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Okay, while I'm all mostly upbeat and feeling good the winter season this year has been less than stellar and more costly than normal for me.

For the record, what's under the cut isn't as long as usual, for me, but it would make this post a bit long to leave it uncut.

So, lets see - first the engine light in my car comes on, and then something completely unrelated (but VERY costly) breaks down. But after that the light went off and stayed off, so I thought "yay!" However, last night my arch nemesis the engine light comes back on, which is really weird because the car is running better than ever.
(Also, the brake light is now starting to blink on and off. Good news is that I think it's just the brake pads wearing down, which maybe won't be costly to fix/replace.)

And, for the record, my feet STILL HURTING. The Doctor and the tests didn't reveal anything, but I talked to someone I know that has gout, and the pain she talks about having is kind of the same kind of pain I'm having. So, I'm going to follow some eating suggestions she made and see if that'll help, even a little bit would be better than nothing.

Then we come to petty pet pets - two cats and a dog. If you'll remember, because I'm such a softie I picked up a stray kitty awhile back, Well, that stray kitty now has two other cats outside hanging around. One is about his age (and may be one of the kitties left over from the stray cat that gave birth under my house), and the other is a bigger black cat that my kitty seems more than a little scared of. The black cat will not come near me, the smaller one is getting braver, but still gives me dirty looks if I get to close. The good news is the stray teen cat is the healthiest animal I have right now.

My bigger older cat started pulling her hair out about a month ago - I treated for fleas, but no luck, and last night when I went to give her a bath I realized not only is she ripping her hair out, she was also tearing into her own skin. So, hi-ho-hi-ho it's off to the vet we went. Apparently, Frontline Plus is not enough to keep the fleas off her, and since she's very allergic to fleas that is NOT GOOD. Weird, since I think it is still working on the other two. They gave her a shot and a flea pill, and she seems to be feeling better.

However, since I can't leave the house without the dog wanting to GO, she got in the car, and I decided to have the vet trim her nails - they are black, so it's hard for me to see the quick... Well, while her nails were getting trimmed a tumor in one of her little boobies was found. Hopefully, she'll be able to hold out until after the first of the year, because right now even my plastic (credit cards) are stretched to my limit. I.E. The idiots at the card company keep increasing my limits, but if I put much more on them I won't be able to make the monthly payments.

But before all this my potty started leaking internally. Meaning water was running pretty much all the time, but not out of the potty. So, I ended up having to get a new potty, which is quite a bit smaller than my old one, and doesn't hold near as much water. So, far it's holding up well, but I still think one of these days I'm gonna crap enough to totally back it up. However, I do firmly expect the water bill to drop slightly even after the expected drop from the water leakage.

Yet, somehow, despite all this I am feeling weirdly good and positive about things.
*hugs* :)

But nice to hear that you're feeling upbeat. :D
It's a little weird, all things considered, but I feel good, you know, except for the feet.

But what about you? You feeling okay?
And feel free to bitch piss and moan at me if you need to.
Its very much ups and downs at the moment, it changes from hour to hour sometimes, I still have a few appointments with the new doc so I'll have to see where it goes. :) *hugs tight*
Well, I hope everything goes well, but I'm quickly learning (with my feet) that Doctors don't know everything, nor do they have a solution for everything. *sigh*