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Okay, I didn't start watching this show until mid-season three, and stuck with season four (though the whole "Will Jim remember or won't he?" story GREATLY ANNOYED me). Not to mention that it was clear from the beginning that Professor Eli James (Jamie Kennedy) was no Professor Rick Payne (Jay Mohr). But I didn't even bother attempting to watch season five... At first, during season four, I was delighted because it seemed as though they (the show) went out of its way to show that Jim and Melinda did not do the naughty before he got shot, which indicated that there would be no little annoying bun in Melinda's oven. Then they went and screwed it up by making her preggers anyway. Well, despite the fact that, in my experience, shows go downhill quickly once a baby is introduced, I decided to stick it out UNTIL Melinda was informed that her (then) unborn baby would be the biggest Gary Sue (Mary Sues annoying brother) in the universe. Of course, it wasn't exactly worded that way, but I read the subtext/intent. And it was at that moment when I knew I wouldn't be watching season five. However, I had considered watching the first couple episodes anyway, but then ABC decided to air encores of Flashforward in the same time-slot, and since I was WAY more interested in freshman Flashforward than the senior Ghost Whisperer by that point, I decided to use my Fridays for Flashforward.

So, to be fair, I can't say for sure that Ghost Whisperer season five really sucks. What I can say for sure is that I'm not the only one who's not watching this season (the ratings have dropped this season), and that I've been looking at episode descriptions, and none have enticed me to give Ghost Whisperer another chance even now that Flashforward is no longer airing repeats on Friday.

The first strike was Eli James replacing Rick Payne. Now don't misunderstand, I don't hate Jamie Kennedy, though I don't generally find him funny. However, I don't (or didn't) really dislike him any more than I did Jay Mohr before this. Of course, I understand why Jay left, he got a chance to star in his own show, and he took it.
Does it make me a horrible person to hope Gary Unmarried (which isn't a good or interesting show - it's the unfunny version of Two and a Half Men) gets canceled so Jay can come back to Ghost Whisperer? Probably, but at this point that is about the only thing that would entice me into giving Ghost Whisperer another chance. Well, obviously, it's not enough that Jay's show gets canceled, he'd have to be willing to come back to Ghost Whisperer.

Still I decided to watch Seasons One, Two, and what I missed of Three on the ION/WE repeats, because I did like Season Three, and most fans indicated that seasons one thru three were made of awesome, and they are kind of right.
(I started with ION, but then that station just suddenly stopped going in order, but WE was there for me.)

I actually found season one to be a little boring, at least until the end game. The reason for that is that without a side-story, Ghost Whisperer is the same damn episode over and over again. Melinda sees ghost, Melinda has to cross ghost over into the light, stir and repeat. However, season two really snagged me, possibly even stronger than the middle of season three did, which makes me glad that I didn't give up on season one.

So, yes, I can give seasons four and five credit for doing different things, and not sticking to the almost boring Melinda sees ghost, Melinda crosses ghost over, though she does still do that, I'm sure. Season four tried something different with the Jim/Sam (not slash) thing, and even adding Eli James who doesn't see ghosts, but can hear them. And season five is trying (I'm sure) with the baby thing. But season four didn't hold my interest that much, at times it was almost a chore for me to watch the episodes (for the record, I felt this way sometimes with the season one repeats), and season five wasn't of interest enough for me to even bother watching at all, and I do think the hearing but not seeing ghosts would have interested me more if it had happened with Rick instead of Eli.

It's really a shame that no show wants to do the Dallas thing. Sure, it is mock-worthy, but it did buy Dallas a few more years on the air than it would've otherwise gotten. So, why not have Melinda "wake up" at the end of season five on the morning Jim was shot? She could then stop that from happening (since the original actor is still playing Jim anyway, or he was in season four anyway), and then decide (based on the dream) that she just isn't ready for a baby yet. After that they could try a new/different direction for the show that might work better for them. Otherwise based on the ratings slide this show has seen this year, I wouldn't count on it getting a full season next year. Yes, I think it'll be back for the beginning of the 2010/2011 season, but, outside of sitcoms, CBS has never really been forgiving when it comes to shows with low ratings, except Three Rivers for some dumbass reason. To my surprise they are even promoting Three Rivers in primo spots, which just seems silly, cause the promos on the whole aren't enticing.

I don't really watch Cold Case, but a member of my family does, and because of sports, I usually have to watch a bit of the episode before Cold Case so I can get the DVR timing correct, and from what little I've actually seen of Three Rivers... The kindest thing I can say is that the show is dull (another word, boring), at least I have been enticed to watch more than a few episodes of Cold Case over the years, where so far Three Rivers only manages to annoy me during my wait for Cold Case. Though to be fair, I'm sure Cold Case is an expensive show to make. The music alone would cost them a pretty penny, I'm sure, but score one for 80's hits. *grin* So, maybe Three Rivers is cheaper than Cold Case, but Three Rivers will probably never be a show I watch.
Side note: Rumor has it that CBS was trying to entice the Moonlight viewers (of which I was one) with Three Rivers. I'm not doubting the rumors, because networks can be that dumb, what I'm having trouble with is why any sane person would think a medical drama would entice vampire fans. They aren't even close to being the same thing, and as an added bonus Moonlight had interesting stories... Sorry, almost got into a OT rant there.

Anyway, I basically went through all that for two reasons; one, because I am apparently long-winded, and have some weird bias against coming straight to the point. Two, because the chemistry between Jim, Melinda, and Rick in the latter season two/early season three episodes has left me with a real yen for some Jim/Melinda/Rick threesome fanfic. Does ANYone know where I might find such an animal? Pretty please.
I loved the first season for it's perdictability and it's absence of Delia and Ned but I loved the second and third seasons even more because I just loved Rick. Did you ever get an answer to your question because I've been looking for Rick/Melinda/Jim threesome fi as well, sadly I don't think it exists.
Sadly, no, I never got an answer, and I've still not been able to find any on my own. So, yeah, I'm starting to lean toward the "does not exist" side of the fence.