*waves to all my guest visitors*

I actually kinda love this new stats feature, though I wish I could figure out how (if one is able) to see specific views for specific entries and not just total day stats. It would be nice to know which specific entries people are reading. But, either that isn't part of the new feature or I'm to dense to figure out how to get LJ to show me that. Still it's nice to know that people are reading my stuff, even if lots of it probably ain't worth reading. *grin*

However, the main reason I decided to post this was because I noticed the "My Guests" feature doesn't include people that view only through their friends page, and I don't want my friends to think I'm not reading them. I honestly do read your stuff, I just generally don't click away from my friends page unless I have a comment to make on/about the entry. So, never fear, I am reading what you guys are writing, but again I just don't view it off my friends page unless I have something to say or think I might have something to say.
(Or, well, sometimes I will click on specific journals to read, but that's only when I haven't checked my friends page in like more than a week, and rather than just keep going back and back and back on the f-page I'll just click to read entire journals. The other time is that if I've made a comment, sometimes I'll just go directly to that persons journal to check if there were replies to my reply, but for the most part I simply read off my f-page.)

I really am a dumbass! Not five minutes after making this entry, I went to my stats page, and there bold as brass was the button to view specific entry views. I don't know how I've missed that, but for two days in a row I did indeed miss it.