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AND I had to watch it twice because even the Scrat scenes didn't always give me enough time to stop laughing to catch everything that happened in the movie. This is definitely the best of the Ice Age movies. The first one was good, and did have more than a few laugh out loud moments, and as far as laughing the second was on par with the first, but I liked the - dare I say it? - plot of the second movie better than the first. However, the third Ice Age is pure and simply made of win! Or at least it was for me, and to be honest I'm going to watch it a third time just to see if there's anything I still missed because of laughing, and I expect that some of the jokes will still make me laugh.

On the Scrat stuff, even that wasn't as bad/boring in this movie as it usually is for me, though admittedly I'll probably skip through all the Scrat stuff on my third (but not final) watch!

I'm actually sad that Buck ended up not joining the herd, because as much as I was prepared to dislike him (because of all the fan-hype over him) I ended up loving the Buck! Sorry, Diego you are no longer my favorite Ice Age character. Seriously, it seemed that not just Manny was infected with the stupid because of baby, even Diego just wasn't funny this time around, which left things wide open for Buck, who ended up being the best character this movie had (even the distructo twins, who did make the second Ice Age better than it would've been without them just weren't up to snuff this time around, though to the writers credit they seemed to at least realize that with these two). Unless they can bring Manny, Diego, and the distructo twins back to normal Ice Age 4 will have more than a few serious flaws, and even if the writers get the old characters back to normal it'll still be ashame not to have the Buck around for Ice Age four. Unless, of course, they go with Ice Age 4: The Return of the Wisely-Weaselly One!
Actually, it makes sense that Manny was all weird because of baby considering his history, but that really shouldn't have removed the funny from all the other characters, yet it somehow managed to mostly do so.

So, okay, I was a bit bothered by a sun in the underworld... Actually, bothered isn't the correct word, but it took a fan-wank before I could leave it behind, though Buck was probably the main reason I was able to let it go.

My wank, what was it, you ask? Well, I decided that they went through a portal to an AU and weren't underground at all. Yes, I'm aware that doesn't totally explain everything, but SHUT UP! it worked for me.

So, yes, once again there is a bit of a realism problem in an Ice Age movie - Quelle Surprise. However, it didn't make the movie less enjoyable for me, especially since I was able to quickly fan-wank my biggest issue with the film away!

And interestingly enough I found myself truly enjoying Sid again. After the second movie I was ready to vote him the weakest link outside of Scrat (the squirrel that it seems only I truly loathe). In the first movie he (Sid NOT Scrat) was awesome as a comedic foil for Manny, but in the second movie he was just bad...

Well, fine, the thing with the Mini-Sloths wasn't bad, but for the most part the second movie wasn't good for/to Sid the Sloth. However, in the third movie, while characters like Manny, Diego, and the distructo twins started to suck mightily (but still not as badly as Scrat), the Sid was golden! I loved the almost contest that was going on for the hearts of the Dino!Babies between Mama Dino and Sid.

And, also, despite being the bringer of the baby of DOOM, Ellie was still pretty funny this time around. Obviously, not as funny as she was in the second movie, but they couldn't realistically (there's that word again) keep her clueless about what she was. So, while she wasn't as funny this time around, she still brought more funny than Manny, Diego (please, if you make another movie, I want my funny!sarcastic Diego back), and the distructo twins combined.

Still all things considered it even made me laugh that the first promo I saw after watching this moving and switching back to TV (while I was still bitch pissing and moaning about baby mucking things up) was for this weeks Ghost Whisperer and poor Melinda and her every parents worst nightmare - a missing baby. Oh, SHUT UP! Who cares? She's not real, he's not real, and at least he's only kidnapped by a ghost, if the promo is to be believed, and not something much much worse.
My thoughts on 'Ghost Whisperer' let me show them to you!

(Good news from last entry: There was some live fleas still alive on the raging teen kitty last night, but when I checked this morning it would appear most (hopefully all) the fleas on the big cat were dead, and this afternoon I haven't been able to find any on teen cat either.)
I still haven't seen any of them ;) still on my to watch list though. ;)
Well, I do hope you see them soon, and I really hope you come away liking them. However, I admit that they aren't for everyone. For example, if you are someone who gets annoyed when reality (in this case the reality of the ice age) isn't followed, then you probably won't like these movies.

And there are, admittedly, some other less than stellar things, but if you're enough like me, you can get into the story and all those other little flaws/problems just fall away.

Though most importantly you have to be an adult that doesn't mind child-fare, because aside from some bits in the second Ice Age these movies really are made for kids.