At first I thought this would be a drabble, but naturally I went a little long so it became a ficlet. Despite the fact that it grew with edits, it's nice to know that I can still write a short(ish) fanfic, because I was honestly beginning to wonder.

This ficlet is crossover between The Hallows/Rachel Morgan and Anita Blake Vampire Hunter. The fic(let) comes in at 2039 words. *sigh* The second rough draft was 1601 words, but (naturally) it grew again during final edits. Still I'm calling it a ficlet.

Disclaimer: The character of Anita Blake belongs to Laurell K. Hamilton, and the characters of Jenks the Pixy, Rachel Morgan and Kisten Felps belong to Kim Harrison. I own NOTHING.
(Jenks doesn't actually appear in this fanfic because Anita couldn't see him, and this fanfic is from Anita's point of view, but since he was there for the scene in question I disclaimed him anyway.)
Rating: PG-13 (at least)
Summary: In The Hallows Book Five Kisten has a problem. A problem that has an obvious solution, but for some reason none of the characters considered it.

Note(s): Obviously, the time line for Rachel is during Book Five, for Anita the timing is less clear, but in my head it takes place before Incubus Dreams, perhaps even before Narcissus In Chains.

Oh, and just for the record, not everything Anita thinks about Rachel's reality is something I agree with. In a couple cases it is simply what I believe Anita would think about it, especially considering she's trapped there.
(Incidentally, if you don't like Anita you may not like/love this fanfic, because Anita is portrayed almost positively here. Odd, considering how I personally feel about Anita, but that's just the way the story/fanfic crumbled.)

Finally, almost all the words spoken by Sam (unnamed because Anita doesn't know him) and Rachel come directly from The Hallows Book Five.

Problem Solved

Anita knew she was near Pizza Piscary's, a place that was famous, or rather infamous in this reality. Some time in the recent past it had lost what was called a Mixed Public License, which meant, as near as Anita could determine, that only vampires were allowed inside. However, Anita had observed at least one non-vampire entering, so Anita suspected it was more of an enter at your own risk type of thing.

It wasn't a bad idea in theory, but Anita knew vampires, and any time you were around them there was a certain amount of risk involved, but this reality acted as though a piece of paper made them safe as kittens, which was pure bullshit.

That was why after having been in this reality for several weeks, she had learned enough to know that if something bad was going to happen it was likely to happen here, which was why she'd been steadily watching the place for the past two months. So far nothing had really happened, except a so-called living vampire - the whole concept of which made no sense to Anita, a vampire was a dead thing therefore so-called living vampire was a literal contradiction in terms - giving the whole place a redesign.

Anita sighed. In some ways this reality was like her own, but in other ways it was so different that it seemed like a weird hell reality. In both realities vampires were legal citizens with all the rights and privileges afforded them, and where that worked fairly well in her reality somehow this reality had turned the whole thing into a bureaucratic nightmare.

At least, her two and a half months here had made her grateful about how things were done in her own reality. Sadly, for a few months before this happened, Anita had found herself wishing that she was in a different world. Mostly she'd wanted one where she was free of obligations. Well, somehow her wish had been granted, and now irony of ironies she wanted nothing more than to be back in her own reality.

Honestly, she was even starting to miss Richard and all his issues, but she especially missed snuggling with Jean-Claude. He was a vampire and therefore dangerous in his own right, but Anita could admit (if only to herself) that he made her feel safe and protected.

More than that, though, she wanted to be back in her own reality where everything made sense. One where vampires were dead, werewolves were humans that had been bitten, and witches didn't need charms or splat guns to work magic.

It was ridiculous, because while Anita knew her magic was intact, she hadn't been able to do anything magical since she'd woken up in a dumpster.

Anita almost laughed. It seemed whoever, or whatever, had moved her to this reality had a very twisted sense of humor. Not only had she woken in a dumpster, but she couldn't use her magic to raise a dead ant at the moment. That was the really scary part, because she could feel the power pushing against an invisible barrier, and knew that if she didn't work some magic soon it would explode out, and considering how things worked (or didn't) in this reality there was no telling what might happen.

But for now, Anita used her nights to watch Pizza Piscary's, and her days trying to look for a way back home when she wasn't sleeping. Perhaps tomorrow she would start looking for a way to raise a small animal or something, anything to release some of the pressure, because it was starting to become uncomfortable.

Anita was brought out of her thoughts when she thought she saw one of the piles of trash that had been stacked beside the building when she arrived move.

"What?" But a moment later, she understood. The owner, or at least the person who Anita had apparently mistakenly thought was the owner was sitting among the trash.

The idea of this Kisten owning the place had puzzled Anita for awhile now. It did not make sense for a normal human to be in charge of a vampire establishment. But recently, Anita had come to realize that Kisten wasn't human, he was a living vampire, he had to be. Which meant he'd only been watching the place until his master returned. Apparently, the master had returned and was not at all happy with the young bleach blond.

Anita frowned. While she could identify undead vampires in this reality, the so-called living vampires felt human to her senses, which worried her, because from everything she had learned, living vampires could be just as dangerous to her as the undead ones, perhaps even more so since she couldn't sense them.

A female got out of the car that Anita had mistakenly assumed to be empty, and Anita realized that she'd started to move toward the blond vampire. She stopped herself. She wasn't sure why she'd started toward him, perhaps it was because something about the image of him sitting among the trash as though he belonged had stirred her protective instincts.

It took a moment, but then Anita recalled a newspaper article she'd read several days ago, and could finally put a name with the face. The woman was Rachel Morgan, and she was a witch.

Anita felt a rant start to build. In this reality, from what she'd learned, witches were not human, but a different species, which like so many other things about this reality made no sense. Witches were human, or at least they were in her world where everything made sense.

Anita brought her thoughts back to Rachel, and realized that she had seen her here several times before, but hadn't actually connected the dots until now. It was more than a little embarrassing, but at least no one else knew it had taken her so long to figure it out.

Anita smiled. It appeared that talking with Rachel was perking Kisten up a little bit. Though a closer look, and Anita knew he was acting for Rachel, his entire posture screamed that he was defeated to anyone who looked closely.

Finally, their voices raised enough for Anita to glean some understanding about what was going on. Apparently, the master had returned and given the boy's last blood to someone else. Someone outside the kiss, or whatever vampire groups were called in this reality, which Anita knew meant that no one would bother to protect him.

For some reason this bothered Anita greatly. She wasn't sure why, it wasn't as though he was one of the people she considered hers. She would even understand it if she knew and cared about Rachel, but she didn't consider Rachel one of hers either. In fact there was no one in this reality she considered hers, she hadn't even interacted with anyone except one lone library worker.

Anita frowned when she realized that she'd all ready made the decision to help them.


But there was no answer, at least not one that made sense.

At least the solution to Kisten's problem was obvious, though she could almost understand why neither he or Rachel were considering it. If what she'd learned was correct, what she was going to do would forever change Kisten. Meaning that he might not be the Kisten that Rachel knew and loved afterward, but it was probably the only way to give him a fighting chance.

However, before Anita could act something happened that changed everything. A small group, at least five approached the pair, and Anita suspected they were living vampires.

Kisten's entire posture changed. Now instead of screaming defeat, he was eager, and looking every inch the predator Anita now knew him to be. The witch was terrified.

Smart girl, Anita thought to herself.

But revised her assessment a moment later. A smart person would have gotten the hell out of there, but Rachel was not moving away, even as Kisten was trying to make her.

Not only was Rachel not running but she was trying to stop the fight that had started. The only smart thing she was doing was not getting physically involved, but trying to tell vampires to stop fighting was akin to trying to stop the wind from blowing. Impossible.

The fight was brutal, but to be fair Anita had seen worse, had been involved in worse. Of course, that was probably because it had quickly become clear that the new group was not about to kill Kisten, his last blood didn't belong to them, it had been given to someone else.

Finally, Kisten went down and stayed down, which was probably the smartest move he could have made.

The no doubt self-proclaimed leader of the attacking group said something to Rachel then laughed.

Anita grinned. No doubt to others the sound of his laugh was chilling, but Anita was used to vampires who had special powers with their vocal sounds, and this vampires laugh was only human.

"Who is it!" Rachel yelled, which only caused the vampire to laugh harder.

When he finally stopped laughing, he moved toward Kisten, and Anita felt her hand curl around her gun.

She stopped herself from drawing it out of her pocket as the vampire grabbed Kisten by his hair lifting his face up. He said something Anita didn't catch then punched Kisten in the gut.

"You're nothing!" The man shouted. "You never were! Everything was Piscary!"

So, there really was a vampire named Piscary, Anita had wondered, because while she had overheard some names, she had never overheard anyone being called Piscary.

The vampire punched Kisten again, which Anita thought was serious overkill.

"That's enough!" The witch shouted, and Anita couldn't help but agree.

However, the other vampire wasn't quite ready to let it go, despite the fact that Anita could hear sirens approaching from a distance. He said something else to Kisten, before Rachel shouted again.

Anita tensed. It was now or never, if she waited the place would be crawling with law enforcement, and her chance to help Kisten would be gone. However, she needed the other vampires to at least be walking (and therefore turned) the other way before she acted. If she acted now they'd be able to see her, which would make it even easier for them to track her down. And try to track her down they would, because she was about to seriously piss in Piscary's pond.

Anita grinned as she drew her gun. At least if they didn't see her then tracking her down should be pretty much impossible. Her gun was from another reality, and she had no name therefore no paper trail in this reality. As long as they didn't see her, she should be free and clear, especially considering the charm she'd purchased that disguised her scent.

Anita rolled her eyes. Naturally, the vampire had to make one last comment, but at least after getting the last word, the remaining vampires hobbled away. She found herself with a little more respect for Kisten, because at least he'd given almost as good as he'd gotten.

"Damn!" Anita cursed as Rachel knelt down beside Kisten, and unintentionally blocking Anita's line of sight. The sirens were very close now, if Rachel didn't move, Anita would have to walk away without taking the shot.

Rachel moved slightly to look around.

Anita looked down the barrel of her gun, and pulled the trigger. Before Rachel turned back, blood blossomed on Kisten's forehead.

Rachel gave a shocked scream, which quickly morphed into a scream of rage as Anita turned to make her escape.

As she walked away, Anita knew she'd done the right thing, but as usual it hadn't been pretty, and in a perfect world it wouldn't have been necessary. But this world like her own was not perfect.

Something inside Anita tried to curl up and die, but Anita wouldn't let it. Thanks to her actions, Kisten now had a fighting chance if for no other reason than having some time to get used to being undead before whoever he'd been given to come for him.

The End