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...Or as titled by the GG PTB They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They?
Somebody being shot might've helped this episode.

As I did with Supernatural I'll sum this episode up in one word:


To expand on that - I don't even think all the characters riping off their clothes and having an orgy would help this show. *sad* Because here I thought an orgy would make anything better. *wink*

Oh, and if you watched for the over-hyped 3some - you had to sit through forty five minutes of boring CRAP just to get there, and then... And then... *sigh* The over-hyped 3some doesn't amount to anything more risqué than a lesbian kiss. Oh, and it was fairly obvious through the entire episode who would be involved in the over-hyped 3some. There was only one group of three that was remotely close enough. So, I'm at a loss why the GG PTB wanted to keep it so secret until the episode aired.


And this is coming from someone who loved Cruel Intentions (which this show clearly wants to be, but it can't even manage to be an interesting knock-off) but it doesn't even remotely come close. Yes, I LOVED Cruel Intentions, I rather liked Cruel Intentions II, and didn't think Cruel Intentions III sucked, but Gossip Girl does worse than suck, it's boring!
(There's actually a part of me that actually liked Cruel Intentions II better than the original, but that's probably cause there was a part of me that hated Kathryn not winning, and in CI2 she doesn't get smacked down like she did in the Gellar version.)

I was even almost excited for the new series (that CI2) was originally supposed to be Manchester Prep, but FOX killed it before it really got off the ground. Which, in the end, almost makes it weird that I was so very bored by Gossip Girl.

Seriously, even the gay subtext between the loser whiner boyz wasn't even enough to interest me. To quote vamp!Willow, which I did often and repeatedly throughout the episode "bored now." And by the time we got to the over-hyped 3some I was thinking "who cares?"

However, to be fair (or damn with faint praise), the character named Jenny almost came close to being interesting two or three times. She never made it to interesting, but she did come close. Lady, you are NO Kathryn Merteuil. Hell, you aren't even a good Cassidy Merteuil.
Though to be fair, in some cases Cassidy was more interesting than Kathryn. She was certainly smarter at any rate.

And her brother... I can't even remember his name. Look, Gossip Girl Jenny is not bitchy or bad enough to justify the hate this little "woodpecker" has for her. To make his stupid plots against her interesting you need to really remake her into the ItchBay that people love to hate, because as it stands now she's just a wanna-be, and he's just a whinny jealous loser... Of course, I'm not sure even that would turn this turd into a rose...

I doubt I'll even be back to watch the 3some fall-out next episode, because this show is just that lame.
I've never seen any of the series or movies you've listed here in this post... ;)

But you mentioning 3somes is never bad. ;)
See, that's why I know this show (Gossip Girl) sucks (even though I've only watched one episode), because it managed to make a 3some boring! Seriously.

And I'm almost certain I've watched my one and only episode. Seriously, even if they announced they were showing a cast orgy, after the disappointing 3some they had I probably wouldn't tune in even for a cast orgy.
Kinda strange... how can you "screw" up a 3some? ;) (pun intended) ;)