Okay, so the other night I was cruising the net and come across a spoiler that has apparently shocked and stunned people... Seriously, I've read The Long Way Home, Part I to Wolves at the Gate, Part IV from the Buffy comics and had all ready figured out who Twilight was. I mean really most of the time Whedon isn't near as clever as he gets credit for being. *sigh* I mean, for all intents and purposes there's only two characters it could be - okay, yes, it could have been The First or Caleb, but since such a big deal was made (in the comics themselves) about Twilight wearing a mask then there logically becomes only two characters Twilight could be, though I admit until I thought about the mask aspect I went back and forth between who he is and Caleb. Either way, after that line about having seen that move from Buffy before, and realizing that Caleb would be too arogant to wear a mask, it is the way the character was drawn that really gave it away for me anyway.

No, I'm no longer reading the comics, but in the future I do plan to read them, and this big news does not change my plans. Why? A, I'm just not a fan of comic format, personally I'd rather have all this in novel format. B, the really long wait between "episodes." C, cost is a really big issue, including the absurd wait time between each issue, each issue itself costs about four dollars. Now granted that doesn't sound like much, but it adds up fast. So, I finally decided to just wait for the Omnibus editions which I'm sure will be along one day.
Yes, I've read some, but not all of Angel: After the Fall, but like with Buffy I've decided to wait for the Omnibus edition before I finish it. Though considering the way I've heard it ends, I can't say I'll honestly care whether I read it or not.

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NOTTwilightgate - Just a link I'm personally interested in: Six ways Sam Winchester is like Angel.
(See my thoughts now that I've actually read this article.)

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Twilightgate - I do believe IT is winding down: Buffy Season 8 artist Georges Jeanty on the Twilight reveal.

Twilightgate - It LIVES, Captain!: Scott Allie Slayalive Q/A for Buffy #31 and the Twilight reveal.

Twilightgate - No SPOILERS, you know it's over now!: Scott Allie podcast interview where he talks about Twilightgate.
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I am a bit sorry the Giles is Twilight theories didn't pan out, because Giles (as a character) really went off the rails in season six of Buffy and was still just as wildly inconsistent in the few comics I read.
No, I never really believed Twilight was Giles, but I liked the idea because it would've been some effort to explain Giles' weird-ass behavior over the last couple years of Buffy.

Otherwise I'm not sure where I fall on the whole thing - I mean the way I feel about how it might or might not work. Some of Twlight's behaviors seem odd for it to be Angel, or even Angelus (the sexism mostly), but again Joss isn't always the best when it comes to character consistency. On the other hand, some of the above links contain promises from people that when all is said and done it will make sense, but, well, I watched a lot of Buffy and Angel and all didn't always make sense there either.

However, for those those saying Angel being Twilight flies in the face of everything we know about Angel... Well, I can see where you are coming from, but Angel (in my mind) has always been about how the road to hell is filled with good intentions, because looking back it seems that rarely (if ever) was Angel actually an agent of the PTB.

I mean lets think about Angel's overall character arc. He goes to hell at the end of Buffy's season two, and then at the beginning of season three he is mysteriously released. Now on both shows The First is always credited with releasing him, but I think it is far more likely that Jasmine released him, and that The First trying to kill him afterward was because The First was trying to stop Jasmine.

Then at the end of Buffy's season three Angel leaves, which I think despite how it looks like the right decision was actually the wrong decision, because as soon as Angel hits LA he's confronted by a fellow with visions. Now it could be argued that in the beginning these visions came from the PTB, but at long last I'm starting to actually doubt that. Why? Well, think about it, the set-up comes that Doyle has to sacrifice himself, which should've meant the visions dying with him, except Doyle gave them to Cordelia before dying.

And that's where things really get interesting, for me anyway. At the end of Angel's season two, Cordelia is put in a position, again by the PTB I think, where she could alter Angel's course by giving the visions up, but she honestly believes that is the wrong thing to do (and I don't fault her for this), so she keeps them. But seriously now I do believe that stuff at the end of Angel's season two was the PTB trying to stop Jasmine, but because Cordelia didn't have all the information she thought she needed to keep the visions to keep Angel on the right path.

(But it is - or should be - of note that once Cordelia was out of action, the PTB did not send someone else with visions to Angel.)

You could even argue that Jasmine started this whole thing WAY back. Remember that after being cursed originally, the Powers didn't seem to really care. Angel was allowed to just wander aimlessly until Whistler appeared, and so you could argue that whether he [Whistler] knew it or not he was working for Jasmine and not the PTB themselves.

That's why the way season five of Angel ended has always bugged me, but I didn't realize it until recently. Angel was always about trying to do the right thing, but from the way everything played out it seems to me that Angel himself was always being toyed with by higher Powers, and that even though it often looked like Angel was doing the right thing very rarely (I think) was he actually doing the right thing. So, it feels wrong to me that TeamWhedon tried to morph Angel into a last second hero. Though, I guess, in their mind he was (always?) a hero. In a weird twist, I think the Senior Partners may have been more honest with Angel than ANY of the PTB ever have.

So, I think him being Twilight doesn't fly in the face of everything Angel is, especially if he is once again being playing by higher Powers. For example, if he believes he's doing the right thing, and lets face it in the show, but especially the comics Team Buffy isn't exactly on the right side of law and order, so I think it would be easy for Angel to convince himself (or someone to convince him) that he must "stop" Buffy... Okay, it still doesn't make complete sense, but it still doesn't fly in the face of everything Angel ever was either.

But I do think I may side with some of the people who think this was an intentional leak. Maybe not by Whedon, but Dark Horse may have been trying to cash in on the Twilight craze...

If you guessed that I was mostly doing this simply so I could have all the links on this in one handy entry, then you'd be right, but it also might be fun to discuss all this too.