Well, rumor has it that Daisy of Love will be back for a new season. If rumors are true casting will begin in January. Yes, that's right, not only did I watch all three Rock of Love's, but I also watched the "spin-off" Daisy of Love. *sigh*
The reason I found this rumor thingie on Daisy was because I was looking around for news on Rock of Love 4, of which there is still no news on.

First, I'll just express a little quelle surprise over Vanessa Mossman (aka Daisy de la Hoya) and Joshua Lee (aka London) not working out. I mean, seriously, who didn't see that coming from a mile away.

Of course, I knew the moment Riki (the has-been) Rachtman brought London back on the show thinking Daisy would see how much of a loser he was compared to the other guys on the show, and make no mistake he sucked, but... LMAO! Ricki sooooo doesn't understand Daisy, which I thought many times over the course of the show. Anyway, I knew the moment London came back that the other guys might as well go home, cause he was the winner. I also shockingly knew that Daisy and London would not work out, though I thought it would end badly, and it might have, but I can't say for sure.

My exact words when he won was first that "Daisy is a big moron," of course, that was obvious from her appearance on Rock of Love II. And that "Daisy deserved all the unhappiness she'd get because of that choice."

Turns out while me and Brett Michaels have eerily similar tastes in chicks, me and Daisy do not have the same taste in dicks, because had I been her I'd have probably chosen David Amerman (aka 12 Pack aka Dave), though TJ Markiewicz (aka Flex) wasn't anything to sneeze at either.
I couldn't find a good link for Flex, sorry.

Still I'll be watching Daisy of Love II, because forget Mary she's so retro. There's just something about Daisy the Porn Barbie. Though truth is I'd rather see Heather of Love or for more LOL funny Ashley of Love, but I'll happily settle for Daisy of Love. However, while I don't hate Riki (the has-been) Rachtman I think Daisy needs to get another host, one who understands her just a little bit better, and would be able to make her feel a bit better when men start walking out one after the other.