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I'm having what pretty much amounts to a new experience here. And when you get to my age there is very little new to experience. Well, there are always new things, I suppose, but most of the things I've never experienced at this point are not things I'm really interested in experiencing.

Anyway, back some time ago (about two - maybe three - years) I tried to read Dead in Dixie (First three Sookie books in one omnibus edition.), which I had gotten as a free gift from a book club, but I couldn't get past chapter five (I think it was actually chapter three where I stopped, but since I can't remember for sure I'll be generous and say five). Nothing about the first bit of Dead Until Dark grabbed me and pulled me in. Nothing, which is a bit unusual, because usually with most books there will be at least something that will get me interested enough to at least finish the first book even if I never read another in the series.

Therefore I was not upset when True Blood (the series based on the books) was made to air on HBO, which I don't get - I could, if I was made of money. Usually, having something vampire airing somewhere that I can't access would annoy me (at the very least), but not this time.

Now comes the twist, I just watched the first two episodes of True Blood on DVD, and find myself sorry that the series is airing on HBO. Well, not sorry exactly, just sad, though I do think on a "regular" channel this series peobably wouldn't be so good. Anyway, those first two episodes were very good. Were they perfect? Probably not, but they were loads more interesting than I found the first Sookie book. However, I do suspect I will quickly get tired of every episode ending in a cliffhanger.

Seriously, those two episodes were good enough that if I could find my copy of Dead in Dixie I'd probably give reading it another try. It probably wouldn't be any better, but I could probably get through it by telling myself I'm trying to read spoilers for a show I like.

What's really interesting is that apparently I am not alone in feeling the in this one odd instance the television show is better than the books they're based on.
I used to love the Sookie Stackhouse books. Eventually, they just seemed to get worse and worse until I couldn't stand to read them anymore.

I've had no desire to watch TrueBlood at all.

Now, Charlaine Harris has another series that I love, featuring a character called Harper Connelly, and I can't wait until she puts out the next book. (It's in November of this year, I believe.)
Interestingly enough after watching those first two episodes of True Blood I went to read the Amazon reviews of the Sookie books - I was considering the purchase of the big Book One thru Seven volume...

And while I was there I saw some speculation (rampant?) that the major problems with the Sookie books started because of CH starting work on that new series.
(Another popular theory, over there, is that CH is just bored with Sookie.)

Though admittedly without reading any of the books all I can really say for sure (myself) is that the most recent Sookie Book (Nine) is not well loved at all. Of course, since I couldn't get through the first book I'd probably end up being the weird one that would actually like those later books better.