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(I don't know where the hell that subject line come from - oh well.)

Anyway, if you read my last entry you know that my nine year old dog went in to be spayed last week. Well, today on the forth day post-surgery I believe she's almost completely back to normal. Why? Well, this morning she chased the cat (the big one, not the kitten) for the first time since the surgery.
(When letting the sore pup out to use the bathroom, I've been having to hold the baby kitty, cause the baby kitty - him just want to play, and didn't really understand that the pup just wasn't feeling like it. So, hopefully today will be the last day I have to hold the kitty back.)

Of course, she is resisting going back on the dry dog food, but considering I'm out of the canned stuff (as of pet breakfast this morning) she will be forced to start eating the dry once again.

On the second day post-surgery I hated that the vet didn't send some pain killers home with her. However, after thinking about it for a moment, and as much as I hate that my baby spent time in pain, the lack of pain killers was probably for the best, because had she not been feeling any pain she would have probably tried to run around playing like normal and that would have been of the not good.

You see my dog seems to believe she's got some cat blood in her and thinks she should be able to run and especially jump as cats do. The day after the surgery I got extra worried because of this. That morning I'd planned to gently take her from the bed to the floor, but she didn't wait for me, when I reached out for my glasses she just jumped from the bed, and I could tell when she hit the floor she had some serious regret, but it was too late. Thankfully that doesn't seem to have set back recovery, possibly because the next night she decided not to come to bed with me but to instead sleep where she wouldn't have to jump when she got up. But the next night she was back to sleeping with me, but since then I've been on the ball, I place her on the floor before even putting on my glasses.

*sigh* Perhaps one day I'll be able to convince her that she is not a cat, and that there is absolutely no cat blood anywhere in her blood line, but that day is not today.

(IN an amusing side-note, until yesterday afternoon my big cat had spent the days post-doggie surgery mostly hiding from me. I've started to suspect that she was afraid that I was going to take her to the big nasty vet for something horrible like I did the dog... How does one convince a cat that what was done to the dog had been done to her her even before I brought her home the first time? You see, she was a shelter cat, which means she went from shelter to vet to home. I guess the answer is you don't, you just let her figure it out on her own.)
Good to hear the dog is doing better. :) as for the cat, well she probably sensed that the dog wasn't doing well and responded by hiding. :)
Yeah, that's what I figure that the cat knew something was horribly wrong with the pup (expecially since on a normal day my pup chases the cat) and just got scared. Anyway, by today I think the dog is perfectly recovered.

Funny side note here is that because she (the dog) was doing so well I decided last night to get back to brushing her teeth (or trying to) and during that she tried to pull away from me and the brush hit her nose making a sore spot, thankfully the spot didn't bleed nor did the pup cry, but I hated that she's hurt again just as she got better.
(Poor puppy can't win here lately, but at least the place doesn't look bad and I do have medicine for it, so...)
Aw poor old pup, glad to know that she's otherwise doing okay. :)

And how are you doing yourself? :)
You've caught me on a day I feel a little bad, otherwise you'd probably get the standard fine response.

But my feet are hurting - they've been hurting on and off since the ice storm clean-up, but for the past couple weeks they don't seem to ever stop completely hurting anymore.

In addition to that I've got a cluster of bug bites a few inches above my ankle that are causing a whole lot of pain. Thankfully I don't believe my leg is hurting as bad today as it was yesterday, but my feet are hurting worse I think.

So, more than you wanted to know when you asked. ;)
You might want to see a doc about your feet, as for the bug bites, sounds pretty unpleasant ouchie. *hugs*
*grins* On the doctor I'm trying to wait until the dreaded ObamaCare kicks in.

The public option will probably never happen, because the idiot Dems (or as I call them the wanna-be Repubs) will force the public option out of consideration, and then look to their Republican masters for a pat on the head which they'll never get.

But because I suspect the problem with my feet wouldn't qualify under the insurance (two) plans I have... Well, going to the doctor ain't cheap.

As for the bug bites they are feeling better today, even the one problem bite that tried to break open and bleed every time I moved my leg seems to have a more solid scab today.

Edited at 2009-08-28 09:45 pm (UTC)