Okay, so I've been cold and lazy - I finished watching this season on Wednesday Dec. 30, 2009, but didn't bother to put my thoughts up until now because of that whole cold/lazy thing, but in this case it was mostly cause I was cold.

Anyway, just for the record (mostly my personal one) I started season three on Friday Dec. 18, 2009.

Well, despite the ending of season two, season three did not begin with quite the bang I expected. Though I got to thinking about it, and discovered that in many cases (not just with Supernatural) I tend not to like season openers. Of course, I actually liked Supernatural's season two opening, but my point is that season openers tend to be a bit hit and miss with me.

The Magnificent Seven: Okay, this episode didn't suck, but shockingly I was pretty bored for the first five/ten minutes. The problem is that after the episode got good, I thought they rounded up the demons WAY to easily even with the two added helpers.

Also, not sure why, but I just didn't care for the new hunter couple introduced here at all. Though I think I may end up liking Ruby.

The Kids Are Alright: Again another episode that didn't suck, but you could pretty much tell that Kripke had become a new parent sometime near the writing of this episode. Even then the demonic children were really rather boring.

However, the main reason this episode didn't entirely suck was because of Potential Father Dean. Though admittedly I knew (not because of spoilers) that Dean would end up not being the boys father, but because of that there were several cute(ish) moments in this episode that otherwise would not have been here.

Yeah, I think Ruby was the most interesting aspect of this episode.

Bad Day at Black Rock: I've heard rumors that Kripke was instructed to add more pussy to this show, and by the way things are happening, I think I can say that he was told to do this before or at the beginning of season three.

Weirdly enough I don't think I like Bela at all, but I do love the concept of a character like her. I mean it makes perfect sense that there would be people (humans) out there that would be willing to buy/sell/trade with demons and for magic stuff simply for mere profit. So, while I like the concept behind Bela, I'm just not sure I'm gonna like her character.

Anyway, I didn't really enjoy this episode, but there were individual moments that were good/awesome. And I was right that Gordon would be back to be a pain in Sam's ass (NOT that way!). I loved that moment when Gordon realized that he was dealing with someone more insane than he is - I don't remember the actors name, but he's clearly got talent.

As for as Bela stealing the lottery tickets, who didn't see that coming from a mile away. If her stealing them was supposed to be a surprise, she should have left one or two behind, that would've actually been shocking, otherwise it was boringly predictable.

Hopefully, the episodes on the next disc will be a little bit more interesting.

PS - For the record, I am not a Supernatural female hater, okay. I just did NOT care for Bela Talbot. Something about the actress herself, or something about the way the character was written/directed that I just didn't care for.

However, I loved the lady cop from the first seasons non-paranormal episode. And, okay, I'm iffy on Ellen, but the last episodes of season two proved that I do like her more than dislike her, and I think Jo is (mostly) awesome. I was actually a bit sorry to hear that they had originally planned for Jo to have a larger part but for whatever reason they cut it back.
(They say it was because she was supposed to be a love interest for Dean and ended up feeling more sisterly to him, but I'm not sure I believe that.)

Okay, and I may end up not liking Ruby, but I suspect she's a character you're supposed to end up not liking, but I guess we'll see, because most times I just love bad characters no matter their gender.

Moving on...

Okay, aside from one episode, I enjoyed the episodes on disc two.

Sin City: This episode wins simply because I believe it did what it was supposed to do, which was (at first) confused the hell out of me. I may even watch it again to see if I like it better once all the confusion is gone, and because I can't drop it in the mail until tommorow at any rate.

I even liked Dean and the demon bonding more than I probably should have, but it was good stuff as far as I'm concerned. I also like the demon trying to save Dean, and in turn Dean trying to stop Sam from offing her. Okay, so he didn't try very hard, but he did say something which was more than I expected from him.

Bedtime Stories: Outside of Sam (character arc) this episode was pretty boring, but I think still worth seeing for the character arc aspect at any rate. I'm starting to agree a little bit with the "critic" from The Real Ghostbusters and his comments on Supernatural and creepy children.

Red Sky at Morning: Okay, after Bad Day at Black Rock I didn't think I was going to like Bela, but this episode had me warm up to her ever so slightly. Don't get me wrong, I'm still not sure I'm going to love her, but at least after this episode I won't dread seeing her.

Poor Sam. It was funny, but poor Sam. LOL

Speaking of Sam, I loved it when Dean asked if he could kill her (Bela), and Sam pauses for a beat and then says "not in public" I loved that little exchange. The ending was good too, she'd rather pay them money than say thank you, that was a nice touch.

Fresh Blood: I thought I'd hate it when Gordon went after Sam again, because even after he was jailed in season two you know it was going to happen. However, I LOVED this episode, and part of that is probably... You know, I don't know if it was intended or not, but this entire episode felt like a big tribute to Buffy. And, yes, part of that was because of Harmony, or as they called her in this episode Lucy, but I think I would have liked it even if it hadn't felt like a big ol Buffy tribute.

You know, if they keep doing Bela like they did in the previous episode and this one I'm going to end up outright liking her.

Jared nailed it out of the park on the big killing scene. And, credit where credit is due, the actor playing Gordon also knocked every scene he was in out of the park. Anyway, I'm usually not that big on gore, but all the elements worked here that I didn't even need to look away when it came to the big beheading scene.

I also loved the ending - it was as nice and homey as it was sad and heartbreaking.

I will say that I honestly believe (after this block of episodes) Bella would work much better as a potential love interest for Dean than Jo. After seeing the contrast like this, I have to agree with Kripke and company, Jo does feel much more little sisterly with Dean than a potential love interest should.

Of course, there's a part of me that thinks Kripke should write a Sam/Castiel kiss - not because I ship them, but I think between the Dean/Sam and Dean/Castiel shippers we'd get a shout heard round the world. Of course, this is coming from the person who also thought it would be cool if Rowling ended up pairing Harry, Ron, and Hermione with characters that you'd either never heard of before or had only seen very briefly over the course of the series. That would have been so beautiful.

Finally, I got to thinking about what I said earlier...

I mean it makes perfect sense that there would be people (humans) out there that would be willing to buy/sell/trade with demons and for magic stuff simply for mere profit.

...and realized that if one was going for full on realism with this series, then there would probably be more people like Bela out there than like Dean and Sam, but this series gives the impression that there are more hunters.

Interlude between DVDs...

I suppose I could call this "secret" confessions time, but anyway I've been cruising around the net and have noticed that the women on this show tend to be hated on, and I don't really get that.

I mean, okay, I don't really love characters like Ellen and Bela, but neither of them deserve massive amounts of hate either (at least not where I'm at watching, maybe they do something "terrible" later). And I don't even get why Sam and Dean apparently aren't allowed to get some, because (big secret) when they do get some we (the audience) get to see more Jared/Jensen flesh, and as far as I'm concerned that's a good thing. Seriously, I wish this show would contrive more ways to have those two wearing less, and the easiest way to do that is to "throw" women at them.
(Note to fangirls - no matter how much you might wish it, I don't think they're going to have Sam and Dean getting it on with each other, and even if they did, I doubt the CW would let much be shown, but they can has the straight sex with some flesh showing, and I could very happily live with that. Of course, I understand and accept that I will never ever met (let alone date) Jared or Jensen, so I happily accept that any little glimpses of them that I can get.
Seriously, I'd be happy if they just started having Jared and Jensen walk around buck naked all the time, but something tells me that's even less likely to happen than a Sam/Dean make-out session.

So, yeah, this show should have more chicks. *pervy grin* If for no other reason than more chances for some (ANY) naked flesh. MORE NAKED MAN-FLESH!

Though me agreeing with Bela that her and Dean should have hate sex surprisingly has very little to do with the chance for me to see some naked flesh, I just (for some reason) think Bela and Dean would be just a little bit awesome together, don't ask me why.

Still based on some Supernatural sites I've visited I think some fangirls honestly truly believe that as long as Sam and Dean don't have girlfriends then there's a chance the writers really will write Sam/Dean, and so they panic every time a potential love interest is introduced.

*crosses fingers* If all goes well, I'll get another disc tomorrow, and then another Wednesday, but for tonight I'll be playing DVR catch-up, which I honestly need to do, I've got at least seven hours of stuff I need to watch and delete, but when I have a Supernatural disc I find myself unable to watch anything but Supernatural.

~ * ~ * ~

I wonder if timing is everything. LOL

Why do I say that? Well, the first episode on last nights disc was A Very Supernatural Christmas. I'm not entirely sure whether or not I liked it, I don't think I hated it, but there was just something about this episode that... I don't know. Anyway...

OUCH! You know why I'm screaming that right. Seriously that bit got me even more than the tooth pulling scene would've if they'd actually gotten to that. So, OUCH! Poor Sam.

I did, on the other hand, love the old (CBS? I think) logo thing that was used in regards to special - nice touch, Kripke, nice touch. On the other hand, I remember that annoying five damn minute long CBS newsbreak thingie that they used to insert into cartoon morning on Saturday, and I'd better not see Kripke trying to throw that into this show somehow, cause I always felt that someone needed to be shot for interrupting my cartoons for that crapie thing.

And, okay, the fake-out with pedoSanta was a disturbingly nice touch. Plus "my, aren't you the fussy one." TeeHee! That one is funny cause it's true.

Malleus Maleficarum: Okay, I've moved from the realm of just liking Ruby into actually loving her. Sure she's probably screwing Sam (Dean and Bobby) over, but for now she's making things more than a little interesting.

And - "short bus." hehe HaHa LMAO!

It was also nice to see Dean get reminded that he himself tried to stop a demon offing, again he didn't try very hard or anything, but he did say something.


Though I am admittedly uncertain how I feel about the idea that all demons used to be humans once upon a time, but I suppose it works in the context of the show.

However, I'm like Dean, just a little bit anyway. I miss fluffy gentle Sam, not as much as Dean though cause I like the transitioning into a darker Sam just as much, but once in awhile I do find myself missing first season Sammy.

Dream a Little Dream of Me: I'm not in love with/enthralled by the character of Bobby, so I wasn't really expecting to like this episode, but it ended up being great. No, I don't dislike Bobby, he's a good supporting character, but for a moment there it looked like this episode was going to move him from supporting to main, and I just wasn't sure I'd like that.

However, in the end this episode was pretty good. Nice reveal about Bobby's story, and awesome insight into the mind and fears of Dean.

And it was very much awesome to see Dean (FINALLY) realize that not only was his daddy not perfect, but that his dad was ten times more f'ed-up than Dean and Sam combined. Long time in coming.

Okay, I know I haven't mentioned the Sam/Bela stuff, and I kind of hated it, but that's cause I had kind of decided before this episode that if I was going to end up shipping Bela I'd be shipping her with Dean. Though I'm not actually shipping Bela with anyone.

*sigh* Bela is a very hit and miss character, not including the BS "fantasy" sequence. I didn't care for her in her first episode, but the next two she was in I started to warm up to her, but then in this episode I once again didn't like her character.

As far as that whole BS "fantasy" sequence - on the special features Kripke says that was only inserted because Sam was horny, but if that's true Sam shouldn't have been so damn weird when he actually came face to face with Bela, so in the end I'm not sure I buy that Sam was just having a typical male fantasy. I think he was probably developing a little crush on her. BOO-HISS! So, in the end, I think I'm glad they drop Bela from the storyline, or at least I've heard they do - DON'T TELL ME WHY OR HOW, cause while I know she does get wrote out, I don't know how, and I'd like to keep it that way.
Actually, since I'm now finished with season three you can talk about it all you want.

Which is weird in and of itself. I'm usually the original spoiler whore, but for some reason I want to keep myself in the dark as much as possible with Supernatural, or at least as much as I can.

Mystery Spot: WOW! There's really not a part of this episode that I didn't like. Sorry, Dean, but I agree with the Trickster... Poor Dean. Wait! Not poor Dean considering that he didn't actually remember ANY of it. Poor Sam, since all things considered not only did he spend around half a year watching Dean die daily, but then spent over half a year living without Dean. So, Sam has a whole year of experiences that Dean doesn't. Wonder if anything'll come of that.

Anyway, Dean got offed in some really creative ways here. LMAO! Death by Dog! Death in the shower! (Clearly skipping breakfast is a BAD idea) And my personal favorite (for Dean) choking on a sausage... HeHe!

"You peed yourself." Which was a great line, but it was Dean's reaction to it that really made the whole thing awesome! Ackles has some real talent, though I all ready knew that.

"Sammy, I get all tingly when you take control like that." So do I, Dean, so do I. That line right there almost (ALMOST) made me a Sam/Dean shipper.

Ackles isn't the only one with talent though. The Padalecki has some mad skills of his own. Crazy Sam was awesome! Taking out Mystery Spot, but again what made this really work was that Dean was being the reasonable one here.

I loved the "last wake up" best, though. Sam hugs the clueless Dean, and he's all "dude, how many Tuesdays did you have?" Poor Sam.

However, in the end I was a bit disappointed that Sam didn't kill Cal, at least I think the dude who shot Dean on the first Wednesday was Cal. Does that make me a bad person? I think not, because The Padalecki can also rock the evil!Sam.

I think the two bits I like best (after watching again) are:

The first after "dude, Asia!" Then Dean turns up the radio and does a neat little bed dance, which was good, but not as naughty as I just made it sound.

And then later when they both do that "Sam Winchester..." talking at the same time thing. That was awesome, and both boys nailed it completely.

Jus In Bello: And the hardly boys return to stupid again. *sigh* I mean honestly they really should have expected something like that from Bela.

However, while I haven't been a fan of these real life consequences episodes I loved this one! Awesome! As with Mystery Spot all the elements came together here to make an awesome episode, so much so that I can forgive the Winchesters moment of stupid that opened the episode.

"brainwashed you , and touched you in a bad place." HeHe. I knew there was a reason that while I generally didn't enjoy these real life consequences episodes that I still liked Agent Henricksen. Seriously, I LOLed at that, and, yes, I know that makes me a bad person. It was also interesting to see Sam react more to that than Dean. I only noticed Sam's reaction cause I actually had to rewind that bit to watch again because I was laughing so hard over that line.

In other news - Nice tats, boys, nice tats. Which also makes up for the fact that they were a bit stupid in the opening of this episode. I am beginning to understand why Crowley (in season five) called them "functioning morons." Originally, I just thought he was just saying it to insult them, but more and more I'm seeing that my boys are a bit dense from time to time.

The most interesting thing here, though, at least to me is the fact that "Ruby was right." Let that sink in for a moment. "Ruby was right." And weirdly enough (from what little I know) things might have been even better for Sam in the end if they'd went with her plan here. Still I'm personally glad she's still around either way. The following is something that I thought myself BEFORE Ruby reappeared at the end with her "body count" line.

Their plan involved shooting several possessed people, which wouldn't have hurt the demons much but would kill the person they're inside. So, Ruby's plan would've basically left one dead where the wild-bunch plan left who knows how many dead even before Lilith showed up?

I mean, I suppose I'll give them points in their intention not to let any demons escape, that one did escape was something of an accident, but they still shot several of the possessed people before the mass exorsism, which means (as I said) even without Lilith their plan still had more of a body count than Ruby's would've.

Ghostfacers: Damn! After two awesome episodes, I got to say this one sucked ass. However, to be fair, if it hadn't followed two awesome episodes it might not have seemed as sucky.

Okay, about half-way through it got a little better, but I still think this is probably the worst episode of Supernatural ever, or at least to date.

Still the way the episode ended had me working on a rant. I mean, seriously, why couldn't the stupid idiots keep their evidence? It's not like it would be believed by everyone everywhere. Most people would say/think they somehow faked it, and BLAH BLAH BLAH, so it's not as though their boring little episode would expose the supernatural, at least not anymore than it "is" all ready exposed. But after a moment I realized that because Sam and Dean had "officially" died in the previous episode it probably wouldn't be good for them to appear on TV, even for what would no doubt be a small cable audience.

Of course, the conversation between Sam and Dean at the end of the episode didn't mention that little fact at all, they acted like they did it to keep a lid on the supernatural, which is (as I mentioned) more than a little stupid/pointless/whatever.

Sadly, they killed off the one "ghostfacer" that didn't completely suck. Well, okay, the dude working the camera wasn't awful, but the rest of them (including the chick) sucked.

Long Distance Call - After the first watch I really wasn't sure how I felt about this episode, but after the second time around I've decided that I don't think I liked it.
(There were also some issues. The guy was going through the phone company, right? And I mean in the end he was shown using the system, which means the phone pulled out of the wall in the first scene, and the scene after the girl unplugs her computer are problematic at best. If they weren't connected then he shouldn't have been able to reach them.)

Time Is on My Side: *sigh* Honestly, Dean! She used a name you knew, so, of course, it's a damn trap! I don't care what Bobby says either, because she clearly knew, so I was right and Bobby was wrong - take that, dumbass!

Also, while I didn't/don't hate Bela like other fans, I really resented this episode trying to make me feel sorry for her. I'm not sure why, but I did hate it.

So, the only part of this episode I really liked was SAM, and even that was tainted by the eye gore - I CANNOT HANDLE EYE GORE! It's never good, it's always bad, don't do it again, show!

However, I do think overall I liked this episode better than Long Distance Call.

No Rest for the Wicked: This episode was just plain made of win, and Katie Cassidy is also just plain made of WIN! Awesome! Going from the almost boyish Ruby to the almost child-like Lilith - AWESOME!

I know enough to know that Ruby comes back, but I also know they don't bring Katie back, and I think that's a mistake. Okay, fine, I don't know how the new actress for Ruby will be, but she's gonna have to be awesome to not let me down.

The Padalecki is also awesome, but in this case it's actually his crying that makes me say that. The Padalecki may even be better than The Gellar (Buffy) when it comes to really crying. I mean, I like Ackles, but he always seems to do that single tear thing which just rings fake no matter how hard he tries to sell it, but I totally buy The Padalecki when he cries.

PS - After Time Is on My Side I totally wrote off Bobby as a character that I'd like, but he really (and I do mean REALLY) won me over here. Ditchable prom-date, indeed. So, I am totally ready to join the "Bobby is an awesome character" train.
Just as long as he acts like he did in this episode and not the previous one.

Overall, I think I love this season as much as season one, and slightly more than season two - FOUR STARS, baby! Four stars all the way!
And I say that even knowing that season three has the first episode of Supernatural that I find almost unwatchable, while all of season twos are watchable. But season three simply had more highs than lows, while season two (for me) stayed pretty level, mostly neither bad nor great, just good.
Ghostfacers, is the episode I'm talking about for the curious.