My adventures in Supernatural season two begin on Thursday December 10th...

*sigh* I'll be honest, aside from the opening two episodes I've been a little less than enthralled with this season so far. Well, okay, the first disc (four episodes) were a little better than the next four (disc two). What I mean is that on the whole season two was much more hit and miss than season one was, at least for me.

Since the little comments I make on this seasons episodes contain more spoilers than the ones from season one I'm just going to cut early. Yes, I know season two aired some years ago, but I decided to be kind in case there were others out there like me who hadn't seen it yet.

In My Time of Dying: Good episode, but at the end of the day I'm just not sure it was enough to make me like Daddy Winchester. On the other hand, there were times (during the episode) where I thought Sam was being too hard on daddy. I could understand why, but I did think he was being a tad harsh at moments.

Everybody Loves a Clown: Nooo, Dean, don't smash your baby. Sorry, but outside of meeting the Roadhouse folks, the best part of this episode really was the emotional stuff for Sam and Dean. Well, okay, the twist with the "who dun it?" wasn't bad.

Bloodlust: *giggles as only an insane/deranged fangirl can* TARA TARA TARA, hey, everyone did you see Tara here? *giggles*

Yes, that's almost exactly what I thought when I first saw the actress. And yes she had black hair here, but I knew her right away! And it just got better and better, though. Not only was Tara here, but she was a vampire, but not a normal one. It was just awesome, but in fairness I'm not sure I'd have liked this episode as well if it hadn't been for Tara, or Lenore whatever.

Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things: I kinda hate episodes like this. Where one of the characters says something is happening, but everyone else just assumes it is said persons grief over whatever playing out when the first character was right all along. And, sadly, the supernatural part of this episode just didn't ring my bell either.

Simon Said: Okay, I know I said I wasn't all that enchanted by the episodes on disc two, but this episode was pretty damn awesome, so I guess I lied. Loved Dean all through this episode.

"He Obi-Wan'd me!"

Then later:

"Dean, shut up!"

"I'm trying"


No Exit: This episode was a little tainted for me, because I'd decided from Abandon All Hope... that Jo was awesome! But in this episode she just wasn't quite awesome. Of course, she's just getting started here, so I'm trying to give her a bit of a pass. By the same token, I think Ellen is a bit like John for me. One time I like her (Everybody Loves a Clown), the next time I hate her (No Exit), and then I feel BLAH about her (Abandon All Hope...), and so on...

Still a pretty decent episode with Jo not being super woman, but not the traditional DiD either.

The Usual Suspects: I get that part of the reason people love this series because there is real life (so to speak) consequences for the things Sam and Dean do, but for me all those real life consequences just get in the way of the story. So, I was actually rather bored until about half-way through this episode, at that point, I admit things started getting really good, so the latter end makes the first half worth setting through.

Crossroad Blues: Going in I didn't think I'd like this episode, but it ended up being much better than I expected. Almost everyone here, except the demons, ended up being at least vaguely sympathetic, and I loved that.

I'm also guessing, based on some hints here, that despite his death in the first episode of the season, we haven't seen the last of Daddy Winchester.

~ * ~ * ~

The first two episodes on this disc were very much awesome, the last one wasn't quite as awesome, but still pretty good.

Croatoan: Me likey this!

Though, I was kind of sad that the awesome Sergent Dude ultimately didn't make it out alive. I know he's a minor character, but I really liked him. Of course, based on the "no survivors" comment after he was whacked I'm betting the demon (Duwane or Dewayne, sorry, either way I cannot spell that name properly, and it doesn't matter since in my head I called him Meg! *chuckles*) went back and offed the Doc too. Or perhaps she was a demon all along... Who really knows?

Despite me saying I wouldn't rewatch episodes as I went along, I did rewatch this one.

Hunted: *hums psychic tune* My powers tell me Ava is NOT human. In fact, I think she might have been this yellow-eyed fellow trying to save his "children." Of course, I could be wrong, but I am betting Ava = not human, or at least not entirely human, if you get my drift, and I think you do.

And, wow, you want to hate the hunter going after Sam, you really do, or I did at any rate, but my powers tell me that his point of view here might not be entirely without merit.

And my psychic powers tell me that we (or Sam) haven't seen the last of this guy. Honestly, I was glad Sam didn't kill him, but somehow managed to be disappointed that Dean didn't do so.

Playthings: The main flaw of this episode is that for some reason it just wasn't as creepy as it wanted to be. Maybe I've just watched too many scary/horror movies, but this episode just didn't have the creep factor that so many Supernatural episodes generally do.

The doll shown but unseen by the hardly boys (see South Park to understand reference) was a nice touch, and makes you think that the girl probably won't be around much longer anyway since the place itself is scheduled to be done away with.

However, this ghost seems to screw with the idea that was presented to Dean by a Reaper back in the first episode of this season. Dean was told that earth-bound spirits always end up evil. And granted, this ghost girl wasn't a shinny example of goodness, but ultimately she came across as more lonely than evil.


Sam: "You're bossy, and short."

HEHE Poor Dean.

Of course, then things got depressingly serious, but that cute moment kept me from drowning under than angst.

Nightshifter: This wasn't a bad episode, but on the whole I was (sadly) more than a little bored. However, there were some good not boring parts, but for the most part I just wasn't that into it.

Houses of the Holy: Another episode that wasn't bad, but didn't dazzle me. I suspect this one might grow on me, unlike the previous one. Cause the way a certain fellow meets his end sorta redeem the entire episode.

Born Under a Bad Sign: Okay, I confess that I knew a little something about this episode before going in. No, I didn't know everything, but I knew enough to believe I'd love this episode. Sadly, it did not dazzle me as I was expecting, was actually a bit of a letdown. Don't get me wrong, the latter half is awesome, but the first half just dragged things out a bit too long in my opinion.
(This might grow on me, because the reveal that Sam's ordeal was more about Dean could make some of that slow moving stuff more interesting.)

Tall Tales: This episode was (as far as I'm concerned) the best episode on the DVD, not out of the entire season (at the moment that honor belongs to Croatoan), just the best out of this block of four. Of course, having watched a certain key episode in season five I know who and what the Trickster really is, and I think that may have helped this episode, because not knowing about him what I all ready do, I would've come away thinking he was WAY to powerful. Still I think even without knowing the lowdown on the Trickster I would've still loved this episode.

So, there's two more DVDs (seven more episodes) of season two left for me. I gave season one four stars, but season two is looking like a three star unless those last seven episodes dazzle me more than season two has so far.

~ * ~ * ~

Okay, while the Disc Four episodes were less than impressive, Disc Five was ON baby! I knew, for example, that I would at least love one aspect of the episode where Sam and Dean go to prison, but I figured I'd hate everything else about the episode, but it turned out to be a good episode all around.

*sigh* I liked the episodes on this disc so much that I started to keep it an extra day so I could watch ALL the episodes again, you know when I didn't have a monster headache. However, I've got a system, and if the system holds (i.e. my watching schedule, the mail service, and the Netflix fast shipping all come together) then I may be, if not finished, then almost finished with season four before season five returns with new episodes.

Roadkill: Okay, this episode started off slow and had me thinking I wasn't really going to care for this block of episodes anymore than I had the previous block. But about fifteen/twenty minutes in this episode had my attention, and I did enjoy the twisted ending.

Heart: Okay, if I was the type that turned into a weepy mess over a television show the ending of this episode would've had me weeping like a baby. As it was I did find myself wanting to hug both of the boys, and for once in a totally non-naughty kind of way. Okay, there were a few other times I wanted to hug them both in a non-naughty way, but this was the first time it happened outside of daddy issues.

Nice to see Sam actually get laid too. Bad that it all went to hell later, but still nice to see him get a little something something.

It was also, I admit, nice to see someone actually thanking the boys for helping them, even if (you know) they didn't really help her this time.

Hollywood Babylon: This episode probably should've sucked, but because everyone (and I do mean everyone) involved has/had an awesome sense of humor about things, this episode rocked! Despite the fact that the supernatural part of this episode was a little less than stellar.

Seriously, I sorta thought this episode would end up feeling like some kind of ego feeding bullshit, and yeah, okay, there was at least one cringe-worthy moment, but overall this episode was good and fun.

Folsom Prison Blues: "I'm here because my brother is in idiot." But before Sam uttered that line I said "He's there because his bother is a moron!" So, I was close. *grin*
(Okay, I may have that backwards, I did mention the monster headache, right? It's gone today, but it makes memories of which line was Sam's and which was mine more than a little fuzzy.)

And, of course, I loved Sam being concerned about how well Dean was fitting in. Dean's like a cat, no matter what he always lands on his feet.

What's wild is that I expected to hate this episode (aside from the "caged heat" aspect), and I fully expected I'd have to tear it apart for inconsistances or other BS, but in the end I got nothing, because it was good enough to keep me from over thinking things, which generally leads me to seeing stuff that doesn't make sense.

Okay, I actually finished off season two on Wednesday night (Dec. 16), but between work and a little unofficial Christmas party yesterday and last night I just didn't have time to pop in and post my wee little comments on the episodes.

The good news is that, if all goes well, I'll start season three tonight. The downside is (the way I've got things figured, at the moment) I won't get the last disc of season three until after Christmas - I was originally hopeful that I'd get season three under my belt before Christmas, but oh well.

What Is and What Should Never Be: I enjoyed this episode more than I expected, though after listening to the commentary, and yes I took a moment to do so, I think I would've liked it better if Kripke had went with his original idea of Dean himself actually having a shit life without the hunting, because I totally see that. However, I also agree that in the context of the episode itself, it makes sense that Dean's life in this "WishVerse" couldn't be shit for Dean. So, on the whole well done, well done.

All Hell Breaks Loose, Part One:
All Hell Breaks Loose, Part Two:

Okay, so I was just a little bit off with Ava. Turns out she was human, just not a fine upstanding one. Still I did like what they did with her here, so I don't mind being wrong.

On the other hand, I was shockingly sad that Andy was killed, and also not happy that Jake ended up a "bad" guy. I get why Sam and Jake couldn't, in the end, work together, but damn it, that's what I kept hoping would happen. Granted Jake and Sam wouldn't be no Sam and Dean, but it would've still been fun to see, I think, because Jake was actually a little bit awesome in his own right.

Sadly, I had to watch Part Two again, because weirdly enough after watching then going back and watching the other episodes commentary, I found that I could NOT remember how this episode ended. And, honestly, I'm not sure why, because this was a good episode, so I'm calling brain glitch.

I do think, unlike Kripke, I will miss the Roadhouse, cause I actually thought it was a nice touch. However, once again I can understand why Kripke felt the need to get rid of it.

On a related note, if I hadn't watched some of season five, I would've panicked at the thought that we wouldn't see Ellen again, but since I did see some of season five, I knew she (at least) had escaped, I just didn't know how. So, I guess that proves that I like Ellen more than I dislike her.
(I wish I could say I'd miss Ash, because he didn't suck as a character, but somehow I doubt I'll actually miss him all that much.)

As for the question of whether Sam came back Sam, I'm going to go out on a limb and say he did. Cause in my opinion Sam actually started to toughen up when he had to shoot the weregirl, and then of course (right or wrong) Jake did, in fact, kill Sam, so I can totally understand how Sam could've been eager to kill him back (as Buffy would say).
Plus, you know, even if Sam didn't know, you know he knew that Dean had made a deal of some kind to save his life/bring him back.

I suspect we will see a colder tougher Sam from here on out, and while I like dark!Sam, I do think I'll miss (at least a little bit) my sweet innocent Sammy.

Finally, I am bemused about the idea that Coltman (Samuel Colt) built an extensive system to keep the door closed, then the idiot makes a key to open the damn thing. Why? What possible sense does that make? Seriously. That's like Angel only needing to use a little of his blood to open the doorway to hell, but then Buffy has to shove him in body and all to close it.
(I'm sure more things like this will stand out once I get this series on DVD and start watching obsessively, but so far there's only been a few things here and there that stand out as truly WTF? moments.)

Finally, finally, at the moment, I'm still unsure if season two is a four star season or if I'm going to feel it is a three star season. I mean these last episodes were good, great even, but on the whole I'm still not sure I enjoyed this season as much as I did season one.


I'm probably going to go with four stars...