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-Leave me a comment saying "Resistance is Futile".
-I'll respond by asking you five questions to satisfy my curiosity.
-Update your journal with the answers to your questions.
-Include this explanation and offer to ask other people questions.

The lovely elfgirljen asked the following:

1)What was the first movie/dvd you ever rented?

This is one of the hardest questions I've ever been asked.

Hmm, I think it was one of the Star Wars original trilogy, probably Return of the Jedi to be exact, because back when I was a child and didn't know any better RotJ was my favorite... I still like it, but Empire Strikes Back feels like the better movie to me these days.

2)What is your favorite flower?

At the moment, purple morning glories. But that'll only hold until I go back to my first love (Roses) or the next bit of shinny comes along.

3)If you could have supper with a famous/dead person, who would it be?

This is another of those at the moment answers, but right now it'd either be Joss Whedon or Eric Kripke, you know whichever one would be willing to sit down with my crazy ass.

4)Waffles, pancakes or french toast?

I like all three, but my first love here is pancakes.

5)Do you remember your first email addy? What was it?

Oh, yeah, and since I'm still using it I won't be sharing it here, it gets enough SPAM as it is, so much so that I've gotten to the point where I actually HATE checking my email.

PS - This has nothing to do with the meme, just an FYI for folks. If I suddenly disappear unexpectedly it's probably because Ice Storm 2010 may be coming to refresh my memories of Ice Storm 2009. At the moment, they're just saying snow, but earlier in the week they said ICE, and while they have changed that I know that sometimes the original forecast ends up being the right one. Plus this being just past the one year annversary makes me really not comfortable.
Resistance is Futile
1. What was your first fandom ship?
Not necessarily the first ship you wrote fanfic for, just your first ever ship.

2. Which canon ship (for ANY fandom) do you dislike the most and why?

3. What was your first online fandom?

4. Name one series you like/love, but just never got involved in fandom?

5. If you were forced to watch at least one (of the many) procedurals currently on TV which would you choose?
For example, CSI/NCIS type shows.