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For the record, I didn't really love the original Melrose Place, so I certainly had no interest in Melrose the Remake. However, the times I did watch the original the only thing worth seeing was the Amanda, so the Remakes gimmick of bringing the Amanda back is probably going to entice me to watch an episode or two, which is weird since I'm not actually a big Locklear fan.
For the record, I hated the one storyline that everyone else seemed to love in the original - Crazy Kimberly. The character did not excite or entice me, she mostly bored me.

Then there's Supernatural... Now to be fair with this one I would have probably watched sooner, but I honestly didn't even know it existed until last year, and that was season four, and I hate jumping into a series that is past two seasons, but I have my trusty DVR set to record Supernatural this week.
Okay, so the CW isn't really using gimmicks here, just adverting the crap out of it during The Vampire Diaries...
Actually, this is the third time this season I've thought about watching, but until now I could talk myself out of it. If I like the episode well enough I'll wear out Netflix to catch-up.

But here's the biggie - a show called Gossip Girl is apparently going to have a threesome episode next week. And if you think I ain't tuning in for that, even if I didn't know (or care that) this show existed until The PTC brought it to my attention, then you don't know me very well. I don't care if I'm completely lost, but next weeks episode of GG has become "must see."

PS - For those who think the CW is trying to kill Supernatural and *Smallville you are crazy! They advertise the crap out of both these shows during their number one show (The Vampire Diaries), and my opinion is that they wouldn't be doing that if they were trying to "kill" either show.

* Some are screaming that the CW is trying to kill Smallville because they placed it on Friday nights this season. But again I don't think they'd waste the ad space in their number one show for a show they wanted to fail.

For the record, I knew about Smallville when it originally started, I just had no interest in it then, and my interest level has not changed. Though I do find myself hoping (for those of you who love the show) that you do get your tenth season, and based on the ratings (so far) I think you will.
Hah. Yes. The only CW show I watch is Supernatural. I just started watching it 3 weeks ago, and I'm already kind of obsessed. It is good mindless fun with a nice side of yummy.

I've never been able to watch Smallville. As a fan of Superman in general, they've messed with the canon so much, and don't even care about following it any more, I refuse to watch it.

That threesome epsisode sounds interesting, though. I may need to check it out. Is it boy/boy/girl or girl/girl/boy?
I think girl/girl/boy, but I don't know - I've decided to mostly avoid spoilers and allow myself to be surprised.

As for Smallville my problem always was that I didn't care about baby Superman. So, I wasn't interested in the "backstory" this series was trying to sell.