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My story begins more than a few months ago. Back in Jan/Feb there was the ICE STORM of 2009, if you read this journal you read about it. Anyway, around April the clean-up started, around my house anyway. After the first day of clean-up I hurt pretty much all over and badly. Now that pain went away, but shortly after that I noticed that my feet would start hurting after doing my job, which requires more walking than I ever thought. Anyway, in a few hours they would bounce back. But in mid-July I found that I couldn't even go shopping without my feet needing a recovery period, and that was when I started to realize this wasn't just something that was going to go away.

I suffered for about a week, thinking maybe over the counter stuff and soaking would get me back to normal. Finally, on the last day of August I'd had enough - I went to the ER... Interesting for me to note that some of the objections to UHC involve long waits to see the doctor, but we all ready have that - it was quicker to go to the ER than wait a week (or two) for a doctor to see me.
(Cause now I have to find a new doctor, cause the one I used no longer sees anyone locally, though I did not know that until after the visit to the ER when I tried to do as the ER doctor instructed and make an appointment with my doctor.)

I was a bit disappointed by my ER visit if you want the truth - I expected there would be some tests, or at least a foot X-Ray. Instead both a nurse then a little bit later a doctor played around with my feet with only their hands, after which I was given a shot that I assume was for pain, which I was NOT about to object to - seriously, within a half hour I could have danced where as before that shot I could barely walk. I was also given seven days worth of pain pills, and instructions to buy arch support inserts, which I'd all ready tried and had stopped wearing cause they didn't help... Anyway, tomorrow is the last day of those blessed little buggers (my pain pills), and yesterday when I was a bit delayed in taking my second pill I got a small taste of the pain I will be in again once they're gone. It's not good, not good at all, and I don't even have a doctors appointment yet, thanks to my doctor no longer seeing patients, and the fact that another member of my family had a doctors appointment in another state last week, and now this long-ass holiday weekend I wasn't able to find a doctor for myself and make an appointment last week. And since I'll be a new patient, I expect it'll be at least a week (if not longer) before I'll even be able to get an appointment.

And by that point it might be useless anyway, because once the pain killers wear off I'm not entirely sure I'm going to be able to drive - I noticed the other day when I had to do the driving for the other family member that even with the pain pills some foot pain lingered well after I was back home and didn't completely go away until after I took the second pain pill... Anyway, after learning that my doctor no longer sees patients I decided to just see a foot doctor (though still haven't made an appointment thanks to the long weekend) since this is very clearly a foot problem, but I will most certainly be out of pain pills by the time I can get an appointment, since the drive to the nearest foot doctor is over forty miles away my problem is obvious, right? Even if by some miracle the doctor had an opening on the very next day it is over forty miles of driving, and without the pain pills I may not be able to go that far. There's no foot doctor closer to me, believe me, I checked and double checked.
*hugs* I hope they'll figure out whats wrong and then cure it as quickly as possible. :)
Well, the good news is that I have an appointment exactly one week from today, so hopefully...
And? any results? :)
Not really. The doc took X-rays which didn't reveal much, other than at some point around ten to fifteen years ago I had broken a bone in my left foot - he didn't X-ray my right one, which wasn't hurting as bad that day but is hurting almost as much as my left one now.

Anyway, he took massive amounts of blood, okay maybe not massive, but still lots. However, I probably won't know those results until I go back next month.
Meh, waiting that long sucks...

I hope in any case that its nothing serious.

*hugs* :)