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So, I was looking for something vampire to watch after I finished my rewatch of She-Ra - yes, that's right, SHUT UP! I watched She-Ra and LOVED it back in the day. And honestly the only real problem I have with it now is that it seems like Adora is always quick to change into She-Ra. Seriously, after awhile you start wondering how long this chick would live if she couldn't power into She-Ra. Well, that, and how Bow (Bo?) should've been voted off the island out of the forest, which is a bit annoying that the main strong male on this show is reduced to little more than an arrogant moron simply so the gals can look better/more powerful. *sigh* Still it was (especially for a cartoon) ground-breaking back in the day, and it holds up pretty damn well, at least in my probably biased opinion.

Oh, and weirdly enough I remember LOATHING Lookie (the little morality animal that hides during the episode then pops up at the end to explain the lesson of the episode) back in the day, but he doesn't seem near as annoying to me now, though having him in two episodes is/was a bit much.
Yes, I also watched He-Man back in the day (SHUT UP!), but haven't yet felt the need to buy/rent the DVDs to watch it again.

PS - Cat-Ra is so F'in hot - even after all these years I'd still do her! Me-OW!

Okay, so I know you're asking (at least if you know anything about She-Ra and Dante's Cove) how does She-Ra connect to Dante's Cove, and honestly they don't connect outwardly. How they connect was that I was starting to get bored watching She-Ra all together right in a row, so as I started into She-Ra season two I decided to break up my all She-Ra all the time block with live action show, and I'd heard a few good (and bad) things about a little known series called Dante's Cove.

Disclaimer: Dante's Cove is like the HBO show True Blood, at least in one key aspect, it is NOT for those under eighteen - There's more than a little adult content. Just thought I should mention that since I was talking about a children's cartoon above.

After seeing the first two episodes, which are movie length, I'm finding this little show weirdly compelling. It's not the most awesome show (even in the gay/lesbian genre) ever, and while it does have some good acting, there are at least two "actors" who could use a little coaching (to put it kindly, though some are better than others), but again I've seen worse acting, and the plot of Dante's Cove is, at least for now, enough to keep me watching.

Though some of the bad things I've heard is that after awhile the thing starts to devolve into little more than a gay porn fest... And, to be fair, I could see that happening, but I'm hoping the few comments I've seen along those lines weren't accurate, because as I said I'm finding the plot of this little show weirdly compelling.

The other bad was that I was told this show would have vampires, and I'm starting to doubt that, despite the fact that there's been a little blood-play, this show seems to be about witches.
(After mentioning that to someone, I was informed that the vampires are in the kind of/sort of/but not really spin-off of Dante's Cove called The Lair, so I'll probably watch that, but I'm liking Dante's Cove enough to finish it first, at least right now.)

And a final bad thing is the character of Grace, now she is supposed to be bad, and I was loving her right up to the point in the second episode where she's still FREAKIN' begging Ambrosius to love her. No, sweetie, just no. You are very badass and so wonderfully evil and every time you beg him to love you... It just makes you pathetic, and you suck when you're being pathetic, so stop with the begging and get back to the being deliciously evil.
He-Man etc was not bad to watch back then. ;)

As for the other series, never heard of them actually.. ;)

*grins* She-Ra is a direct (for the girls) spin-off of He-Man - you see, She-Ra is He-Mans twin sister... There was also a good number of crossover episodes with He-Man on She-Ra.

As for Dante's Cove that is a much newer, very much more adult, and not a cartoon show - I think it started in 2005 or 2006. Like I say I wouldn't highly recommend it (unlike She-Ra or He-Man, which I do highly recommend), but it is weirdly compelling - also very heavily gay, and I love that there's a show that actually has a token straight character, so that's kind of fun for me in addition to the actual storyline.