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This entry is a bit link heavy, I just thought I should note that so readers wouldn't be thinking that advertisers had taken over my LJ. All but one of the links go to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This starts with the new Star Trek movie, which I haven't personally seen yet (I'm waiting for Netflix so it'll be awhile), but that has injected some new life into the Star Trek fandom.

Okay, so we know what we're talking about now. So, I've come across an interesting petition that I think truly wants to be about promoting gay/lesbian rights but because they are pushing for a specific pairing instead of just ANY pairing it starts to look more like slasher activists instead of gay rights activist. Not making fun here, just stating a fact.

Now some people are commenting on this and asking a very valid question - "Why must it be Kirk/Spock?" However, I sort of get why they are pushing for a specific pairing rather than a general gay pairing, cause just pushing for the gay means the Trek people would be much more likely to come up with a lesbian or lesbian relationship. Now I want to say that I'm not against having or including lesbians, but having a lesbian character/relationship is no longer breaking new ground or to put it in Trek terms it is no longer going where no man has gone before (puns, puns, and more puns). Therefore, I can see standing up and demanding that we give the gay men some loving.
And, oh, how I would love them all night long, and I don't even like the Kirk/Spock pairing - it's Spock/McCoy all the way baby!

At the moment, because (in my opinion) of fanbois (mostly) we are in a lesbian sheek culture. Fine, we've given the lesbians some love, but there is a whole 'nother batch of gays out there who are shoved off to the side because unlike lesbians the gay men still make other men (usually) uncomfortable.

That is one of the reasons Joss Whedon continually pisses me off. He did the lesbian thing on Buffy, and done it very well (until arguably the end), but when it came to the other side of that coin he kept turning his all but confirmed gay male characters into straight men. Boo! Hiss!

The most obvious example of this is Andrew. Now in Buffy's Season Six and Seven, as I said, Andrew is all but confirmed gay - now jump to The Girl in Question from Angel's Season Five. Grr Arg, indeed.

But I think what gets me even more than that is that after having all ready done the lesbian thing on the show then he turns around and does it yet again in the comics. *sigh* Instead of going over the same ground he'd all ready covered he could have chosen to break new ground, but alas no. It was at that point I started to wonder if the Whedon detractors are right and Whedon is just yet another typical lesbian fanboi instead of someone who actually supports the gays.

And, of course, that's over and above my gripe of Whedon making Willow the gay one in the first place... No, I don't hate lesbians, or want them to disappear from fiction, but I've always maintained that the "evidence" in early Buffy canon supported gay!Xander over gay!Willow. But mostly I've let that one go. Mostly. *cough*willowisbisexual*cough* Because I did like (okay, love) Willow/Tara, though on the flip side I don't like Willow/Kennedy. I'd have rather Whedon went Willow/Xander in season seven and beyond, and I really rather loathe X/W unless its B/X/W.
Yes, I know there are interesting almost confirmations of Xander's bisexuality (re: Dracula) in the comics, but on this score Whedon has let me down so many times before on this that I simply refuse to get my hopes up again. Because that's what Whedon does when it comes to potential gay men - he walks the edge as close as he can get but when it comes to crunch-time he makes every male all nice and straight after all.

So, yeah, I can see how they could be pushing for a specific pairing without it being an outright shipping agenda, but I think the better way for them to go would be to push for a gay male pairing rather than specifically Kirk/Spock.
*grins* Hope babe, you need to get into the (perverted) mind of a man, the sight of two girls kissing each other for some reason give a man a little dirty hope to get a nice little threesome... ;) of course if those women happen to be lesbians he'll probably get a swift kick in the nuts instead. ;)

P.S. look at your PM inbox on Terran. :) *hugs*
*grins* I know why men like lesbians, or (as you point out) more accurately the idea of lesbians... And that is why I am against yet another lesbian in a show that (at least thinks it) has a mostly male audience. However, I do believe that mainstream should have more lesbian characters, but (obviously) I get really really annoyed at the mainstreams lack of gay men. In my opinion gay men deserve equal time with lesbians and at present they just aren't getting it.

I'll try to check it in a bit, but I've been on Netflix the past several days trying to help the site improve its movie recs to me so now I have other things (like my LJ f-list) I need to catch-up on, so it might be tomorrow before I get to it.

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