It's raining, I'm bored, and a bit worried, because my car is not driveable.

Okay, that last is not entirely true, I could probably drive it, but the last time I drove it (Thursday) it locked up on me (no forward, no backward) - thankfully I was parking at the time that happened, cause honestly at first I thought I'd hit (or drove up on something), but a quick check revealed that NOT to be the case.

Alas I still needed to get the car (and myself) home, thankfully I wasn't THAT far away from home, but I still didn't really want to leave my car out somewhere, cause I knew if that happened it would sit where ever it stopped all weekend. Anyway, I put the car in reverse and punched the gas - it did unlock and move, and at the time it happened that was my last stop of the day before coming home, so I prayed the car would get me home, and decided if it did I would be okay just sitting at home all weekend cause I still had some of that gardening to get done anyway.

Well, now I'm getting a bit worried because someone was supposed to come look at it today, and that hasn't happened, and in all honesty probably won't happen now. I assume it's because of the rain, but now I'm getting worried about all the stuff I have to (or at least really need to) get done this coming week, that can't get done if I don't have a car.
(You see, because of that I didn't even get the trash took off, and by now it really needs to be taken off, but nope can't do it. And that's one of those things you (or at least I) hate to ask someone to give me a ride to do - I mean honestly who'd want my trash in their car even if it would only be a few minutes.)

Worse still if it doesn't get fixed, I'll have to get someone to fill in for me at work this week, which means I'll lose money that quite honestly I can't afford to lose. I'm thinking if the person who was supposed to look at it doesn't show up today (and by now that's highly unlikely) I'll just try and drive it to a close repair shop Monday - the downside of this is, of course, that I'll either have to walk home (and then walk back to pick up the car) or just wait for the car to be repaired, which could work if he was able to work on it right away, but would suck if he's not able to do that. The good news is that the shop I'm thinking off is NOT that far away, but I know I've mentioned the near constant pain in my feet before, well, that's gotten worse not better... Of course, even that doesn't matter if the car decides NOT to move on Monday, if that happens I am (or will be) so F-in' screwed.

I NEED A WORKING CAR! I need to work, I need to go get my kitties some food - they're not out yet, but the bag is low - my dog needs to be taken for a nail trim, because her nails are starting to catch on things, and the next step is to watch her start moving around like she's in pain.


UPDATE: 5-17-10

Well, the good news is I made it to work today (YAY!). My dad (luckily) didn't have to work today (sheer luck, really) so he brought his vehicle over so I could use it to get to work and do other things (such as finally getting the trash took off, still didn't get to the vet, but did pick up a small ER bag of cat food to tide them over), while he checked out my car to see if he could one find out the problem, and two fix it. Good news it doesn't appear that the entire front end is about to fall apart - this is why I should never be left alone with my worry, it starts to get outrageous. Apparently the brakes are just getting stuck from time to time, so I should be okay to actually drive the thing without worrying about it just stopping on me while I'm actually driving down the damn highway. And he says he'll come back later in the week to see if he can actually fix the problem, so I'm feeling a lot less "touchy" today then I was yesterday.