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...I know you will when I tell that today I took a shopping day, and the only reason I didn't completely complete my Christmas shopping is because one of my nearest and dearest was with me, so I still have to pick up something for that one, but otherwise I am DONE!
Of course, I'm usually ALWAYS done with my Christmas shopping by the second week of December anyway. But I decided to get an early start trying to avoid the crowds, I HATE crowds, and traffic... And while I'm sure I avoided quite a bit, there was still more than a few shoppers around today, and in places the damn traffic was murder.

So, now I can focus the rest of my week on getting the Christmas decor up. Yes, that'll take at least two days maybe three cause of my feet, but even if my feet don't bother me to much, I put enough Christmas crap up to take me two days, yes I do.
Still right now I'm hopeful that I'll get lucky and be finished by Thanksgiving - if I can at least get the porches (front and back) done over the next two days, then I can work inside at night. Of course, that depends on whether or not my feet hold strong.

And then, if my current plan holds, I'll hopefully be getting ye old Christmas cards done and done before December even starts. Alas, I'm not entirely hopeful here, because every year I have a plan something like this, and practically every year I run behind when it comes to getting the cards signed sealed and delievered.
Nyah. I have only four gifts left to get and will be done by this weekend.
Ah, then you'll have me beat, since I'll have to wait a couple weeks before I finally finish mine. That's sometimes the sucky aspect of buying perishable items.