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Okay, so I know it's been awhile since I've updated my old LJ. There are several reasons for that - I've had two entries I've worked on, but I couldn't find the links needed to back up points I wanted to make, so I didn't post the entries. During that time I was also trying to work on my fanfic - I've got three WIPs in post, and one of those had gotten really stalled, so I spent most of my time working (or trying to work) on those. Finally, it's getting close to spring time, and I think we all know what that means - gardening! At this point I've about finished starting all those early seeds, but for awhile that kept me a little busy and away.
PS - My kitty appears to have (finally) made a full recovery, but I still don't know who shot him, and as I said at this point I probably never will.

Anyway, now on to the meat of this entry. This all started over the past sixth months... Long ago I put a pop-up ad blocker on my PC because not only were those pop-ups annoying they were (at that time) the more dangerous (i.e. potentially virus loaded) ads. And, to be honest, I actually felt bad about blocking all the pop-up ads, because I do understand that ads are (in many cases) the only reason a site remains free to view/use. But in the end I had to block them for the safety of my own PC, and now (sadly) I'm starting to realize that for the safety of my own PC I may need to start blocking all ads.
(For the record, any LJ admins that might be reading, I have a PERM LJ account, so me having an ad blocker would not affect your fine site at all since I don't see ads on LJ even without having an ad blocker installed.)


Well, since November (2009) I've had two different sites on about six different occasions (neither of which have pop-up ads, or if they do I don't see them) try to load virus' on my PC. And, for the record, thanks to my virus protection I know which pages (PS - I'm NOT talking fanfic.net, which used to be the only site I had to be real careful about visiting for this reason.) the virus came from or tried to come from each time, because when my virus protector catches a virus trying to get on my PC it forces my browser to stop loading and simply forces that page to give me a "page not found" message. And the only thing I can figure out is that the virus(s) came from the banner (or other non-pop-up) ads displayed on those sites.

It's a shame all around really. Websites need people viewing the ads to keep their sites alive and well, but users have to weigh the safety of their PC against the potential cost of viewing those ads. The solution, of course, would be for sites that rely on those ad views to make sure each and every one of the adds they display are 100% virus free, but I don't know how much work that would entail, and I doubt any site would actually be willing to make that claim in the first place, because mistakes happen, and if a site had that kind of guarantee then they'd probably be opening themselves up to legal action if they happened to miss just one virus loaded ad. *sigh* Television ads might be annoying, but at least you don't have to worry about them screwing your TV up.
Good to know the cat is fine.

As for the add thing, yeah, you're sadly right about the whole thing and adds are just going to become more devious and sneakier.
I am too - glad about the kitty, because I was starting to wonder if maybe there was more serious damage than I originally thought simply because it seemed to be taking so long for him to recover, but finally he seems back to normal.