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Okay, so I've basically not updated on the condition of my kitty because I've been impotent with RAGE!


Well, you remember from this post that I was afraid my kitty had a broken leg/hip? Well, good news is that his legs and hips are fine, sore as hell, but basically fine.

HE WAS SHOT! With a shotgun!
And at least one of the pellets went all the way through one hip, but didn't quite make it all the way out the other side, and that was the pellet causing most of his soreness and problems walking.

That's right, somebody shot my kitty, and if I knew who I'd be putting some of that buckshot in their ass! But because I don't know who shot him, I can't return the favor, hence the impotent rage.

Anyway, the kitty is finally starting to get around easier. His backside is still very sore, and so he's not jumping yet, though you can see him thinking about it. However, he has started actually using his back legs again, and has started climbing, so I imagine in a few days he'll be jumping around again like normal.
Good to know the cat will be fine soon again. :D *hugs*

I hope the shooter will have a tree fall on his toes...
I hope the shooter has a tree pushed onto him. :( What happens to him shouldn't be an accident, and it shouldn't involve only his toes. His leg should be shot.
I admit since learning he was shot, I've had fantasies involving putting a small hole through that bastard (or bitches) hips and see how they like it. But since I have NO leads, I doubt my fantasies will ever become reality.
*sigh* Well, it may take a little longer than I originally thought, because now that it's gotten a little later he ain't moving around quite as well as he was earlier. Still I think (hope) he'll make a full recovery soon.
:( People can be horrible. I'll help you shoot them if you ever find the guy or girl. I hate people who hurt animals for enjoyment or for no purpose at all. These people should be hurt too.
Sadly, unless someone actually comes forward and admits to it I'll probably never know who did it, and around these parts it would be pointless to call the law, cause pretty much no one cares if someone shots an animal around these parts.
Geez, what kind of sick sob those that type of shit?
Have you thought about going to the local media with this story? They love this stuff.
I hate to say it, but knowing where I live it was probably a teenager - we got some mean ass (stoned out of their mind) kids around here.

As for the media, I hadn't thought about it, and to be honest even if I did I'm not sure how much play I'd get, because you're talking about a place where in some cases it is perfectly legal to shoot a dog (any dog).

And, my kitty probably was trespassing, he likes to wander (he'd be back outside wandering right now if he felt better), but I'm equally certain he wasn't doing anything that would've justified shooting him - such as attacking a kid or another animal. He's the most friendly little fellow I've ever had - most of my animals like me and my human family and that's it, but this little one likes everyone - he even keeps trying to get along with my cranky older cat, which is totally a lost cause - she does NOT like other people/animals period.