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but the tears won't come.

The good news is that we got nothing but snow out of the recent storm, no ice. YAY! We got a nice hefty snow, which I like. Yes, me likey snow, so obviously that's not what makes me want to cry.

You remember the story of the stray cat I brought home. Well, yesterday he went outside before the snow started and then he didn't come home last night - I just assumed he'd found a place to hunker down for the night and didn't want to get out in the snow. Still this morning I got up and decided to go for a walk and look for him.

Turns out I didn't have to look far. You see, we have a front porch that it partially closed in, not enough to keep a cat in or out, but enough to keep a small dog in. I opened the gate to start my search, and there he was sitting on the top step almost buried in the snow. He looked okay, but I knew something was wrong, because that gate is NOTHING to him.
(Based on the way he moved, I'm amazed he managed to get up the three other steps to sit at the top one.)

Sure enough, when I opened the gate he got up trying to move - at this point I would've just picked him up, but was scared to touch him because I could tell he was hurt, so bless his heart I let him limp (which is an understatement of what happened when he tried to move) from that top step to the front door (not a great distance normally for man or beast) and then into the house. He was determined.

Thankfully, he managed to get inside the house, which is clearly where he wanted to be, then he pretty much collapsed against the nearest wall to the front door. He laid there for a half hour or so, until I realized he might be thirsty/hungry - he was not thirsty, but then as someone else pointed out he could've eaten snow overnight. He did eat a bite or two, and then started trying to move because apparently he decided he didn't like where he was laying.

The good news is that he isn't/wasn't whining, crying, and carrying on, except when he tried to move. Right now he's managed to get himself into one of the darker rooms, and appears to be sleeping peacefully, though before that (when he was trying to move) he actually looked annoyed because he couldn't get around like he normally can. I know, but I kid you not the cat actually looked annoyed, which I hope is actually a good sign, meaning that he isn't hurt real bad/fatally.

Seriously, I hoping he isn't hurt bad and will be okay, because right now (with the snow) it'll probably be at least Monday before I'll be able to leave the house for anything other than a walk, because while the snow has stopped falling, it's going to be real cold until Monday, which means the snow ain't going nowhere. And since I live down below a hill, and then even lower down - you have to go up a smaller hill to get out of our driveway, and then a slightly larger hill to get to the main road, which means (sadly) I'm not going anywhere until the snow starts to melt. *sigh*

And I had been really looking forward to this snow event. And, of course, even if I could get out tomorrow, at this point my vet is closed for the weekend, and was before I found my poor baby.

I really should be bawling my eyes out, but for some reason the tears won't come, despite the fact that my other cat is being (mostly) nice to the little guy, which tells me something is wrong, because my first cat is not nice to other animals/people, she likes me (and my dad) and that is literally all, she usually hates the other animals in the house.
*hugs* I hope the cat is okay, else I do advice to take him to a vet to check him out.
*return hugs*

Things are looking slightly better this morning.
Hugs to you and healing white light upon your stray.
Thank you, and I do believe things are looking better this morning/afternoon, not perfect, but better.