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...and to be fair probably not ever. No, it isn't that I have a problem with incest, at least when it comes to fictional couplings - I am one who sometimes perfers Luke/Leia to Han/Leia and even Han/Luke. So, I'm not one of those who wants to scream "don't you know they're brothers!" Cause honestly, if you are writing fanfic for the show, I'm going to assume you actually do in fact know that.

At this point, I've only got seven more episodes of season two to watch, so I've watched practically two seasons without feeling a yen for Wincest. At first, I admit that I was a bit surprised to find myself not joining up on the incest bandwagon - if there's a pervy naughty pairing then I'm usually on-board.

Well, I think I've finally figured out why I haven't jumped on the WinCest bandwagon. I'm not (as a general rule) into the Bromance. As a general rule I like pairings with UST (or at least pairings where I can pretend it's there). The most obvious example would be from back in my Star Trek Voyager days, in those days I was WAY more into Chakotay/Paris than I was Paris/Kim. Why? Well, C/P had a chemistry that sizzled, where as Tom and Harry always felt like nothing more than really good friends to me.

Plus, in this case, I also believe that a part of it is that I really like the way Sam and Dean's relationship is being handled within the show itself, and therefore find myself with no real need to perve it up. Obviously, that could change at some point, but right now I'm doubtful that I'll ever turn into a full fledged WinCester.

On a side note, I have noticed that when fanfic reading I'm finding myself with a real yen for Xander Wincester - Xander is a character from Buffy (Xander Harris - in case you didn't know), and the actor who played Xander looks so much like the actor playing John Winchester that I apparently couldn't help but go there. Seriously, Xander and John look much more alike than Sam or Dean to John.

Though just today I read a REALLY good Xander/Faith/Dean fanfic, and again as a general rule I don't like Xander/Faith, and much prefer to see Xander paired with Sam. That's right, I like the idea of Xander being a Winchester, but I also like the Sam/Xander pairing, though NOT in the same fanfic, though I probably wouldn't stop reading a good Xander Winchester fanfic just because the author paired him with Sam. See, I'm a perve, just not an official Wincest perve.
...this fanfic, can you show me it?

What I'm REALLY looking for is a good Doctor Who/SPN crossover fic, or many. But this intrigues me and is relevant to my interests XD
No problem, though you'll have to register at the site to read the fanfic - I ran into the same problem last night. LOL

Blame it on that evil *bleeping* witch! by Demona
Rated FR21(NC-17) - complete - 3some
Summary: Faith and Xander rescue a Winchester. How should he repay them?

As for Doctor Who/Supernatural fanfic, I can't really help you, cause I'm not into DW. Though the site linked above has a section for that - here.

PS - If you were asking about a/the Xander Winchester fanfic... Well, I've come across two that I really like, sadly both are WIPs.

*does happy dance* I fixed the link above so that if you are registered on the site the link should now take you directly to the fanfic.

Edited at 2009-12-15 06:50 pm (UTC)
Here's a link to Supernaturally Twisted's main site, cause I think the link to the fanfic itself in my above post is FUBARed.