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NO, I'm not planning to review every episode or anything like that, but since this was my first episode, and one I really enjoyed, I thought I should talk about it a little bit, though I could sum it up in one word:

Oh, and feel free to continue reading even if you haven't seen the episode yet, because I've kept this spoiler free...

Okay, I admit at first I thought maybe I'd picked a bad episode as my jumping in point. It seemed like it was going to be pure cheese, and while some cheese works, I admit I don't have the tolerance for cheese that I once did. However, by the fifteen minute point I was in love, and by the half hour point I was kicking myself for not getting into this sooner.
(Next weeks episode looks like it'll probably be good to.)

To be honest, this episode took me right smack back to early Buffy where things happened related to the overall plot even in the so-called "stand alone" episodes, and overall this weeks episode of Supernatural did have a stand alone feeling. However, I get the feeling the big reveal here was BIG - I mean it felt big to me, so it was probably even bigger to those who've followed the show all along.

That's an interesting point in itself. I get the feeling that if I'd been watching Super natural all along not only would I have liked this episode even more (and make no mistake I did like it), but I would have probably been floored by the big reveal. So, kudos Supernatural peeps, you made an awesome episode, and you made it in such a way as to reasonably explain itself even to people who've never seen the show before.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to check Fandom_Wank, because I suspect someone somewhere is wanking about a certain bit (think CSI: Miami) from this episode... Now I admit I don't love CSI: Miami, and probably because of that I thought that bit worked best. However, I'm sure there's one (or more) hard-core Caruso fans out there who might be upset/offended.
(I did however love Knight Rider back in the day, and still loved that bit...
Also, LOVED the ad (if you've watched the episode you know what I'm talkin' about), but that is another thing I suspect would have been even better had I been watching all along.
Oh this ep was absolutely brilliant)))) LOL, I don't even watch CSI: Miami, never seen a single episode, but that sequence was fun! Though it still competes with the hospital show in my mind))) Doctor Sexy! XDDDDD And the Impala!Sam))))
Sadly, I have not found anyone "objecting" to the Caruso bits... Maybe he doesn't have any hardcore fans. *shrug*

As for some of the stuff, I'm assuming this show is one that doesn't hate its slash fans. I mean considering Deans man crush, and the whole trunk bit they have to be at least somewhat supportive otherwise I have to believe some of those bits would have been handled differently.
This show LOVES its fan. There's a canon sequence IN the first episode of season 5 when a woman is seen at her computer writing Wincest fanfiction))))) And it's been mentioned more than once too)))) And some actors admit that some characters have "homoerotic tension". Jokingly of course, but it's still so much fun))))