Well, you knew it was coming, and to be honest the holidays slowed me down mightily, though there was also an extra day delay on one of the DVDs I mailed back (Netflix didn't get it the very next day, as usual, it didn't didn't back until the day after), if not for that I'd have been done sooner.

*grins* So, I DID finish season four before season five started showing new episodes again. I also noticed that the six episodes of season five I watched spoiled me more than a little when it came to season four. The good news was that the first three seasons weren't spoiled as badly and they did enhance the stuff from season five.

Oh, well, on with the show...

Lazarus Rising: I was a bit disappointed here, mostly because I thought we'd see a little bit more of crazy!Sam (i.e. Sam without Dean), instead this episode was all about Dean from start to finish, which wasn't bad, don't get me wrong, I just think we could have seen a little bit of crazy!Sam along with Dean's return.

Here's a funny note - if I didn't know Castiel from season five, I'd feel toward him as I felt toward Ellen and Bobby at first - i.e. Just not sure I'd like him. However, because I have seen season five Cass, it is nice to get a look at his early appearances.

Still this was not a bad episode, though Sam's taste in music does really suck. *grin*

I also might have panicked a little bit when Cas put Bobby to sleep, because if I hadn't known what Cas was, I would've been worried that he really put him to sleep.

Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester: This episode made me crazy, or at least the Dean parts of this episode made me crazy. SHUT UP, Dean! You know NOTHING. Sorry, we are coming up on a mini-religious rant. However, I do like that Cass did eventually) shut Dean up by asking if he (Dean) really believed an army of Angels should be following only him around at the expensive of literally everyone else. Right on, baby, right on.

Seriously, though, Supernatural (or at least the boys take on it) tends to annoy me on this topic from time to time anyway. Here's the deal, God created humans, and HUMANS betrayed God, not the other way around. God said you can eat everything but this, and what did the humans do? I ask you - what did they do? That ate the one thing they weren't supposed to, and things started to suck for them because of that.

Even if you don't take that story as literal, the implication still is that humans betrayed God, not the other way around.

But here's what never fails to make me want to reach through the screen and slap Dean silly. God also gave us (humans) free will, which means we make our own choices and suffer those consequences. So, Dean, you can have your vaunted free will or you can have world peace? But I'd say evidence proves that you cannot have both, and THAT is not God's fault.

However, despite that rant I liked this episode, I really did. And while I could totally see where the ghost of Meg was coming from (because Sam and Dean did totally fail to save her, but they also did the best they could - still couldn't hate Meg or be totally against her), the ghost of Henrickson felt more than a little hypocritical to me, because he was totally on board with what Dean wanted to do, and totally against what Ruby wanted to do, and Sam was more on Ruby's side... Anyway, my point is that Henrickson (in a way) brought his own end on himself.
(It's sad and horrible and everything, but it was more than a little hypocritical of him to blame Sam and Dean for everything.)

In the Beginning: I'm not sure I loved this episode, but I certainly liked it. I also like the twist of the hunting actually coming from Ma Winchester and not Pa Winchester, though all things considered I don't believe Mary ever told John the truth, at least not the whole truth, cause remember back in season one John had to visit Missouri to learn the truth. So, I do wonder where John picked up all his tricks and stuff since even her parents weren't around to introduce him to such things.

Metamorphosis: Sam has a point, he is saving more humans than he's killing, but Dean also has a point about the road to hell and all. As for the plot of this episode, not that great or interesting, but at least Sam and Dean did sorta mend their riff, which makes the episode worth seeing at least once.

Though I get the feeling Sam is NOT about to stop seeing Ruby. Speaking of, I'm undecided on whether I like this new actress version of Ruby as well as I did Katie's. She's had some screen time, but not a lot, so I'm trying to be fair and withhold judgment until I've seen more of her.

~ * ~ * ~

Okay, so I'm rewatching season one (since I purchased seasons one thru three on DVD, and need to make sure all the DVDs are good) and I noticed something, and thought I had a big ol' retract to come back and make.

Huh? What?

Well, it's about Meg - I said the boys couldn't have known or at least didn't know, but then I watched Phantom Traveler again, and called bullcrap on my own thoughts. However, I continued on in watching, and realized that my earlier thoughts were correct. The boys might have known about demons and possession, but they didn't actually know Meg was a demon (or at least posessed by one) that early, cause she never flashed her demon eyes at them, and they (the boys) didn't actually toss her out that window, the demons own shadow demon did that.
(It does make Bobby later having to tell them that there was a real girl in there a bit of a WTF? moment, but it isn't as big a continuity error as I had started to think.)

So, anyway, I'm now back to where I was - the boys did the best they could with what they knew and when they knew it.

AAAAnd now on with the show:

Monster Movie: A virgin again, hey Dean. HeHe LOL! The bar maid is correct, sometimes Dean really is a laugh riot.

Still I can't be too terribly warm towards this episode, because I hate black and white (at least as far as TV is concerned) - color is AWESOME! Ergo, use color. I know it was a mood thing, but they could have used many other things to set the mood and still made the pic in living color.

Oh, crap, who am I kidding? Despite the black and white, this episode was pretty damn good, but I especially liked that someone (FINALLY) mentioned Mulder and Scully (aside from the boys) by asking about the X-Files being real. You cannot imagine how long I've waited for someone in this series to connect to that in a real way.

This episode also contains the first shapeshifter (at least in this series) that I've actually liked. Cause you can bet if I had that power, people would be seeing Xena again. *grin*

But the best bit in this episode was probably that whole coupon thing. HeHe Dracula with a coupon for pizza, I don't know why, but I just loved that.

Yellow Fever: In the beginning I was expecting this episode to be about something else entirely - I'm glad I was wrong.

Scared Dean is an awesome Dean.

Poor poor Dean, though I have to admit that (at least at this point in the series) Dean kinda is still a dick. Yes, I know Sam can be one too, but as a general rule Dean is a dick much more often.

The book was also awesome. "Dying, again, loser."

Also good "I don't wanna be a clue," the line itself could've fallen flat, but Ackles really make it work with voice use as well as that cute little pout. *drools*

*coughs* Sorry, where was I? Oh, right.

All around this episode gave me a rabid case of the giggles.

Well, at least until Dean saw Sam with yellow eyes, that sobered me up rather quickly. Though there were a few more giggles to be had, at least until they offed the ghost. That was the first time (with this show anyway) that I felt sorry for a ghost.

Loved the Dean video at the end... I've noticed all along the way that both boys seem to be really having fun doing this series, but seeing the "video" at the end of this episode really slammed that home. I think I can safely say here that a good time was had by all. *grin*

It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester: This episode was really boring me, at first. At least when Cas and friend finally showed up things got a little bit better, or at least more interesting. However, I'm not really lovin' how Angels are being portrayed in this series, and I'm not sure why that just occurred to me now, because I've seen Angels in season five, and they really haven't been portrayed any better, but somehow it was this episode where it hit me.

Still I did like (okay, love) that Dean somewhat swallowed his own feelings about religion and tried his best to make Sam feel better about everything.

I also liked the way this episode ended with the two different Angel convos happening. Sam and Uriel and Dean and Castiel. However, that whole thing left me with the feeling that originally God was not intended to be "missing" from the series, at least not for as long as it has ended up. Though I understand why they made that choice, because since God is all powerful having him around would end the series a whole lot sooner, you know.

Wishful Thinking: Finally - I've often wondered why they (Sam and Dean) don't use the "working on a book" excuse more often. Yes, I know sometimes it wouldn't work, but I've noticed many places where that excuse would've worked much better than the excuse they ended up using. But, yes, I understand that many times it is more important for them to pretend to be cops/FBI etc.

This episode contain a moment where my eyes bugged out - they (Sam and Dean) actually have "Teddy Bear Doctor" badges. Seriously. I mean sure it came in handy here, but how often would they really ever need those? I mean really. The real live Teddy Bear itself was more than a little awesome. HeHe.
Sadly, I rewatched Wishful Thinking, or at least a certain scene from the episode, and paused to get a closer look. Dean was not using a "Teddy Bear Inspector" badge (*sad*), he was using a "Health Inspector" badge, and while I couldn't get a good look at Sam's I'm forced to assume his was also a "Health Inspector" badge.

Still I noticed a bit of a continuity error here. I mean sure it can be fanwanked away, but it shouldn't have to be. Dean's wish was one of the latter ones, and yet his was one of the first to go bad.

PS - Was I the only one actually hoping the hot babe and the geek were actually real, and just a red herring to distract the boys? Just me then, but from the moment Sam first noticed them, I found myself hoping that was a red herring, because the way it is it leads to places that I'd rather not see this show go. This shows got such a bad rap (in some places) that when I first started watching I was almost expecting Sam and Dean to be the type of men who's knuckles bleed when they walk if you know what I mean, and I think you do. I'm happy that wasn't the case, but episodes like this (or at least things like Wes and Hope, and no I'm not saying a thing about this chicks name, nope, I'm certainly not) tend to make those who claim the show is sexist seem just a little less crazy.

Mostly because Hope isn't actually my name just a name I use around the net on a few (though these days mostly ONE) message boards, but weirdly enough this show has had a character (maybe even more than one) with my real name. It was, of course, spelled WRONG, but still. However, if I'd been watching and talking about this show before this episode originally aired I can promise you that I would've taken this as a shout-out, and then really had issues with Kripke and company. Twisted issues, because at least they made me hot, but then there's that whole other thing I mentioned above that would leave me with a real need to smack someone if I took it as a shout-out, you know.

~ * ~ * ~

Okay, so once again there was a bit of a delay in the watching, but this time it was all my fault, not the mail service or Netflix, and sadly because of "some snow" it'll probably be (again) after Wednesday by the time I get and watch more. No, the snow doesn't stop the mail, but since my mailbox sits on top of a small(ish) hill and I ain't as young as I used to be, it'll be at least Friday (maybe longer) before I can get these current DVDs sent back.

I Know What You Did Last Summer: Okay! That's it! Dean MUST die, again! He stopped Sam from telling the story where Sam was naked - that unacceptable, Dean, you hear me!

Funny thing here, I thought the second Ruby was pretty good, but then NuRuby wasn't that bad here. Maybe because she finally had something close to her "old" personality here, but before nuRuby took the screen, I was about to bust Sam's ass for making her leave her second host, cause the actress there seemed (at that point) better than the one officially playing her this season.

So, all my problems with nuRuby may, in fact, be in the writing/directing of her rather than the actress herself.

Heaven and Hell: Oh, and the stuff about Anna and Angels, and sex with Dean was a little interesting too. Plus, I did manage to feel just a little sympathy for nuRuby... I can't help but wonder when we'll see Anna again. I mean given the way this episode played, I think it would be a mistake if the show didn't bring her back.

Family Remains: Ah, another non-paranormal episode, and alas this one wasn't as good as the one in season one, but it didn't completely suck either. And the end with Dean FINALLY) confessing gave me shivers. I guess it also explains why Dean is, at times, (in my opinion) really harsh on Sam when it comes to Sam using his powers, cause Dean knows (or thinks he knows) how easy it is to fall.

PS - The twist with the story with the twin brother just seemed... I don't know, it seemed like the show would be better than to pull something like that, it just seemed out of place and more than a little pointless.

Criss Angel Is a Douchebag: *glares at Kripke*

Okay, what the hell are you doing pulling Whedon's bullshit magicrack story? Seriously, it sucked when Whedon did it, and you didn't do it that much better to justify having done it!

*sits back to loathe magicrack for a few moments more*

Okay, fine, at least in this universe (unlike Whedon's BuffyVerse) the idea of magicrack isn't as non-sense making at it was with Buffy, but because of Buffy I'm not sure I have it in me to be able to not grit my teeth every time this comes up, and I'm assuming because of Sam's powers it will be coming up again and again and again... You get the idea!

*pushes the thought of magicrack away, which is easier than it should be...*

Cause now I'm trying to figure out if Dean had MAN SEX! I thought the show would make it clear that Dean managed to talk himself out of that situation, but then when Dean came back to the room, he was clearly off his game (i.e. something wasn't right), so now I'm left to think that Dean indeed had MAN SEX! which makes me very happy even if NOTHING was remotely shown on screen.

My point? I think we can now all safely assume that Dean's brand new cherry is well and truly popped at this point.

Okay, now, moving on...

WOW! Someone really doesn't like Criss Angel. Um, I might even agree with them if I'd ever seen one of his shows, but since I haven't... Oh, well, this episode wasn't bad, but won't become a favorite of mine mostly because of the thing mentioned above. Still it was a little interesting at times.

After School Special: Okay, believe it or not, but I do NOT like picking on child-actors, so I'll generally cut them a break even if they are bad, and the kid playing young Dean in seasons one thru three wasn't bad, but he wasn't great either. But the dude playing teenDean was just plain awesome! And I've liked little Sam since A Very Supernatural Christmas.

The twist was just plain awesome too!

It's kinda funny how much I liked this episode, because based on the title and what little I did know about this one, I didn't think I'd like it, but I do like it very much.

Though I do hope Sam and Dean got some hair to replace the hair they had to burn, because the father just... He doesn't need to know that he's lost the only thing he had left of his son. So, just for the record, in my head, they got some hair and replaced the hair that they burned. Dean wouldn't think of it, of course, but my darling Sam would, cause he's just sweet that way.

Sex and Violence: HeHe Now I understand. Admittedly I knew a little bit about this episode, though I didn't know I did before I started watching. Anyway, I can see why this episode sent the Sam/Dean shippers into rabid fits of squeeing. And, while the truth is I can sorta see that they weren't trying to say Sam and Dean are meant to be screwing, I can see how it would come off that way to someone wearing slash-colored glasses.

*ponders the naked Sam for hours and hours*

*someone (tired of seeing naked Sam, meaning NOT me!) ejects the DVD...*


So, I'm back now, but will be headed back to nakedSam-land later. It's a little weird, cause I usually don't like that much muscle on my man, but on the Padalecki it works, which doesn't surprise me, cause any man that can make grandpa shoes (season five The End) sexy... Well, I'm going to assume that anything he does will be sexy to me, you know, cause grandpa shoes should never ever be sexy, NEVER!
Seriously, I felt dirty after the whole grandpa shoes thing, and making me feel dirty is NOT easy!

So, this episode didn't really do much for me, outside of Sam getting laid, and Bobby showing up at the end to save some asses. I'm waiting for him to spank both of them while asking "Who's your daddy?"

Anyway, two more episodes to watch, but I finally had to sleep last night.

~ * ~ * ~

Death Takes a Holiday: Okay, I may not be in love with this episode, but I liked it, and it was surprisingly nice to see Tessa (spelling may be wrong) again. It's weird because I didn't think I'd honestly missed her, but I guess I had.

It was also fun to see demons trap Sam and Dean like they've trapped so many ghosts over the years.

The downside was that Pamela Barnes seemed a bit out of character here. When she first appeared she seemed glad to help them, though it did cost her something, so yeah, I could see her being bitter, but the next time we see her (Heaven and Hell) she seems glad to be of service, but then in this episode she's all like "stop calling me!"

On the Head of a Pin: I'm in LOVE, or just really REALLY horny, cause HotActionTortureDean is just HOT! I could watch him torturing people for an entire episode and not be bored. Seriously, I wish that whole thing had lasted a lot longer, because it ended just as Dean seemed to be really getting into it.

Of course, HotActionKillDemonSam was also a big turn on, but that's not exactly a news flash by this point, is it?

But all was not good here, the episode was all good... *sigh* The episode was good, but...

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Wait a minute. Okay, so in season five Sam is taking massive amounts of crap from people (including Dean) for breaking the last seal, but--but--but now I've learned Dean broke the FIRST seal, so why isn't ANYbody giving Dean shit for that? Instead they're all ganging up on Sam like he f-ed up the world all by himself without help from anybody *cough*Dean*cough*.

Don't get me wrong, I do like Dean, but it seems real shitty of him to forget that he's the one (NOT Sam) who actually started the whole damn thing.

Still I REALLY loved this episode!

*must have season four on DVD NOW!*

*slapped by wet fish* "You can't afford season four on DVD!"

*me: grumble grumble*

~ * ~ * ~

It's a Terrible Life: This is one of those that I didn't expect to like, but ended up liking more than a little. Though admittedly I just can't see Dean's life turning out this way if he hadn't gone into hunting. Mostly cause I believe that if Dean hadn't ended up hunting, he would have ended up being (at best) one of those folks who hang out in bars and get in fights all the time.

Of course, I could be wrong, cause without the hunting Dean might've been raised differently, but I just don't see him having a better career than Sam even then - I think they got it better back in What Is and What Should Never Be. Of course, the point of this episode wasn't "this is your life without hunting" this was about the angel trying to pull Dean out of his "poor me" funk, which does appear to have worked.

The only part of this episode I didn't like was the Ghostfacers showing up AGAIN, even if they only showed up through a computer. Seriously show, they SUCK! Stop bringing them back, unless you're bringing them back to kill them horribly. K? Thanks.

The Monster at the End of This Book: I pretty much giggled all through this episode. Love it! Though I really missed Becky in this episode - when does Becky first show up? Cause I get the feeling she first showed up in one of those season five episodes I missed. Anyway, I do like Chuck, it's weird cause he feels like one of those characters that I'd usually hate, but I just like him. Of course, that might be because every time I see him now, I always hear him after each line he utters adding a "ps - horde the toilet paper," which never fails to make me giggle like mad.

Still I believe this was the episode that caused more than a little WankStorm last season, so big was it that even I was aware of it. You see, apparently, some of the fans felt as though the show was shitting on them, at least if what I remember from reading Fandom_Wank is correct. I know at least one episode from season four caused a really big WankStorm, and all things considered I figure this has to be that episode.

My guess is most of that wank came from the fact that Sam and Dean encountered Sam and Dean slash and didn't react by saying "hey, that sounds fun, lets try it out!"* Otherwise, I'm not sure why this episode would ping as deeply offensive, cause honestly I just thought it was funny as hell, right up to the publisher fangirl. Then again I can (and often do) laugh at my own fangirlness, so maybe I'm just too weird to understand why I should be outraged by this episode.

(*though I admit if they had turned to each other and said that it would've made me very happy - in my pants. *naughty grin*)

Seriously, I thought both the reactions from Sam and Dean were perfect. Truth is I would've loved to see them reacting even more outrageously to Sam/Dean slash. I mean sure both these boys got their issues, but despite what some fans (self included sometimes) read into their interactions, I'm pretty sure Sam and Dean have never looked at the other and thought "boy is he one hot muther!"

*sigh* However, I suppose I can understand (at least a little) why some (all?) of the Sam/Dean shippers felt the show was crapping all over them, I guess. Still I thought the whole thing was pretty awesome. For me the only thing that could've made this episode better would've been for Becky to be there.

Something I didn't wonder, until later, is what happened to the ghost or demon they started out hunting in this episode? Did they go after it later? Or did they just get the hell out of dodge once Lilith was gone? I'm guessing the latter, which makes me feel bad for whoever they originally showed up to help.

Jump the Shark: Wow! Is that whole add a Winchester that big of thing in fandom? I mean, yes, I know I have this personal thing about making Xander Harris (from Buffy) an illegitimate son of John's, but I just thought I was a weird one. Well, me and the writers of two fanfics out there with this very theme, but this episode leaves me with the impression that giving John another son is (or was) rather popular in fandom.

*makes note to look up some Supernatural fanfic later*

One thing that did annoy here, and it wasn't some of the more obvious "continuity" errors (I was able to ignore most of them in favor of focusing on Dean's jealously), was psychic!boy i.e. Sam) not being able to get himself untied when the monsters tied him down and started to bleed him. What the hell, show? What the hell? One episode he's powerful enough to gank a demon completely, and also break out (in part) from an angel mind-wipe, but then--then he's helpless to free himself from a lessor threat. Whatever, show, whatever.

The Rapture: I'm sorry, I wanted to like this episode, I really did, and the first bit and the last bit (especially the last bit, Sam acting like a vampire, YUMMY!) are worth seeing, but the middle of this episode is boring, and in my opinion more than a little pointless. Pointless because I doubt we'll see Jimmy again, nor is it likely that we'd see his wife and child again, so pointless.

Though I do wonder where Ruby was and what she was doing... I wouldn't wonder this, but the episode made an obvious effort to point out that Ruby was missing and unreachable, so, yeah, that makes me wonder what she's up to.

Oh, well, I shouldn't have to wonder long, cause if all goes well (*crosses fingers*) I should get the last disc of season four tomorrow, and then I'll be as caught up as I can be before season five returns.

PS - I guess this episode might explain Sam's lack of power in the previous episode, but--but he still had a little blood left at some point in this episode which means he should've had enough blood in his system last episode to free himself. *sigh*

~ * ~ * ~

See, THIS is what happens when I'm late to the party. And for some reason I did not see this on Fandom_Wank as it happened, I only found it because I went back looking for wank from/about the episode The Monster at the End of This Book - I was right, incidentally, the wank was MUCH more fun after having watched the episode in question.

*coughs* Anyway...

In a weird twist, I noticed that my spell checker kept wanting to turn Fandom_Wank into Random_Swank.

I read the wank report, and watched the video, and I stand (or sit at my PC) in amazement. Only Supernatural fen could turn surprise buttsex into a bad thing. In any other fandom this would have been a thing of beauty to behold, but this fandom turns it in to an EPIC MANPAIN kind of thing.

*shakes head at Supernatural fandom*

Do you know how much some fandoms would LOVE having this sort of thing dumped in their laps? Well, do you?

*puts on fangirl tin-hat*

But what so very deeply offends me is that every one was all "poor Jensen and his epic manpain" but not one of them bitches cared about what happened to Jared. He was ViOlAtEd, people! His manpain is the manpain that should have been the pain talked about.

Misha Collins forced (FoRcEd!) poor Jared into surprise buttsex, and then when Jared tries to turn to Jensen for hurt/comfort hug (though I suspect what he really wanted was for Jensen to use that magical penis of his to heal Jared's poor abused ass.) but Jensen (that bastard) is all "GTF away from me U HOR!" Thereby forcing poor Jared to seek comfort from the arms of his rapist! Shame on you, Jensen, shame on you!

So, instead of being all "poor Jensen" fandom should've been crying for Jared's EPIC MANPAIN! Cause Jared is clearly the real victim in all this!

*busts out laughing*

Sorry, sorry, I could NOT stop myself. After all, Jared's fans don't seem quite as batshit as Jensen's (YET), and I think Jared should experience some of the pants pissing terror that Jensen no doubt does on probably a daily basis, and I figure Jared might be feeling lucky left out.

Plus I'm trying to earn my Samgirl fan badge, and I gotta start somewhere, right?

Speaking of which Sam Winchester and I would like to invite you to attend our marriage on the astral plane. You see, we were going to get married in the real word, bless him, because Sam keeps wanting me to have his babies, and I was game - or I was until I saw the season four gag real, then I was all Holy Crap! I ain't signing up to clean those undies without hazard pay, and poor Sam can't afford my special undie cleaning rates, so we decided to dump our disgusting physical bodies and merge spiritually on the astral plane.

PS - With each passing moment I become more Misha Collins humbly devoted servant. He really is made of WIN! The surprise buttsex started it, but then I saw where he called the Supernatural fandom sexist, and I believe that is the moment I fell in love.

Okay, and now on with the show...

When the Levee Breaks: So much to love here! This episode was made of WIN! I especially liked Sam and WeeSam, Sam and Mom (though I'm not sure if that is the actress who originally played his mother, she looked different), but I think the fake-out between Sam and NotDean was the best, because for just a moment even I thought Sam was talking to the real Dean.

I did also kinda like the end scene between Sam and Bobby.

One bone I have to pick with this episode is the fact that when nuRuby got herself strapped to the demon torture table WAY back she was NAKED! But apparently Kripke hates me, because when Sam is strapped in he's totally dressed. I mean seriously WTF? Does the Padalecki not do naked stuff? Is it like in his contract or something? Cause if so - destroy that contract post-hasty and make a new one where in the Padalecki is only allowed to wear clothing once or twice a season. Seriously, Kripke, do it now!

Lucifer Rising: Okay, I'd like to say I figured out all the Ruby stuff by myself, and I don't recall being spoiled, but it is possible that I was spoiled a little bit since nothing in Ruby's reveal shocked me.

I HATED that Dean's message did NOT get through as he made it. Seriously, I think if the angels had allowed Dean's real message to get through Sam would've pulled back and stopped, which is probably why they didn't allow Dean's real message to get through.

But now I am more pissed than ever for the crap Sam gets for opening the last seal. Man, he was f'in' played by higher powers, and in the end I don't think it really was his fault at all. Welll, okay, he made some piss-poor choices along the way, but I think Dean is more responsible for opening the first seal than Sam is for opening the last seal, if that makes sense.

NOT that I think Dean should be shot or anything, I just, as I said, feel like Sam is taking more heat over the whole thing than he should.

Also, loved the Cass turn-around. Since I had seen him in season five, I knew that whatever happened at the end of The Rapture (just like I know that Cass dying at the end here will also be reversed) so I'm not (wasn't) worried, though I had started to suspect that the Cass that returned at the end of The Rapture just wasn't the real Cass.

*is sad* You know how I wished earlier to see Anna again... Well, I'd say the way her story played here makes that more than a little unlikely. Or we might see her again, but she'll be dead inside rather than the Anna that I've come to know and love.

*sigh* I also know it'll never (didn't) happen, but I'd like to believe that after all this played out that Sam and Dean sat down and had a real long talk, but then that would be out of character for our boys, wouldn't it? *sigh*

Sorta like it being out of character for Dean to react so mildly to the existence of Sam/Dean slash. Seriously, I think Dean should've reacted a bit like Jay and Silent Bob when they found people "bashing" their movies online (they started going around beating them up), and I think that would've been Dean's honest reaction - Dean kill Fangirls NOW! But I sorta get why the show didn't have Dean react so extremely, but again I'd have liked it better if they had, and it would've felt more in character for Dean.

~ * ~ * ~

So, wha'cha think, do I get my Samgirl fanbadge now?
(See the second cut for proof of my devotion to Jared Padalecki/Sam Winchester.)