Okay, I wasn't going to make a LJ entry for this, because it isn't exactly a review. I basically posted a comment thread on my favorite message board, and planned to leave it at that, but I decided to go ahead and subject my LJ friends to my thoughts.

Episode Description:
From wikipedia
"Ella and Caleb are stunned when agency owner Amanda Woodward walks into WPK and immediately fires half the staff, including Caleb. Amanda makes it clear to Ella that the Anton V launch party with Riley better go off without a hitch or Ella can vacate her office too. Meanwhile, Auggie finally succumbs to Violet’s flirtatious ways and David asks Lauren out on a date."

Sadly even with the Locklears return the show did not get as big a boost as the CW was probably hoping, because you know they spent a pretty penny (or more) to get Heather to come back.
(Rating: 0.8 in the key adult 18-49 demo, which is not good even for a CW show, and only had 1.574 million overall viewers, which is also not good.)

So, despite the hopes of the CW, it is doubtful that even Locklear's presence is going to be enough to save this show.

But I watched, and had a few comments, but again I wouldn't call this a review.

It's almost a shame. Now I watched off and on, more off than on, the original Melrose Place, but it was never "must see" TV, but weirdly enough I think I could find myself liking the remake slightly better, but the remake is destined to be canceled.

The characters in the remake are almost as forgetable as the characters from Gossip Girl, but unlike the characters of Gossip Girl the Melrose characters (or cast) have something that make them slightly more interesting even when they aren't really memorable otherwise. AND, the cast of the new Melrose Place have lots of sexual tension which is so very lacking with the cast of Gossip Girl.

Unlike the post-threesome Gossip Girl episode, which I didn't even bother to watch because the threesome episode bored me so badly, I do plan to tune in for the next Melrose Place because I am a bit curious about how some of those things will play out. No, I probably won't be a long-term viewer, but for the moment I find myself vaguely interested.

So, in my opinion Melrose Place (The Remake) is a much better show than Gossip Girl, but the ratings disagree with me.
Interesting to note that I was somewhat correct. The overhyped threesome episode of Gossip Girl did give it a bit of a ratings boost, but it was back down to normal this week, which means I wasn't the only one who didn't care enough to check out the threesome fall-out.