Okay, I haven't been "reviewing" season five episodes because I generally don't have a lot to say about them other than "I liked it" "I loved it," or in one case (last week) "I didn't really care for it," but this time I have enough to say to actually do a "review."

After last weeks episode I wasn't sure how I'd feel about this one, because while I'm not really a Dean!girl I hated that last weeks episode made him seem so stupid. I mean the minute "Sam" proved he couldn't drive the car Dean should've known, but the show decided for some dumbass reason to drag out Dean not knowing so much so that I ended up getting more than a little offended on Dean's behalf, which takes skill since Dean is a fictional character.

But this episode - Now that's what I'm talking about, you know despite more than a few continuity errors - the biggest being the pulled from no where good "magical" angel killing knife. BAD KRIPKE! No Biscuit! Okay, since the episode was overall so awesome you can still have a biscuit.

Because seriously in season four there were several angels killed and back then the only rule was that only an angel could kill an angel - no special weapon needed, but now we've been sorta introduced to a magical angel killing knife literally from out of nowhere, and it sorta messes things up. Like why didn't Cass go for the angel killing knife back in Abandon All Hope... instead of going for the demon killing colt? See, makes no sense.

I seem to recall feeling that a few other things were errors, but the angel killing knife is the biggest and is the only one to truly stick with me after a good nights sleep.
One other thing did come up while I was getting this entry ready - Cass has enough power to send two people plus himself back in time, but doesn't have the juice to heal Bobby... That seems wrong, weirdly enough I think all things considered healing Bobby would take less power than time travel would.

Of course, as I said, there was much about this episode that I loved. The conversation between Sam and John, and I especially loved Little!John saying pretty much all the things about old!John that I've felt over the years (their years, not mine, since I watched all four seasons in about two months). So, for possibly the first time I actually found myself loving John Winchester, not just having a moment where I kind of/sort of liked him, but actually outright loved him.

I also love the conversation between Sam and John outside of that, and while I understood from the beginning that the parents probably wouldn't remember anything that happened in this episode - I mean how could they remember all this and still have things end up playing out as they did? So, yeah, I HATED that John lost this conversation with his youngest son, though I like to think maybe some imprint of it remained behind, it could explain why John coddled Sam much more than Dean... Okay, I'm probably reaching, but I'd really like to believe on some level John remembered.

Also, kinda hate how Mary came to be YAY!Angel, because she really shouldn't be, but of course her memories were messed with. It makes sense, I just kinda don't like it.

Ah, and thanks to that last paragraph I remembered at least one other thing. Cass mentions that transporting himself, Sam, and Dean back will be hard on him, and yet after he does so Dean assumes Anna will be in such bad shape herself, but why would Dean assume that? I mean Anna was only bringing herself back, which while the show showed it being hard on her, still shouldn't have been as hard on her as it was Cass bringing himself and two others. I can almost chalk that up to another "Dashing El Deano PHD" moment, almost, because the show seemed to be agreeing with Dean by having Anna crash land badly and then have a little trouble later on, though to be fair she clearly didn't have as much trouble as Cass, but still...
(PS - I've liked Cass on and off, the actor clearly has talent to pull most of those dead-pan lines off, but I admit that until last night I was actually a fan of the actor and not really the character, but somehow the episode last night has me starting to really like Cass the character and not just the actor.)

And originally I thought Anna might be having an "Angel food cake PHD" moment when she talked about killing Sam, because just earlier in the season Satan mentioned that even if Sam killed himself Satan would just bring him back, but then the show and Anna covered that nicely. And I also liked Sam's reaction to that "would it work?" Cause you know if they'd have said yes Sam would've let her kill him.
And, honestly, my guess is no matter how she scattered the remains it probably wouldn't have stopped Satan from bringing him back anyway.

Okay, I know I haven't really mentioned it, and that's cause while good I just didn't love the Mary-Dean conversation near as much as I loved the Sam-John conversation. (Would've used a / instead of -, but as we all know from what fandom has taught us the slash means a pairing.) Plus, until Sam joined that conversation and made it awesome, the Mary-Dean convo felt mostly like a rehash from season fours In the Beginning.

Finally, I'm also starting to see something of an opening for season six with Michael admitting that he wouldn't leave Dean a vegetable (which was clear from the moment he possessed Little!John, cause I didn't think the show would retcon that elder John was always in fact Michael), and it makes you (or me) start to wonder if Satan would also be able to leave Sam intact, although I suspect Michael killing him in Sam's body might have a negative affect on Sam, but I'm starting to wonder if the endgame will actually end with the death of Satan.
Though it may have to end with Satan dying, all things considered, but still I'm guessing it'll somehow be done without also killing Sam. And, yes, I am assuming both Dean and Sam will become Angel condoms, because that's where things seem to be headed, but I'd be just as happy to be wrong.

Okay, one other thing, I REALLY LOVED Dean's appraisal of their situation at the very end of the episode - that was awesome.
Though it also left me wondering if the Trickster/Gabriel will be joining Team Free Will, because I miss him, weirdly enough, and I'd think he'd make a great addition to the Team.