The Vampire Diaries recap review is very long and VERY SPOILERY. The Supernatural comment review is still a little long, but probably not as SPOILERY, but don't take that to mean it's SPOILER free, cause it's not.

The Vampire Diaries
To see how I felt about the episodes leading up to this one check THIS out!

Okay, soooo it's a good thing I'm not afraid of eating a little crow from time to time if necessary, and after my raging doubts based on the way last weeks episode played out, I have to admit that THIS super awesome season finale has placed a big plate of crow before me.

So, lets get to it then.

Obviously, this episode was almost totally and completely different from what I expected, and that's a (very) good thing.

PS - It turns out I was both right and wrong - I said they'd keep the big werewolf story until next season, but I was also wrong, because (WEREWOLF ALERT!) they made with the revealing TONIGHT! The last episode of season one, so they didn't (as I thought they might) hold the whole thing back until season two. *coughs* Anyway, moving on, because I've decided to write my review thoughts as I watch the episode which means as I wrote these things I did NOT know how they'd play out, but by the time I'm typing this up, clearly I know.

I will say upfront that it wasn't ALL good, but even some of the things that weren't good weren't things I was expecting, so THAT is (in itself) good, except, of course, Matt LIVES, and Caroline still hasn't dumped his ass! That's all bad. Okay, back to the past now!

So, this episode starts with Elena getting made up to look like Katherine, for Founder's Day. I admit there was a moment or two of doubt on my part, but I was reasonably certain we were watching Elena playing dress-up and not in a flashback sequence. It's not really important, but we did get several shots in this of Stefan dressing from the past, as well.

Then we jump to Stefan and Damon having a "hands off, Elena IS MINE!" talk between Stefan and Damon, though it isn't as hostile and tense as one might expect. It's oddly civil. There wasn't really a look of good SalSlash subtext between them here either. *sigh* I did enjoy seeing both of their reactions to Elena literally dressed like Katherine here, though.

TITLE CARD (Hey, show! Yeah, you! Can we get a real title sequence next season? Please!)

Then we jump to Jeremy and Anna having a talk, which is just all around weird. Jeremy defending Uncle Bastard for killing Pearl, except he doesn't think he is, and yet goes on to say that he just understands where Uncle Bastard is coming from. See, weird, especially considering what comes later, but I'm not supposed to talk about that yet.

Anyway, Anna says she's leaving and then once again offers to turn Jeremy. She even gives him a vial of her blood, but Jeremy says he's not sure what he wants. NEXT!

Back to Stefan and Elena, and we jump in AFTER Stefan has told Elena who her real father is, but of course she doubts him. Or maybe she just hopes he's wrong, I think it's the latter. NEXT! Oh, wait, we must once again rehash Elena's angst over allowing Damon to mind-wipe Jeremy. DAMN IT! I said NEXT - move on, damn it!

Ah, now we jump to Caroline getting an old timey picture with Matt - (HATE HIM!) where she demands he hide the cast on his arm because it doesn't fit the Founder's Day time period, and for once he complies rather than ignoring her, or telling her to shut up, or treating her like she's just a silly little idiot. Okay, he does object, but since he complies easily enough I'll cut him a small break here, but just a small one.
It's worthy to note that as this Matt/Caroline thing started I was totally onboard, but Matt's been such an ass toward her that I live for the day she dumps him now and he's forced to spend the rest of his life sad and alone!

More Tyler/Matt hate - Tyler move on - you're too good for Matt! NEXT!

GRR-ARG! More Elena trying to get Jeremy to forgive her, and Jeremy NOT doing so. Sadly the only reason I'm not on Jeremy's side here is because I just don't like him. But he does have good reason not to forgive Elena - she did have him MIND-RAPED, after all. But I just don't love (hell, I barely like him) Jeremy's character enough to be on his side, because what I really want is for him to get the hell over it and move on so the show can get the hell over it and move on. NEXT! NEXT! NEXT!

Now we move to show Founder's Day stuff no one really cares about. Okay, maybe others care, but I do not. Nope, not even seeing he-who-shall-not-be-named, Caroline, Elena, and Stefan on the big important float is NOT interesting. These aren't the scene's you're looking for, move along, move along...

Because I admit that the Bonnie/Damon shipper (as I am in the book-world) in me did get a small thrill from the scene coming up. Now to be fair, I don't really ship show Bonnie/Damon (on the show so far single Bonnie is pretty damn awesome!), but the scene between Damon and Bonnie was interesting here. Damon was thanking her for something she didn't do, and for just a small moment you could almost see that she felt bad about that. Actually, she probably had gas, but I'm choosing to believe that for one small moment she felt bad for being a lying-liar-who-lies! For the record, it's as he walks away where she kind of glances down that I'm talking about - just for the record.

You know what, I'm not being paid enough (or anything) to recap this, so I don't know why I'm doing it exactly.
Okay, that's not exactly true. It was around this point that I realized that this episode deserved some special kind of review and not just typical comments. I might not have felt this way if I hadn't HATED episode 21 so much.

Anyway, we jump inside a building where Uncle Bastard (and post-episode I feel kind of bad continuing to call him that, but since that's what I wrote as I watched the episode that's what I type now) is explaining the plan. Bad vampires (historical vampires) are coming - for revenge - TONIGHT! The dog whistle device (which really wasn't expected - when they said weapon I was expecting something more exciting than a dog-vampire whistle, but oh well.) must be ready. Those who fall down when the device is active will be dosed with vervain and dragged away to be killed.

Then we jump to the historical vampires who kindly detail their plans for us, which just is repeating what the scene before all ready told us.

Then back to Uncle Bastard and Mayor Bastard (Tyler - the werewolf's father) where they yap some more.

Then back to the vampires and their actual handwritten map. To be fair, this is all more interesting than I've made it sound, but my hands are starting to hurt, so I'm trying to keep it short and sweet.

Back to Uncle Bastard and Mayor Bastard, the latter of which makes an objection to the plan to use the founding families as bait, or he using the old tired "THINK OF THE CHILDREN!" defense. Whatever, man, whatever!

Then back to the vampires where a surprise guest walks in - some security you guys have. No, really, I mean that. She just walks in, meaning (I assume) anyone could. The surprise guest is Anna, who appears to want some good old fashioned revenge, which seems odd. I mean, I get that she'd happily kill Uncle Bastard (he killed her mother), but... I don't know, but I think I smell a turd in the punchbowl.

Back to Uncle Bastard - "It's the only way!" BAH!

Back from the ads, and thankfully we are done with the two ebol groups plotting.

A scene with Damon and Elena - BOO HISS! Okay, it wasn't bad, it was actually quite good, and ends with Elena telling Damon not to make her regret being his friend. So, yay, on the sinking D/E ship!


Mostly cause I think Damon doesn't want to make her regret being his friend, so I'm still iffy on the pussifying of Damon, but we'll see, because so far it hasn't been too bad, but Spike didn't turn into a pussy until after season four. Okay, some would say he turned pussy in season four, but I didn't think so, after season four it was pussy-city, and not the getting pussy-city.

Oh, hell, we jump from that back to Elena talking at Jeremy again. NEXT!

Wait, did he just tell her to "go to hell, Elena!" cause AWESOME! Okay, so I'm starting to warm up to his side here. Anyway, NEXT!

*sigh* As Jeremy steps outside Damon grabs him and tries to force him to be nice to Elena, Stefan steps in, but doesn't really seem to care that much about Jeremy personally. So his little speech about doing the right thing falls more than a little flat here. Still Jeremy walks away alive, so we'll call this a win for Stefan. It's also not a bad scene, it just doesn't feel right, since Stefan is clearly more concerned for Elena than Jeremy.

Next, the evil non-vampire duo reveal their dastardly plans to Caroline's mother, who's the head cop. She does better than Tyler's dad and offers real firm objections, and gets knocked out and handcuffed to a desk (table?) by Uncle Bastard for her troubles.

Now Damon wanders aimlessly (apparently) until Anna appears and reveals that there was a turd in the old punchbowl. She's revealing to Damon the coming vampire attack. Now if only someone would clue Damon in that Bonnie lied and the town is in fact safe from said attack that would be awesome, but isn't likely to happen, unless Bonnie suddenly feels an attack of guilt - I'd love to see that happen, but I'm not hopeful.

The historical vampires make it clear (to themselves, which really seems pointless, but it's there for the viewer, so I'll let it pass) that they are here to kill NOT feed. NEXT!

Damon finds his boyfriend Alaric (it hurts me to write that, but really it feels like a ship at this point) and shares what he knows. Alaric is ready, baby. They then go off to make-out while waiting for the fireworks. Okay, that last bit didn't actually happen.

As Alaric goes to get some weapons, Elena and Stefan come right up to Damon, though not on purpose. Okay, I'm sure it was written that way, but I mean it wasn't written as though there coming across each other was on purpose. Again Damon shares the 411, and tries to get Elena to leave. However, Damon walks away before Elena actually leaves, and to her credit she wants to find Jeremy first. And off they go.

We jump to the pool hall, or whatever. Matt is watching Tyler - I'm starting to think there's another ship about to sail here, if I actually liked Matt I'd be thrilled, but even Tyler (yes, Tyler) deserves better than Matt.

Oh, and NO HE DID NOT!


Caroline, once again trying to be helpful and get the happy couple back together, even though doing so would leave her out in the cold, starts telling a story. Matt, you ungrateful bastard - YOU SUCK! Fine, at least he didn't actually tell her to shut up, but he did tell her to "give it a rest."

Then as I get the rant firmly going in my head, Mayor Bastard walks in, and sort of redeems himself. That can't be good. Goodbye, Mayor Not-Such-A-Bastard-After-All, it was nice knowing you. Anyway, he tells Tyler (his son) to get the fuck out, Tyler resists, at first, but then picks up on how serious his father is. Daddy Smallwood (sorry, in the books the last name is Smallwood, and I can't remember the name the show gave them instead) hands over his car keys, and tells Tyler to get him and his friends (Caroline and Matt) out of dodge. Even Matt (slow as he is) seems to realize something big is about to go down, and doesn't object.

Jump to Anna who's found Jeremy WAY before Elena and Stefan. She leads him off to tell him something, I wonder what, but then we jump to some dumbass on stage giving a speech no one cares about. *sigh* NEXT! One thing first, the vampires in the crowd listening to said speech are, to borrow a Buffy phrase "wicked conspicuous" here. So, even if the humans hadn't know they were coming all ready, they'd have been pretty damn easy to spot.

Then we jump to Uncle Bastard and some of his minions - how'd he get minions? Oh, nevermind! Uncle Bastard goes to the dog-vampire whistle device. Oh, it's on NOW, bitches! Or, you know, whatever.

The fireworks start, and BAM! The historical vampires start to move, the speech dude tries to lead Aunt Clueless (Jenna) off stage, they are also wicked obvious, but the vampires don't really seem to notice, anyway... Bonnie's walking through the crowd, and doesn't look concerned or worried, which bothers me. Okay, maybe cause she's clueless here, at least until she bumps into one of the historical vampires. Watson, the game is a-foot now! Cause now she looks both worried and concerned.

Stefan and Elena, I assume, moving away quickly, but it was hard to tell. They were moving fast going somewhere, anyway.

Then Uncle Bastard starts to turn on the dog-vampire whistle, but Damon walks in, and Uncle Bastard stops to have a chat. Are you f-in' serious, show. A chat now?!

Okay, that's better. Uncle Bastard never moved away from the device, and turns it on before Damon can cross the room... Okay, I can't do it. We've seen that vampires on this show can move almost faster than the eye can see, but Damon can't take six steps across the room to stop Uncle Bastard before he flips the switch? Actually, I suppose I can let this pass, since apparently Damon still believes that the device doesn't work. Moving on...

Damn it! We're only at the half-hour point now. Shit! I thought I should be almost done by now. *sigh*

WOW! You know, sometimes I get annoyed that it takes the Television Without Pity recappers so long to put up their recaps, but I get it now. Sure, I did this one in just over three hours, but I could NOT keep this pace week after week, I couldn't have even done that for this one if it hadn't been such a great episode. So, perhaps after this I'll be more patient in waiting for the recaps. Probably not, since after this there won't be recaps for any shows I watch again until next season, but we can hope I've learned some kind of lasting lessen here, can't we?

Damon grabs his head and groans in pain. Stefan and Elena walking, until Stefan's knees bend and he grabs his head. Oops. Elena doesn't keep moving, she stays at his side, and doesn't really even try to get him moving again.

Back to Uncle Bastard getting his needle ready.

Flash to Anna groaning/screaming grabbing her head, and Jeremy pulling an Elena. Seriously, your vampire goes down in pain - you don't stand there asking useless questions you try to get them and yourselves out of there.

Then the flashes pick up speed. Back to Stefan, Damon, the device, or some order kind of like that, I'm not rewinding.


The historical vampires in the crowd going down.

More fireworks!

Uncle Bastard poking Damon with his needle. HeHe!

More BLASTED fireworks!

Tyler driving then hearing the dog-vampire whistle, but not as out for the count as the vampires. Could be distance, could be something else. *wink*

Anyway, neither Caroline or Dumbass can hear the dog-vampire whistle.

Pain getting worse for Tyler - note that the car is still going down the road - this is NOT gonna end well.

Tyler screaming now, and letting go of the steering wheel.

Matt: "Caroline, grab the wheel!"

Not really possible with Tyler not passing out but actually still jerking around in pain.

Fence, crash, done!

Or not.

Flash on the device, back to Stefan still in worse pain than Tyler. And, on noes! One of the townspeople has spotted the vampire on the ground. Not to worry, Mighty Mouse (or Alaric) is here to save the day, or at least the good vampire on the ground. Finally, Stefan is moved away out of sight. FINALLY!

Jenna begging for help, because the Mayor (who is NOT a vampire - wonder what he could be?) also went down.

Anna crying in Jeremy's arms, but they should be safe, they're in a bathroom, right? WRONG! One of the deputies has found her. He calls it in, then grabs her and puts his needle in before dragging her away.

Not Anna, you bastards!

And then finally back to the device as it stops working. I don't know if I mentioned, but the show made it clear that this device was a one time only use, so now that it's stopped it can't be used again. Despite that, Uncle Bastard pockets the device anyway, before walking away and leaving Damon out on the floor, cause where they were is where all the other vampires are to be brought, I don't think I mentioned that either.

Now other vampires are being carried/drug to the basement, and then Uncle Bastard enters.

He's ready to finish this, and probably a good thing to, because Damon is starting to wake up. Gas, or I assume gas, is being poured all around them, but HOPE! Damon grabs Uncle Bastard's leg as he walks by.

Me: "Kill him, baby, kill him now.

*faint whisper from the floor*

Me: "What's that? You're still too weak? BAH! I call pussy on you!"

Oops. No, it wasn't Damon that grabbed his leg, it was Anna. Oh, noes! Show, you aren't about to do what I think you're about to do, are you?

As Uncle Bastard looks down at the helpless Anna, Damon turns his head to see what's happening. Nothing good, Damon, nothing good. Except that it is kind of good, just not a good that makes me happy here.

Uncle Bastard instructs the other humans to leave, and I fear for Anna, and to a lessor extent Damon, but really mostly Anna, since Uncle Bastard seems so focused on her.

Anna tries to rise, can't. Damon looks concerned, and I kind of melt, would totally melt if Ian had been naked for this scene. *coughs*

Uncle Bastard pulls out a stake, and... I can't watch.

Anna tries to plead for her life, I can hear that, but I know it's useless, Uncle Bastard is colder than any vampire.

He kneels down over her - okay, I peaked, then I screamed, because he brings the stake home. He kills her, there will be no escape for Anna.

Again we flash on Damon looking concerned, and somehow concerned for another from Damon is NOT bothering me right now, because it's totally working in this scene.

Uncle YOU MOTHER F&CKER actually leaves the stake in until there's no doubt that Anna's dead.

A flash on Damon where he doesn't really look sad, but does look very unhappy.

He-Who-Shall-NOT-Be-named pours more gas around, but at least he's not staking Damon. Probably an unwise move on his part, so I totally approve.

He backs up the stairs still pouring, and at the top of the stairs he lights that muther up!

Back to Stefan, Elena, and Alaric, where Alaric gives details of vampires down and where they were taken. Then Stefan clues the group in on Bonnie's lie from last episode. Actually, to be fair, Alaric is the first one to suggest Bonnie lied, though he just says maybe she didn't unspell it, then Stefan takes over the 'Splainy about how of course Bonnie would choose humans over vampires. NEXT!

Jenna finds Caroline's mother still handcuffed. Jenna's actually trying to find out where the Mayor was taken cause she knows he's not a vampire.

Wait! When did Jenna find out about the vampires? No, seriously, she's been totally clueless up to this point that her knowing about vampires is enough to pull me out of the moment.

Back to the flaming basement where the vampires are starting to wake up, but it is pretty much too damn late.

Damon spots the Mayor, who he (Damon) also knows is not a vampire, and starts to wonder why he's there, but before he can get an answer the Mayor, having learned Damon is a vampire slowly crawls away backward until he ends up right in the lap of another vampire and is killed.

Oh, and apparently they changed the Smallwood's to Lockwoods, don't know why I didn't remember that. Oh, well.

Now back roadside where help has arrived for Tyler and Caroline. Matt is shockingly expressing concern for Caroline here, but it's far to little to late! But Caroline is insisting that Tyler be checked out first, so, of course, that means something horrible is wrong with Caroline.

While they're helping Tyler they open one of his eyes, and there's a werewolf inside. Well, not really, but his eye is sooo not normal looking. Once that excitement is out of the way we look back and realize that Caroline has collapsed. But before that, the show makes it clear that Matt still loves his boyfriend (Tyler). To his credit, but again not enough, Matt rushes to his supposed girlfriends (Caroline) side.

Then back to Stefan who can hear the vampires and knows that the building their in is on fire.

Flash to Uncle Bastard standing guard, then down the rabbit hole again for some hot flaming Damon action. Okay, not really, but that was fun to write. It's clear that Damon is NOT getting out without help, but I am secure in the knowledge that he will be back next season.

Stefan and Elena come to Uncle Bastard. Stefan rushes past to be a hero, while Daddy Dearest holds his daughter back, telling her that if she follows, he'll alert the others that they missed a vampire. Elena calls him out, and while she wasn't sure about his parental status his reaction confirms. She moves past, and he doesn't call out an alert, and I have to wonder why. Surely, he doesn't actually love Elena more than he hates vampires. No, there has to be another reason.

Stefan finds the hidden (or second door), but Bonnie's suddenly there trying to stop him. She fails, and Stefan heads inside. I'm glad that she did at least try to stop him, even if we (the audience) knew he was going in after his brother, and hell Bonnie probably knew it too.

He's stopped by the super hot basement door. His quest is over before it really began.

Hark, but me think Elena doth approach.

Bonnie does manage to stop Elena from going in, but it isn't easy, and Elena only stops trying when it's clear that Bonnie's using magic to help Stefan. Or at least Elena (rather stupidly, after last week) believes she's helping Stefan, and sure enough we (the audience) can see Stefan grab the now cool doorknob.

As apologizes for lying go, Bonnie's doing a rather bang up job of it.

She even clears the fire off the stairs so Stefan can get through, and keeps it clear until they're out. But for a second or so we (the audience) aren't sure, because the scene flicks back to Bonnie and Elena.


Then Stefan and Elena talking about the official version of events rather than what really happened, but does anyone other than the shows characters care? Oh, and Damon has vanished again. But that's not really important either, because Elena has to prove to Stefan that she loves Stefan NOT Damon, though she does admit that she cares about Damon, but I'm thinking she really means in a "just friends" kind of way.

Then Jeremy clearly thinking about the tube of vampire blood Anna left for him. He decides no, and turns to give me a big shock. Damon is standing in the doorway of his bedroom, and if I haven't missed my guess this is Damon actually honestly trying to make things right, not for Elena's sake, but for the sake of doing the right thing.

As Damon leaves Jeremy looks thoughtful. Hmmm.

Now to the hospital where Tyler and Matt wait for news about the health of their beard Caroline.

Caroline's mother shows up and drops the "you're dad is dead" bomb to Tyler, and to be honest I'm not sure things are looking good for Caroline at this point.

Oops, it would appear Damon made things worse while trying to make things right. Poor Damon. We're back to Jeremy who's now holding his tube of Anna blood. He looks sad, but I get the impression he's going to do it, and sure enough he opens the vial, and poors it down his throat.

Now he's looking through draws, and finds some pills - I assume Elena's old pain pills that he stopped Vicki from taking once, and it's once again down the hatch, though he does pause a moment to think about not doing it, but you know the pills are going down the hatch.

More ads, where I give a little start as I realize I'm watching an ad for some kind of vampire show. It was a True Blood ad, but I didn't realize that until near the end, I kept thinking the CW was promoting a new vampire series of theirs for next season.

Then a Supernatural ad, and I rub my hands with glee. Then I start to cry because my hands are all ready killing me.


Stefan exits somewhere only to run into Bonnie, who gives him a speech about why she saved Damon, and then lays down the law. Either Damon changes his wicked ways (wow, Bonnie, way to be a downer) or she will kill him even if she has to kill Stefan to do it.

Then we come to a scene that made me yell a big "NOOOOOOOOO!"

So, after the Bonnie/Stefan talk, Elena is walking home carrying her stuff that she was going to pick up from school (or somewhere) before heading home. Damon is coming out the door as she approaches. They talk, and then Damon has an outright chick-flick moment. He lays his soul bear. He came to town wanting to destroy it, but then tonight he wanted to save it. It's a real conflict for him.

The good news, or at least it tickled my little book shipping Bonnie/Damon heart is that Damon clearly knows that Bonnie helped Stefan save him. If she show isn't careful they may have me starting to ship show Bonnie/Damon, especially now that Bonnie is much more his equal. Of course, he (Damon) knows that Bonnie only did it for Elena, but that's important to Damon because it means that Elena found or finds Damon worth saving.

Then we come to the part where I scream - Damon leans in, Elena leans in, and I kept expecting Elena's hand to come up between their mouths, and then once again talk about how they are just friends, but that doesn't happen. Oh, hell no! They kiss, and not just a little peek on the cheek, but a real (but devoid of actual passion) kiss.

Seriously, Ian and Nina have chemistry together so I'm shocked that the full-on kiss was so damn bland.

Anyway, I decided since the episode had been so awesome up to this point that I would give this whole thing a pass, and worry about the badness that is Damon/Elena next season. However, the next scene, something about "Elena" started pinging my "Not Elena" radar.

Anyway, Jenna stops the kiss, with a "what the hell are you doing?" look, but Elena doesn't want to talk about it.

Damon walks away, but clearly some heavy shit is on his mind, but he doesn't appear to believe anything was wrong with Elena.

Jeremy crawls into bed, he doesn't look so good. He's gonna wake up dead. *grin*

Uncle Bastard is in the kitchen doing something... Oh, who cares?

Wait! Elena's here now, this might be interesting. Elena shows up, looking somehow not Elena-ish. She seems to coy or something. Very good acting here all around.

Uncle Bastard opens up, and tells "Elena" how he met Isobel and instantly fell in love with her, though he knows she probably never loved him. Oh, come on, show! Don't do this to me, don't make me like him!

He says part of why he hates vampires is because of what Isobel became when she become a vampire. He thinks it ruined her, and he never would've sent her to Damon if he'd known she wanted to become a vampire. HUH?

Wait! I thought he sent her to Damon because he knew she wanted to be a vampire. If that wasn't the case why the hell would he think sending her to Damon is a good idea? I mean if he knew she wanted to be a vampire and sent her along, that makes sense, but sending her to Damon not to be turned - Why?

"Elena" starts playing with knives, and I know now she's NOT Elena, and I feel for Uncle B and Elena both here. Elena would love to be hearing this, but I don't think she ever will.

Anyway, as he says he hopes maybe she (Elena) will understand he moves closer to her, and I know what's coming now, except she simply says thank you, and I briefly wonder if I've been wrong. Then she looks down, Uncle B starts to turn away, and down comes the knife - the ring is on the finger, but the finger is no longer connected to the hand. Only then does Uncle B realize he's been talking to Katherine, you know just before she kills him.

Now we're outside with real Elena who's just coming home, talking on the phone with Stefan about how someone stole her stuff - you know the stuff she went to get awhile back. Which means that Damon was kissing Katherine, not Elena, and alls right with the world, or at least this episode.

Elena enters the house planing to check on her brother before heading to the hospital (I assume) to check on Caroline. Boy, is that not gonna happen. She enters and calls for her brother, and then hears a clatter from the kitchen. Oh noes! What will she find? No, seriously, we don't know, because the show just faded to black. Season one is officially over.

Clever, clever, show! How could I have ever doubted you?

Now off to see the (hopefully just as awesome) season finale of Supernatural, which will not be reviewed recap style, because I cannot do this again for a long long time. My hands will not allow it, they're ready to go on strike right now as it is.

To see how I felt about the episodes leading up to this one check THIS out!

For the record, I love the music for the season finale recaps, even if it does lie. There's no rest for Sam and Dean. I also really loved this previously, but then I usually do like them. Seriously, I usually even watch them on the DVDs.

Anyway, moving on...

I was worried as this episode started, cause seriously! But then it wasn't so bad, and I found I liked Chuck reading the story aloud. I especially loved his talk about ending a story, because I've found it's very true. Most of my stories don't end so much as they just get to a certain point and stopping seems natural.

So, we really start with Dean telling Sam that Sam can do what he needs to do, and I hope we're ready for one wild ass ride, cause I know I am. But then they just keep talking, and I'm sure I'll like the conversation more once I know how the freakin' story ends.

Seriously, I was tempted to wait until after I recorded the episode and then watch the ending first, but I forced myself to watch it live, and I'm glad I did, but some things like this conversation annoyed me a bit because I wanted to know how this puppy ends.

The problem is that even on the quest for demon blood all the action happens off screen, and I start to worry this episode is not going to be as good as I was hoping. But then Bobby saves the day by giving Dean the clue to Satan's whereabouts, and they're off, and for once the car does not open a magical time hole and jump through to the end of their road, instead they talk again, which again is something I'll be more happy about later, especially since I've wanted the dear boys to have a conversation for awhile now.
I was right - on the rewatch I loved all the talky.

Finally, they arrive, and I find myself wondering where Crowley is for some reason. It's not like I expected him to be here, but I found myself waiting for him to pop-up at some point.

Oh, hell, what's this? I'm sorry, excuse me for a moment, my allergies are acting up. That's right, allergies. It has nothing to do with Sam saying goodbye to everyone. Nope, not a damn thing to do with that, it's allergies people!

I LOVE YOU, CASS. Thank you. As I was about to think there was no hope for my allergies, Cass comes right out and lightens the mood Cass-style... Er, I mean heals my allergies. Thank you, my darling. Thank you.

Then I find myself falling in love with Dean. I love you, man. "Hey, guys, is your father home?" TeeHeHe

This isn't going to end well, because the episode's just started, so now I really WANT to know how it ends, but again I keep watching, even though I know it would be a short wait, since I had to pause so much during The Vampire Diaries I'd only have to wait a few minutes and then I could know.

No, be strong, Queenie. STRONG LIKE AN AMAZON!

And here we go again with the Dean love. "Well, I'll alert the media." *sigh* I'm starting to think I may end up a Dean!girl before season five ends.

PS - When Satan starts talking I know time-wise aside this isn't going to go to plan, cause, Mark is just awesome here, and you know he knows even before he admits he knows.

I do love how Satan, unlike the other angels doesn't just jump right in at Sam's yes, instead he wants to (weirdly enough) play fair, he tells Sam the real score and then waits for another yes. Weird. Okay, maybe I just like that whole scene so much because there's a line used here from one of my all time favorite country songs. TeeHeHe

Moving on...

I now find myself regretting the fact that Dean didn't say yes, seriously that scene between the brothers would've been emotional (way past allergy stirring emotional) had it been between Jensen and Jared, er, I mean Satan and Micheal in his real Angel condom. I mean it didn't suck with Adam and Sam, I just think Sam and Dean would've been sooooo much better.

Okay, going back a bit, I did love the "internal" conversation between Sam and Satan, and once Satan revealed who those "people" were you knew Sam was lost. It was over, the fat lady had started to sing. But once again it was still to early in the episode for the fat lady to start singing, let alone be finishing the song.

Anyway, as Dean pops in a tape and drives up on the big showdown, I don't know what Dean is planning, and I'm not sure Dean knows what Dean is planning, but I certainly LOVE his style here. Almost enough to make me not regret Dean saying no so much, almost.

Did I mention that the song Dean choose was PERFECT! Cause it was.

Then just as I think Dean is doomed, Cass shows up and makes with the flaming Micheal, and I LOVE Cass. YAY Cass!

What? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Not Cass. *sigh* I just KNEW they'd choose Bobby over Cass for season six.

Loved Jensen's whole "we are so screwed" look right after the exploding Cass.

And then... Huh? What? Bobby! But... But... Okay, something weird is going on, because only one beloved character was supposed to die.

Then something happens, Dean pulls a Xander (you know, Xander's "I still love you" speech to dark evil Willow), and we're thrown back into "this is you're life, Sam Winchester!" Which was AWESOME, and also means it's ain't over yet, bitches!

That's right, Sam is in control again, but barely, and yet still enough to do the "open-door" spell himself.

Then - SURPRISE! Micheal is back refusing to let it end this way, but it does, except Sam(?) grabs Adam and in the hole they both go. I sooo did NOT see that coming.

Wait! Why did the screen fade to black - that can't be the ending!

*checks time* Ah, good, it doesn't just end there.

And Cass is back, and not just back but he's all Angel'ed up again. Does that mean he will or won't be back next season?
PS - Bobby is also back, so perhaps the beloved character death described in the promo was Sam.

Also interesting to have it spelled out that Dean got exactly what he asked for - the world remains the same. He just forgot to add that he wanted Sam with him for the whole world without end thing. Oops.

But I can't help Wondering why Dean won't see Bobby for a long time - does that mean Bobby isn't gonna be around for season six? It seems a bit wasteful to bring him back to life and then just not have him on the show. Okay, I'm not gonna gripe too much about that, but I can't help wondering.

*sigh* I was so hoping Lisa would reveal that she was actually married, which meant Dean couldn't keep his promise without becoming a homewrecker, which I doubt Sam would want, but that doesn't appear to be the case.

Hey! What's up with Chuck? He just vanished. You guys saw that right, my eyes weren't playing tricks on me, right?
And, no, I don't believe he can be God, because WAY back when they first met Chuck Dean's necklass detector thingie is supposed to burn hot in God's presence, and it did NOTHING when Dean was around Chuck, which is why Chuck just vanishing has thrown me.

WHEW! Wild ride, but sadly I think The Vampire Diaries season finale was better. Doesn't mean this sucked, just that it (for once) wasn't as good as the matching The Vampire Diaries episode. Okay, to be fair, this isn't the first time that's happened... Oh, nevermind, the episode was good, great even.

Despite the fact that this episode ended weirdly - what with Sam watching Dean, except it doesn't "seem" like Sam. AND I'd think that even if the light hadn't blew over his head. So, mad props to the Padalecki's acting skills, but does that mean Satan won, and then somehow managed to escape his cage again, or is something else going on?

I'm so confused. But I'm leaning in the something else direction based on the Padalecki's acting (expression, whatever) in that very last scene, but again it could've been either Sam or Satan the expression was just THAT weird.

Now perhaps I can get back to working on my fanfic now. But first I guess I'll peek at my FList and see what others are saying about these episodes, if you know they're saying anything at all.