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Well, now that the fic list is out of the way - what will I do? Besides update them.

I know, lets talk about my unexpected masturbation vacation last night. So, I was ran offline by storms, and decided to watch a movie. Now after I finished the movie I decided to have a quickie before doing my daily chores.

Or at least I thought that was what I was going to have. Apparently, my body felt otherwise. What started as a quickie turned into a two hour event. Now I'm no stranger to marathon sessions, but they are rare.

The shame is that I really didn't have two hours to spare, but really when the motor gets going... So, I was up an hour or so later than I planned to be last night, but I think it was worth it - I find myself less cranky today than I've been the past few days.

Along with that, I'm hoping now that I've worked myself that well, the damn disturbing dreams I've been having lately will go away, hopefully forever, but at least for a little while. Seriously, lately I've found myself having disturbing dreams, at least they are disturbing to me.

You see, not only did these dreams (and I'm talking real dreams, not day-dreams, I would NOT day-dream these things) involve married men, they are also men that I'm not even remotely attracted too. I mean, okay, they aren't old as the hills, but they are a few years older than me, and they look it! One has even started ye-old hair loss - I like head fulls of hair and men my age or younger. So, I found these dreams disturbing.

*sigh* Why couldn't my mind give me Jason Issacs or David Duchovny? I mean they are older married men, if my mind wanted a married man, I would have gladly taken those two. But apparently my mind was punishing me for some reason. Seriously, given the two men who did dream star, I'd have rather had Andy Dick and David Spade in the roles.

"David duchovny, tell me you love me"