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I've been poked (*wink*) once again by Santaman for being internet quiet, and I decided he didn't understand the beauty of nothing and that it was my personal mission to enlighten him. *grin*

I'm typing this entry, but I really have nothing to say. Seriously, I got nothing, but I feel like typing. The best cure for being unable to write anything is to just write and write and write.

Nothing, bubkiss... Hubba bubba... Oops.

So, would you like to join me in talking about nothing, nada, zip? Sure you would. It's really fun, although now that I've started trying to type about nothing, I find myself thinking of something other than nothing to say. It's actually harder than you might expect to keep the subject of this entry well and truly about nothing.


No, wait, no sigh, because this means I am totally correct. My advice above is good, even if you have nothing to start with, start typing and something will come. So, start writing about nuthin folks, and before you know it the something will be trying to butt it's busy (so very busy) head in.

NOTHING! NOTHING is Beautiful! Nothing is Wonderful! Sadly, though nothing can sometimes be boring, but I plan to change all that by bringing real attention to the beauty of nothing.

You see, we could have an entire convention about nothing. What a wonderful thing that would be. People would stand around staring at nothing, while doing nothing, well, except for the standing part. And then something would happen, people would start moving, either to walk or sit down, at first, and then to talk to their friends about how there is nothing to do.

Damn! That would turn my beautiful convention about nothing into something! You people just don't get it! [stonervoice]Nothing is beautiful, man.

Nothing is nothing, but nothing is the start of everything.[/end]

You start with nothing in your mind, and perhaps you even call up a write program with still nothing in mind... Or if you are not online, you might start with a piece of blank notebook paper.

Hmm, notebook paper is never truly blank - the blue lines, and that stark red line...

Nothing is so underrated, even notebook paper resists nothing. Notebook paper is such a nothing tease. If we are to start with nothing then we must start with typing or computer paper... Alas, sometimes even those will have little blots of something ruining the beauty of nothing. Paper, totally biased against nothing, man!

Anyway, we are at the start of nothing, and then something comes in, and suddenly all kinds of things happen. But this is about the wonderful that is nothing, and not the chaos that something always seems to morph into. Nothing, man, nothing more better than nothing.

Okay, I had much more fun doing this than I thought I would.
Though I mean it when I say it was harder than I thought to keep this (mostly) about nothing.
This is something, not nothing which is good because above anything I like reading your posts so I know you're still around which is something... ;) *cuddle*
Of course, this is something, it is something about nothing. ;)


Edited at 2009-10-06 07:46 pm (UTC)
Such a pity that we'll probably never will meet for real, I would love to talk to you for a bit and give you a hug.
Thanks for making me smile. :)
*grins* I do think it would be great to meet you, but the truth is I don't think I'm all that special, and you'd probably be bored.
Just visit me so I can see for myself. ;)