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I may be getting into TV again.

Of course, in the last few years every time I've gotten interested in a show (Blade, Blood Ties, Moonlight, Ghost Adventures just for example) the show ends up only getting one season. *sigh*

So, allow to me pre-apologize to those watching The Vampire Diaries and Flash Forward. Why? Because since I'm liking both of those, though admittedly I didn't find the third episode of TVD as good as the first two... Anyway, lets just say me liking them does not bode well for their futures.
Okay, not entirely true, I do like The Universe, which has gotten more than one season, but it isn't exactly like the others, and I believe Life After People (the series) didn't even get a full first season, but it may have been made that way. *shrug* And I've just started watching The Nostradamus Effect, but that's just started, so who knows? And these three aren't like the others anyway. The only other that might come a little close to being like the above is the upcoming "Jeff Dunham" show on CC that I plan to watch. Okay, okay, there's Most Haunted (which hasn't started yet this season) Ghost Hunters, and GHI (which is all ready finished for its season). And, of course, there's Paranormal State which isn't airing new episodes right now.
WOW! I can't believe I forgot the biggest one - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, but with this one I didn't watch from the beginning, I only really started watching with Season Six.

There might be some hope for Flash Forward to have a longer life for two reasons. One, I've only watched the opening episode - it might not stay as good as it was for that episode, but that first episode was pretty damn awesome. Two, if they stop airing the repeats on Friday night I will be forced to stop watching. Why? Well, on the Thursday night time-slot (for Flash Forward) there are four shows practically begging to be watched in this house. Two people with four episodes is just not doable. For the record the other person loves Bones and Survivor. Thankfully, the other person chose Bones, which is good. I mean, for me, it isn't yet "must see," but for the past couple years I've watched, so I'm clearly not hating it.

Alas, to watch Flash Forward even on Friday I had to give up Ghost Whisperer, but after the way last season ended I'm not really broken up about bumping Ghost Whisperer which was never really "must see" for me anyway - outside of season three.
(But outside of season three and *grits teeth* four (I got bored with the whole "won't he/will he remember" thing), this show is mostly the same episode over and over again anyway... Okay, so five will probably mix things up a bit, but again I just don't really care, only season three's overall story was really interesting for me.)
The only "new" series I've found worth watching lately were "the Sarah Conner Chronicles" which has been canceled already...
I am sorry for you loss, though I have to admit that when I tried watching a couple episodes from that show I just really couldn't get in to it. On the other hand, I didn't really like the Terminator movies (which I think the show is based on) so that might explain why I couldn't get in to The Sarah Conner Chronicles.

On the upside (for me) there's another show I discovered today starting soon that I might (maybe possibly) get into: Ghost Lab starting (in the US) Oct. 6th on the Discovery Channel, which is good since I don't think Travel Channel is going to air new episodes of Most Haunted for us US viewers this season.
We're just past halfway with the Terminator series here and so far its the right mix of nice and creepy ;) Summer Glau actually manages to make her character believable and at times even downright menacing. Oh and yes, she's cuuute ;)
*tickle tickle* Say, where are you hiding? ;)
*evil grin*
*rubs hands together*

I'm on the verge of a scientific (NOT) discovery that will totally change the world.

Okay, not so much, though I am thinking about why people are resistant to the gay rights, and I think I may have figured out a few things, but it isn't at all scientific, though I'm still working on an entry for my LJ about it...
I might chicken out because it will probably piss more than a few people off.

Though I had thought about coming over here to reply again, because it looks like I won't be watching FlashForward anymore... After the second episode they won't be showing the Friday night repeat anymore, which means (sadly) I won't be seeing anymore of this one until the DVDs come out. *sigh*