Okay, so after watching three episodes of season five, I decided to Netflix my way through the back story. Around episode eight, I knew I would end up getting this series on DVD for myself and not just through Netflix, but at the moment I cannot afford that so I'm stuck doing this the slower Netflix way, which means (if I get lucky) I might get through season three before season five comes back.
I should probably note that in the season five episodes I had watched before season one I did not have a favorite between Sam and Dean, though I liked them both. During season one I developed strong feelings for one quickly, but by the end had strong feelings for both.

No, this isn't a review, not exactly. Mostly just a few comments on each episode and how I felt while watching or afterward. So far quality-wise it is on the level of The Vampire Diaries, not a bad episode yet, though not perfect (or good to the last drop) every time either.

The Television Without Pity recapper really seemed bored by Wendigo, and while it probably wasn't the bestest episode EVAR, I didn't think it was boring. It actually reminded me more than a little of the X-Files, so that was more than enough to keep me interested.

Personally, I was less than enchanted by the episode Bugs, but that is more an issue of mine then an issue from the episode itself, because I really ain't a fan of bugs, especially spiders. UGH! However, despite that this episode was very watchable for me, and a big part of the reason is because it manages to slap a lot of character detail (for Sam and Dean) without making it feel like a big giant info dump.

So far, my two favorite episodes are Bloody Mary (a good twist on an old legend) and Hook Man (another good twist on an old legend). Skin wasn't bad, but there was enough gore here to keep me from really loving it. Still there was some nice insight into the character of Dean.
Not counting episodes from season five, of course, cause CC and AaH will probably remain all time favorites.

Of course, I don't want to give this season an A+ rating yet, because I remember True Blood. After the first few episodes of TB I would've rated it as awesome, but as the season went on it went downhill. *shrug* On the other hand, I've watched a few episodes from season five, so I'm not really expecting Supernatural to totally tank like True Blood did.

And lastly, the announcement I'm sure you've all been waiting for. I've decided TeamSam is MY team. Going from what I've seen on the internets Dean Winchester has an army of fangirls, but Sam doesn't get quite as much love, which is weird, because going from what I've seen so far I actually think Sam really is the more interesting of the two brothers. So, it's TeamSam all the way for me, baby!
Interesting side note: The man in my life actually sat down and watched two episodes of this with me, and he really isn't a fan of that quote/unquote weird shit I tend to watch. I doubt he'll be interested in watching more, but it was impressive that he watched any at all.

Oh, and least someone take that to mean I don't like Dean, let me elaborate: I like Dean. We have the same taste in music (rock on, Dean, rock on!) at least if his music tastes haven't changed since those early episodes, and his man crush on Dr. Sexy - AWESOME! (It's almost like Spike with Passions all over again.) And the car, oh my, the car - I want to do a Whitesnake video with that car. And to quote Dean, "if you don't know what I'm talking about shut yer cakehole! You're to young to be watching this show."
Okay, so Dean never said ALL that.

And that doesn't even mention how good that car sounds - I really want that car, and I'd be willing to take Dean to get the car. *grin*
Nope, it wouldn't bother me at all, because Dean is hot! Just, you know, not as HOT as that car!

However, from what (little) I know, I believe I will be more interested in Sam's overall story than I will Dean's. Sam is starting out a decent dude, but from what I know he won't always be the "good" brother, and in the end I usually find myself more interested in a story like that over a story of a bad boy turning good. But that last does explain the army of fangirls Dean has.

And now, moving on...

Home: Interesting, and I smell the first real hints of myth-arc. Outside of the pilot, of course. Daddy Winchester seems like a coward, which kind of makes me think a bit less of Dean for being so loyal.

Asylum: HeHe! HeHe! I don't really know why, but I really loved this episode.

Scarecrow: Another really good urban legend episode, with added myth-arc, which is always nice, at least for me.
Despite having watched some of season five I didn't connect the Meg here to the Meg in season five. Ooops, and so when the man in my life came in and started watching, his first question was whether or not she was evil. I didn't know at that point, but I guess I should have for the same reason he called it. He suspected her because she was trying so very hard to keep Sam from returning to Dean. But I might try to keep Sam all to myself as well, so I didn't suspect evil motives, only naughty ones. *grins*

Faith: This episode almost fooled me, but even before the episode "told" me the direction it was taking I'd figured it out. Still it wasn't a bad episode.

Route 666: I think this episode gets unfairly shat on. I give it points because even though it shouldn't have it did scare me once. In the first bit where the "truck" is stalking the dude, and the dude thinks he lost the truck only to have it appear in front of him - yes, that happens in scary movies all the time, and I should've seen it coming but I didn't, so yes it made me jump.
It evens out though, because the boys turn stupid when they're trying to stop the ghost - they burn the human bones, but honestly it was pretty clear that the dude hadn't "bonded" with his bones, he'd bonded with the truck. This would be easier to forgive if the episode Bloody Mary and the mirror bonded ghost hadn't happened beforehand.

Nightmare: *blushes* Overall I was kind of bored with this episode, and I'm not sure why. The elements should've been interesting, and I do feel like the stuff here is leading us to myth-arc resolution, or at least a partial resolution, but it wasn't until Dean got shot in the head that I really got interested. I think my problem here was the killer, despite everything he just wasn't really that interesting.

The Benders: Okay, the pervert in me loves this episode. Why? Because Sam spent most of it in a cage. What? You say other things happened in this episode. Sorry, I missed them while I was off on vacation with a caged naked Sam. What? You say he wasn't naked in this episode. Well, he was in the one I watched. *grin*
No, seriously, I really liked this episode despite the fact that there was nothing truly supernatural here. And I LOVED the way female!cop was done here. Supernatural seems to be really good at writing women that I can relate too.
JO IS AWESOME!, or well, I guess that should be Jo Was awesome! Keeping in mind that at this point I've only seen her in the one episode.

Shadow: Honestly, I'm not sure how I feel about this episode, and I'm still not sure how I feel about Daddy Winchester. Still at least I no longer think he's an actual coward. Anyway, this was a good episode, but somehow I just wasn't as into this one as I think I should've been.

*does happy dance*

I'm liking this show so much that I'm zooming through the DVDs.
I'd be going slower, but I realized after those first eight episodes that I would end up buying this series on DVD, so I'm not (generally) stopping to rewatch episodes, because I'll rewatch them when I buy the DVDs.

Hell House: Not quite as intense as I was expecting based on the title. However, it still wasn't a bad episode, and it had an interesting concept, plus a bonus Buffy reference. *grin* "WWBD?" Indeed.

Something Wicked: With this episode I finally and firmly really connected to Dean, which was a bit surprising. I mean I didn't hate Dean before this, but I just wasn't connecting to his character in the way I was with Sam. And I finally figured out why, it was because I just didn't relate to his blind loyalty to daddy. Look, I love my dad, but in the same situation I would be much more like Sam than Dean, but this episode showed exactly why Dean believes (believed) daddy was always right.

Incidentally, it was this episode where I finally and firmly decided that I hated daddy Winchester. Okay, yes, the episode after next my feelings changed again, but as I watched this episode I decided that daddy Winchester sucked! I mean I don't disagree with him wanting to hunt the monsters, but surely he could've found a guardian for his kids rather than leaving them alone so much and expecting little boys to act like adults.

Provenance: On the whole this episode was really creepy with a well done twist at the end. Plus Sam ALMOST got laid. Poor Sam. I agree with Dean, boy just needs to get laid. Incidentally, I also agree with Dean after learning that Sam had some power - baby, lets go to Vegas, but that was some episodes back.

Dead Man's Blood: My liking this episode had nothing to do with vampires (surprising) and everything to do with the Winchester's interacting.

Okay, so I do still feel that feel daddy Winchester was a shitty father, but this episode made me like him in spite of that. That's right, I can no longer hate him, because I could totally see where he was coming from once he actually talked to Sam.

So, while I still think Sam is my favorite character I have finally connected (at least in some way) to all the Winchester men.

Salvation: Finally, a season one episode that felt like a five minute one. Good show, old show, good show.

Though I was worried for a moment or two that the Winchesters were gonna get stupid. I knew Meg running around killing their BFFs meant that they (the Winchesters) were on the right track and that Meg was trying to distract them, but for a few long moments I wasn't sure the Winchesters knew that.

Devil's Trap: DAMN YOU! KRIPKE! ~~~ hehe Just had to say it, because if I had watched this originally with all those months to wait... Oh, yeah, I'd have been saying real bad things about Crypt Key.

*grumble grumble* I am going to end up as one of those rabid Dean fangirls. Even if I hadn't all ready connected to him before this, I pretty much fell in love with him here. On the other hand, I'm starting to lean back into the land of not liking Daddy Winchester. He really seems like a selfish bastard. I mean, honestly, how could he ask that from either of his sons?

Pretty good episode.

AAAAAND, now I'm done! With season one, anyway, and with luck I will be starting season two tomorrow.

GREAT season!