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...Not on the anniversary, but for the actual event itself, and now I will try and explain.

Okay, last Friday I went outside late in the afternoon, it was almost dark and found a dead kitten. Since it was almost dark I did nothing that day, but the next day I buried the kitty. So, okay, it wasn't a baby baby kitten, but it couldn't have been more than three months old. Now, I've known since summer that there is at least one stray hanging around my house. I think that one was one of the gang that was actually born under my house.
He/She is a little gray and white thing that is almost the exact same age as the stray kitty I picked up and brought home back in July. The one I brought home and that stray love playing together, alas the gray/white stray doesn't like me at all for some reason. The little creamy one that I brought home on the other hand loves me lots. Seriously, he follows me around more than my dog does.

About three weeks ago, I noticed a large black cat hanging around as well. That one gives my little cream colored kitty hell, or at least my little one is just wee bit afraid of that one, though I've never seen any marks on mine, so I don't think the big one is seriously trying to put the hurt on him. And the big black cat does seem a little curious about me, but so far hasn't come any closer to me than the little one who gives me dirty looks. Anyway, because of that my little kitty tends to hide behind me, it's really cute.

However, the dead kitten I found was neither of the strays that I was aware of. Sadly, I think the little fellow/gal (sorry dead cat and I didn't want to touch) froze to death. It was either that or he was poisoned since there were no fight marks or anything, and considering that there are three healthy kittens/cats still wondering around, I'm betting he/she froze to death when we had a couple really cold nights.

Sometimes I'll hear the strays (or at least the stray under my house) crying, but that night all was silent. *sigh* I really wish I'd known about him/her, I wouldn't have brought the little fellow/gal in the house, but I would have taken an old blanket and somehow enticed the little fellow/gal into the garage on those two nights (cause deep down I'm really a big softie). He/she was a cute little black kitten, and that's probably why it got me, because when I first decided to get a cat I was going to get a solid black cat, but my first gray/white one stole my heart in the animal shelter.
(My gray/white one is a complete house cat, and is totally not related to the stray gray/white one hanging around. Seriously, if you found my gray/white cat outside that means something has gone horribly horribly wrong.)

Okay, no, I would've felt bad for any cat/kitty freezing to death... But bringing home the little cream kitty was more than I should've done, at this point I really do have more animals than I can afford. But, yeah, I would've opened the garage on those cold nights for the little fellows/gals if I'd known. Actually, if they'd come close enough, I'd load 'em all up and take them to a relatives place where he has pretty much an army of cats to keep the rats/mice out of his grain. But for now they won't even let me pet them.
*hugs tight* you're a sweetheart.
Thanks. Although to be fair I can be quite the beeyatch sometimes.