...Angel's true love.
(And for the record, I'm not really a Buffy/Angel shipper - I don't hate the pairing, but the truth is I'd rather see both Buffy and Angel paired with someone other then Angel and Buffy (but not Cordelia and not necessarily Spike) - still I think both shows made it rather obvious that Buffy and Angel were Angel and Buffy's true love.
Remember in that fantasy episode from Angel's season four being with Cordelia was NOT enough to remove Angel's soul.
And to this day there is still a part of me that believes at least a small part of Buffy/Spike happened simply because Buffy never truly stopped pining for Angel.

What? Huh?

In my previous entry I snuck a link in that had nothing to do with Twilightgate (Six ways Sam Winchester is like Angel.), because I found it as I was gathering all the Twilightgate links and wanted to check it out later. Now having checked it out - I think the author pinned their whole point on the idea that Cordelia was Angel's true love.

Oops! I forgot to say re: Angel/Cordelia that even if you do/did count Cordelia as Angel's true love it still doesn't work as a point in favor of Sam being like Angel (nor does it work if you use Buffy), because Cordelia was a fully realized character in her own right, where Jessica is little more then a plot device to get Sam started on his journey. And Angel was started on his journey by Whistler or the curse itself, but I think mostly Whistler.
And, of course, like Cordelia Buffy had her own journey that Angel was only briefly a part of. If anything, Angel might have inspired Buffy on her journey than she did for him.

Still I could maybe see an Angel/Sam comparison, but for me the only way they are really alike is the brooding thing. Though I suppose there is a little "the road to hell is paved with good intentions" that both share, but that's pretty much it. However, that's why I wanted to check out the article, because I thought it might prove me wrong.

Okay, fine, they both also drink blood, but one needs it for survival, and the other is merely addicted to it. Though I am inclined (at the moment) to concede the redemption aspect, though recent things (more Angel related than Sam) make me not sure if this will hold up either.

And, yes, they both banged a werewolf, but I'm still not seeing that really making Angel and Sam alike as characters.