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The good news is that he's eating properly, though soft food only, it appears that chewing the dry food hurts him, so he'll get the good stuff for awhile. He's also going to the bathroom properly, which I actually consider a great thing.

Last night I finally decided the reason he might not be going was because the big litter boxes might be a little hard for him to access, and sure enough I was right. I took the top of an old shoebox, put a paper and some litter in it, and sure enough as soon as I finished that and sat it beside the pet taxi I had him in, he was slowly moving out of there to go. Alas, after that I could not get him back in the pet taxi, because he was determined to make it to the chair he usually sleeps in. Of course, he couldn't sleep in the chair, but he spent the entire night cuddled and sleeping under said chair.

Today, of course, the first cat has decided the tiny litter box is hers. Still I'm greatful, because she's still being awfully nice to the little guy. In a weird twist, the little guy has decided that he doesn't need no stinkin' baby litter box, because A: he's a stubborn one, he is, and B: he's a big cat now, thank you very much.

The bad news, I found a sore spot on his right thigh, though it doesn't look too bad, I do believe his leg is broken - probably when the larger animal (I suspect a large dog) bit him and made the place. On the other hand, he is moving around much better today, but he's doing so by lifting his backside and "walking" on his front paws only. Though he does actually sit some on bis bottom, but mostly he's still laying down most of the time.

I did doctor his wound last night, and will do so again today. Still by the time I saw the wound it was not bleeding, and I believe it had stopped bleeding before I even let him in the house yesterday. It also appears to all ready be healing, but I'll keep doctoring it, because at this point it is starting to look like it'll actually be Tuesday before I'll be able to get out of the house, at least in a car.
Nice to know that the cat is doing better. :) *hugs*
Yeah, and his leg might not be broken, it could just be really really sore. AND the sore spot (after two rounds of doctoring) is not actually as big as it first appeared.

So, yeah, I hate to be hoping the little guy is sore, but that would be better than a broken leg.