47 am (UTC)
Thats quite alien for us, public transport is even there in the most remote places and also we have bike lanes everywhere, lately they've begun placing bike highways next to normal highways so one can bike easily to the next city, my job is about 3-4 miles away from my home so I bike there, will take me about 10-15 minutes depending on the wind. :)
What's kind of (but not really) funny is that I don't actually live in a very remote place. I mean certainly not the biggest city in the county, but no where near the smallest either.
(I know this because in the big Ice Storm of 2009, we were about the third/forth "town" to get power restored, which actually shocked me, cause I thought we'd be closer to last, instead we were closer to first.)

Bike lines would be nice, except my old bike is really old, and hasn't been ridden in, oh probably, ten years or so, so if they did put in biking lines I'd have to buy a bike before I could actually use them. Still it would be nice, but not likely to happen any time soon.