And if you don't celebrate, I'm still hoping that you are having a good day. I know I am. Dad cooked the dinner (so I didn't have to), and it was very good. I also got the decorating FINISHED today, not almost done, but DONE! I started on Tuesday, and by Tuesday night I had the outsides done, but the inside took me a bit longer - it always does, I don't know why. Still I got most of it done last night, but I needed some nails and tacks in the walls to finish, and since someone was sleeping last night I decided not to drive nails into the wall. But it took me less than a half-hour to finish things off today. YAY!
Now I may add two/three more strings of lights to the back porch, but even if I don't, I believe I have enough up all ready, so I've decided I'm officially done even if I decide to add some stuff later.
PS - I even got those Christmas presents I purchased wrapped all ready.

In other spanking good news, I got the first two discs of season one Supernatural yesterday. I let the pilot episode play in the background while I was decorating last night, but would not let myself actually stop decorating to watch, because I really wanted to be done with the decorating. Good news is now that I am done I will be free to watch Supernatural until I'm ready to go sleepy time tonight.
(The episode was good enough to pull me away from the decorating three times. And WOW the dude playing Sammy looks really YOUNG here. And, okay, yes, some of the special effects aren't really special (or are very special, depending on your point of view), but the story was decent enough to override that.)

NO, I don't expect to get all of seasons one thru four watched before season five comes back in January, but if I get lucky maybe I can get through season one and (maybe hopefully) two.