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And, sadly, yes I can. The love of money and all...

FYI - I was searching the net for something else entirely when I came across that site. Thursday I took my nine year old dog in for a Ovariohysterectomy (Spayed). Yes, I should have had this done to her two years ago, but no matter what any one tells you the procedure costs money, especially since she was not a young pup even back then (she was actually four years old by the time I got her, and she had clearly all ready had at least one litter of pups), and since it wasn't causing her any problems I put it off. Bad mommy, no biscuit! However, the last two times she went into "heat" she ended up faking preggers instead, and the vet finally informed me that it should not be put off any longer, so I pulled some money out of my ass and got it done. So, I picked her up several hours after the surgery about three in the afternoon, and she was not only out of it because of the drugs (I assume) she also showed absolutely no interest in water or food, and since this is of the very not-normal for her I wanted to know if other dogs (elderly or otherwise) went through this - i.e. if it was normal. Now before I start talking about PETA I will say (in case I'd leave someone worried otherwise), I managed to get her interested in water today by dipping my finger in a bowl and rubbing along her mouth - after licking her "lips" several times she finally realized that yes she really wanted some water. YAY! I still couldn't get her interested in her normal dry dog food, but while I was cooking breakfast a piece of uncooked bacon broke off and she gobbled that up like her normal self, so I pulled out a can of dog food, and she proved that she is mostly her normal self just not interested in her usual food for whatever reason. So, YAY she's eating, and I'll allow her to eat the special food for a few more days before forcing her back on the dry.
Cause when she wasn't showing much interest in water again this morning I freely admit I was starting to get really worried.

Now the site linked above (PETAkillsanimals.com) - when I first come across this site I thought it was a joke or some general PETA bashing. Seriously, no matter how I might feel about their methods I would've never dreamed in a million years that PETA would put money over all those poor defenseless animals they claim they want to save. In a real way that's almost worse to me somehow then their putting animal lives over human lives. But using my admittedly limited google skills I've come to believe that petakillsanimals.com is NOT a joke or simply a PETA bashing website.

So, I'm left being stunned, when I probably shouldn't be. After all, PETA president Ingrid Newkirk has never impressed me.

I just thought I'd put this out there, because if you donate to PETA because you do thinking helping animals is a good thing I think you'd be better off donating to the ASPCA or your local animal shelter. Cause it seems PETA doesn't actually use your money to help animals.

UPDATED: For the record, I am against cruelity to animals, but I think killing dogs, cats, and other animals just because they want a human companion is just as cruel as any other form of animal cruelity.
Yes, I am a meat eater, and yes it is possible to be a meat eater while also being against animal cruelity.
(I also wear leather and have something of a leather fettish, and I'm okay with that - I eat the meat and then use the skin - waste not, want not.)
And (finally), for the most part I am against animal testing, especially with products and services that aren't strictly necessary for human survival... I'll just stop there on that last one, because to fully explain this one would take more time than I have at the moment.
first of all... ROTFLMAO!! at your avatar. :D :D

I think your dog will recover soon. :)

As for the PETA thing, money is always a reason to mess up...
I borrowed the avatar from someone on Fandom_Wank, and I thought it was (and would be) nifty to use in some of those fandom debates that just won't go away. I never really thought I'd use it outside of a fandom post/debate.

As for the dog she's all ready feeling much better. Last night she even started moving more easily. I can still tell she's not one hundred percent or anything, but she's doing lots better.

In my opinion, PETA messes up loads, but in this case I was taken completely by surprise, cause usually when they mess up (in my opinion) it's because (they seem) to love animals a little too much.

Edited at 2009-08-23 05:13 pm (UTC)
I assume they're carefully try to conserve a rather inflated image they've created for themselves...