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*sigh* First it was LiveJournal that people wanted me to join (though in this case it was mainly online friends who wanted me to get a LJ), now I'm being told by what I used to call my offline friends that I need a Facebook page. LOL! Yeah, right? That's exactly what I need another place where I have friends that I can barely keep up with.

Seriously, this past little LJ absence of mine is clearly proof that I'm just barely cut out for one of these things, the last thing I need is another. I was even a good girl and went back several pages on my friends page, but even then I didn't have the energy to go all the way back to the last time I checked. *sigh* If I had more than one friends page to check, I'd probably stop checking friends pages entirely.

All the above I've tried to point out, but it seems I still NEED a *&*&ing Facebook anyway. Dude/Dudettes, why can't you guys join LJ? *sigh*

Honestly, I'm not giving in on this one, because Facebook has (in my opinion) some serious security issues - you know it's bad when at least two have been big enough issues that they've trickled down to actually being reported in my little local paper, and to be honest I hate even giving my date of birth online to places I know are secure, I don't want to be giving all kinds of information to some site that I know all ready has issues before I even join up.
Of course, I also said that I'd never end up with a LJ, but here I am, so I'll probably end up with a Facebook, but probably around the time it's no longer the BIG thing, and it won't be long until friends are telling me I need to join the next BIG thing.

I'm not going to join facebook either, let them first fix the messy security and all the other problems they've got.
Exactly. Of course, as I said, by the time they do fix those issues, Facebook will no longer be the big new thing.