...Or, I suppose, more than one. *wink*

Last night, while watching The Colbert Report, I found myself in a most unusual position.

At the start of the show, Colbert read an ad from a paper from Miracle Whip addressed to him that announced they would be showing an ad for their product in every commercial break during his show. You see, awhile back Colbert started a "war" between Mayo and Miracle Whip. HEHE

Anyway, I found myself almost as eager for those ads as I was the show itself. Sure enough the ads themselves were very much worth seeing. Personally, I don't like Mayo or Miracle Whip, but there is a member of my household who does, and I have decided that because of those ads next time I go to the store this person will get Miracle Whip over Mayo, the latter I usually buy because "hello, cheaper."

*blushes* So eager did I end up being to see these ads that I even watched the last commercial before Stephen comes back to say goodnight. I usually never watch that, I tend to start on my DVR viewing directly after his guest segment. Thankfully, the Miracle Whip ad was the first one there, but I ended up watching the whole break simply to see if they'd air another one.
(For the record, they did not.)

I suppose this means Colbert needs to take on another company. If nothing else it certainly makes the ads much more fun than they normally are. Of course, that could be simply because Colbert makes anything better.

On the other hand, a Princess Cruises ad that keeps forcing me to look at it before finally allowing me to view the actual page I want to view over at TVbythenumbers is starting to really piss me off. STOP HIJACKING my browsing window and then taking for ever to load before finally allowing me the option of skipping your most annoying ad!
Four freakin' times today this ad has hijacked me - it was only twice the other day. I'll tell you this right now, I will never forget the name Princess Cruises, and I will also NEVER take one of their damn cruises - that ad annoys me that much. Not so much the ad itself, but the fact that it completely takes over my browsing window puts Princess and their cruises on my shit list!